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07/13/2020 18:50:32

Evening my friend

am going upstairs, early,,  must be the heat getting to me, so humid  hard to breath.

no dinner or lunch  to hot to eat well had a piece of fruit this morning,

and ice tea.. hope your having a better day.. good night my friend,

07/13/2020 12:46:13

07/13/2020 12:16:31
*☆* My Boomer Friend *☆*
Sweet New Day..Hugs

07/13/2020 12:04:00

07/13/2020 08:18:09

 Babes Smile!!!HiSooo Glad To Be Home Again The Continent Is A Real Mess Transport Wise They Don' Seem To Be Taking Much Notice Of Long Term Covid 19 And How Serious It Can Be Social Distancing Doesn't Seem To Be Happening In A Lot Of Places Really Glad To Be Back In The UK ...

Not Doing Much Today But Have Been Booked Up For A Couple Of Hours Flying Time This Week Sometime Looking Forward To That Hope The Weather Holds Out Also Get Another Day Out Wreck Fishing Would Be Nice...The Good News Is My Gym Has Opened To Members Only For Now Dying For A Massage Will Have To See How It Goes...OK Sweeetzzz Gonna Get Some Lunch Now So Take Care Be Happy Luv Your Comments And Messages Smile!!!Keep Them Coming I Luv Them ...See You Soon ...



07/13/2020 00:15:27

Have a good new week!


07/12/2020 22:16:15




sweet dreams and good night my sweet friend I hope you have a fantastic evening hugs and kisses with love.

07/12/2020 18:51:57

07/12/2020 15:47:43

07/12/2020 13:50:01

You have heard it a million times:-) 

if you would like to hear California girls,

a million and one times

just jump on this surfboard and ride the wave

to Bobby's Island:-) 

Surfs Up:-)

07/12/2020 13:20:03

07/12/2020 11:54:23

07/12/2020 11:42:28

Wishing you a relaxing day quotes cute quote cartoons morning good morning good afternoon quotes

07/12/2020 09:58:15

07/11/2020 22:32:45

07/11/2020 22:14:20



sweet dreams and good night my sweet friend I hope you have a a lovely evening hugs and kisses with love

07/11/2020 20:34:40

Evening  my friend.,  first  i want  to Thank all that sent me birthday wishes., i try to send all seperate if i missed anyone  am sorry.,  was a nice day, my son bought me dinner, and italian cake, plus  money., he's girlfriend gave me a nice gift also.

but there gone now wont see him for a week or more.,  was very humid  he hates this house because i have no A/C., 90's today., hope you had a great day and a fantastic tomorrow.

Hugs  June   my cake

07/11/2020 13:36:02

For You

I'll bet that if we were not friends the chances

would be good that you would not have known 

that it is national free slurpee day?

Aren't cha glad we're friends?


07/11/2020 12:46:59




Hi my sweet and lovely friend wishing you a wonderful weekend take care and keep safe luv and hugs Caz xxx

07/11/2020 08:58:47

07/11/2020 08:42:51
♡ ● ¸ .★ ♡ :.  . • ○ ° ★♡ :.  . • ○ ° ★
♥Spreading my Friendship on your Page♥
♥Have a wonderful Day my sweet Friend♥
♡ ● ¸ .★ ♡ :.  . • ○ ° ★♡ :.  . • ○ ° ★

07/11/2020 02:19:54

Fabulous Saturday my dear Friend! Greetings Ildikó



07/10/2020 22:16:43



sweet dreams and good night my sweet friend I hope you have a a lovely evening hugs and kisses with love

07/10/2020 20:30:50

Evening, very hot and cloudy day getting ready,  for hurricane Fay

of course my son not coming home staying with the girlfriend.

hope you have a good night., me am buttoning down the hatches.

07/10/2020 12:30:23

Hello My friend !

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