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11/20/2019 10:57:44

11/20/2019 10:08:14

11/20/2019 08:40:56

Hi Babes Smile!!!Had A Slight Problem Posting Comments Yesterday It's OK Now Bit Rushed Today Got A Lesson And A Classroom Test Running Late So Will Just Luv You And Leave You For Now INNIT SMILE!!!Take Care Be Happy See You Tomorrow By For Now!!!



11/20/2019 07:52:28

happy mid-week...hugs...mk

11/20/2019 07:39:16

good morning and happy wednesday

Noatka river tracks in snow

11/20/2019 03:39:40

 photo CAPONEHAPPYWEDNESDAY_zps2a02cabd.jpg
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Kind thoughts .
Speak Kind words.
Seek kind Friends.
A kind world

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 photo GladWereFriends.gif

Wednesday is here and
the month is over half gone.
I hope your weather is decent
and we know that we are going
to have some storms now.
Maybe by the weekend. We
did get a little bit of
rain yesterday with more
to come they say. Have a
great day and enjoy whatever
you do. Hugs, and thanks
for the friendship.

11/20/2019 02:36:48

11/20/2019 02:36:16

11/20/2019 02:15:24

Have a wonderfull Wednesday smiles love &peace my dear friend a Big Hug

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11/20/2019 00:31:18

Have a blessed Wednesday!


11/19/2019 20:47:18



Sweet dreams and good night my sweet friend i hope You have a great evening hugs and kisses with love

11/19/2019 19:48:19

Evening still a damp day, i want to see the sun.,

hope you had a god day., my work day was so busy on my feet for 4 hours, the other lady just sat there plus came in late. she says  you like helping, i can't win my back is so sore .,

have a good night my friend

11/19/2019 19:20:14

Dear Friend,

Have a nice evening..
Hugs Brenda

11/19/2019 14:28:13




Hi my dear sweet friend wishing you a wonderful week a head take care luv and hugs Caz xx

11/19/2019 10:57:57

11/19/2019 10:55:30


11/19/2019 07:50:28

11/19/2019 07:33:15

Happy Tuesday !!!!

11/19/2019 05:51:29



11/19/2019 04:51:02

Hi Babes Smile!!!Feeling Good Again Amazing What A Good Long Sleep Does For Body And Mind Working From Home Today On A Jingle For A Christmas Advert For A Dutch Studio Agency In Amsterdam Just Bread And Butter Stuff!!! ...Hopeing To Get Airbourn For An Hour Or Two If  I Can They Get Very Busy Around This Time Of The Year According To My Instructor Said He Would Let Me know So Fingers Crossed INNIT SMILE!!! Really Got The Bug!!!OK Sweeetzzz Better Crack On  Take Care Be Happy See You Soon...



11/19/2019 02:55:47

 photo ZNXrGw88EUsvBK-5_JO9lT0mSlElvtUiJkCecym-N9MMEdMC_O1WDQ_zpsnenrotej.gif
 photo 0000aaaacoff_zpsxtmzjnf2.gif

Ones who build you up,
and ones who tear you down.
But in the end,
you will thank them both.
Author Unknown ~

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 photo 2uwmk7ZItiySld1Evrh7xjlWbad3CxmIJSMvK1Qk8oT0Z2TdEq4DhQ_zpsigaimxer.jpg

Have a neat Tuesday. Really nice afternoons we are having here in Idaho.
We did go back yesterday
and vote again for the one
man that actually won for
city council. The more
you see, you wonder what
good does it do to vote.
LOL Just aggravating for older
folks. Have a great week
and so far, all is going
ok. Some days are a little
different, but one day at a
time is working well.
Hugs, and thanks for the

11/19/2019 01:09:54

Have a pleasant Tuesday!


11/18/2019 20:37:17

Sweet dreams and good night my sweet friend i hope you have a lovely evening hugs and kisses with love

11/18/2019 18:39:56

Evening been icy rain all day  tomorrow will be the same

going to hate going to work., i hate driving on icy roads.

hope your new week starting off great and will continue.  good night my friend

11/18/2019 12:59:25

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