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08/01/2020 17:34:19

08/01/2020 12:12:58
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♥Spreading my Friendship on your Page♥
♥Have a wonderful Day my sweet Friend♥
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08/01/2020 09:56:36

08/01/2020 09:20:28

Hi Babes Smile!!!Still Quite Warm Here In London Not Doing Any Flying Today Working From Home On Some Things To Take With Me When I Hit The Road Again On Sunday ...Had A Couple Of Hours At My Gym This Morning Nice Swim And Workout Really Nice To Feel Free Again Even If It Was Only For A Few Hours With Social Distancing In Mind It Works Very Well If Everyone Keeps It In Mind OK Sweeetzzz Better Get On With It Lot To Do With Little Time To Do It Have A Lovely W/End See You Later...



08/01/2020 00:03:58

Have a pleasant weekend!


07/31/2020 22:21:10

have a great weekend

07/31/2020 22:14:15




sweet dreams and good night my sweet friend I hope you have a fantastic evening hugs and kisses with love.

07/31/2020 13:55:05

Uh Oh Boomers

Would You Look At That..

There's a moon out today:)

you were warned!


07/31/2020 13:02:03

07/31/2020 10:04:39

happy friday, hope this day brings you happiness..hugs..mk

07/31/2020 07:05:21

Hi Babes Smile!!!Lovely Day For Another Trip To Oxford Need To Get Some More Fly Time In For My Attempt To Do A Solo Up To Cornwall Later On When I Feel A Bit More Confident So I'm Going To  Get A Couple Of Hours In While I Can Doing Emergency Landings And Flight Maps ETC..I Found A Place To Land Near Newquay Don't Want To Get Accustomed To Just Doing The Same Thing All The Time So Thats My Bucket List for Now It's A Bit Harder To Land And Take Off In A Field But I Did Very Well Yesterday... Better Get Moving OK Sweetzzz Be Happy Have A Lovely Day And Take Care See You Soon ...



07/30/2020 23:53:50

Have a pleasant Friday!


07/30/2020 22:24:20




sweet dreams and good night my sweet friend I hope you have a fantastic evening hugs and kisses with love

07/30/2020 13:18:41

07/30/2020 11:41:57

wishing you a beautiful day..hugs..mk

07/30/2020 06:03:10

Hi Babes Smile!!! Just A Quickie For Now Got Another Early Flying Trip Heading Up To Oxford My Friends There Have Found Me A Place Where I Can Practice My Landings It's Not Very Far From London So I Should Be Home Later On Today And The Good News Is It's Not Going To Cost An Arm And A Leg Just What I've Been Searching For OK See You Later Maybe Bye For Now...



07/30/2020 00:22:28

Have a lovely Thursday!


07/29/2020 21:56:41




Sweet dreams and good night my sweet friend I hope you have a great evening hugs kisses with love

07/29/2020 20:56:09

Evening  this heat  is awful., tomorrow going to be worse humidity a killer

did a few errands., met a friend for awhile.,  then met the girls for coffee.., i'll be on late tomorrow  have a hospital appointment  pre op   for surgery., next week

hope your having a better day. and a beautiful night.

hugs June

07/29/2020 16:17:56




Hi my dear sweet friend hope your week is going well, take care and keep safe luv and hugs Caz xxx

07/29/2020 10:48:35

Memories of the ocean

And golden sands linger on

Long after our footprints are gone

For the warm grains of sand

Softly touch our hearts

And the voice of the sea

Speaks to the soul forever

For eternity begins and ends

As the ocean kisses the shoreline

Casting spells where time is never lost


© peter kelly   

07/29/2020 09:47:57

have a pleasant day...sunny smiles..mk

07/29/2020 07:17:22

Hi Babes Smile!!!Lovely Sunny Day Nice Clear Sky Just Right For A Couple Of Hours  Fly Time Gonna See If I Can Find My Way To Manchester I Wont Be Able To Land There Without Permission So It Will Be Good Practice For A Solo Trip Trying To Get Imformation Over The Phone Is A Complete Waste Of Time Just Keep Getting Referred To Different Departments Jenny My Agent Is Going To Get Some More Info For Me For Next Time I Go...

The Good News Is The Virus Test Was Negative  So No Worries There...Yesterday Was Great Picked Up A Few Prezzies And Had A Lovely Trip On The River, Clipper Run A Great Service Along The Thames Fast And Very Comfortable And A Guide Pointing Out All The Notable Attractions To See There's Such A Lot Of Places That You Can't See From the Road Well Worth a Trip You Can Stop Off At The Tower Of London And Some Lovely Restaurants And Pubs All Along The River Just Jump Off At Various Points And Catch The Next Boat To Wherever You Want To Go Really Enjoyed Doing It Again...OK Sweeetzzzz Enjoy Your Day Be Happy Bye For Now...



07/28/2020 22:04:15




sweet dreams and good night my sweet friend I hope you have a great evening hugs and kisses with love hugs and kisses with love

07/28/2020 19:13:52

Extremely hot here  with humidity  over 100

have a good night

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