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~~WELCOME TO MY PAGE ,ALL MY BOOMER FRIENDS,~~ ,IM MARRED My Husband name is Rich , have a son AND His name is Richard im a grandmother.and IM A GREAT GRANDMA TOO ! Like playing on my computer now i have free time now i love going on vaction ,MY plans were after I retired to travel & thats what iv been doing!! MY.Life great! IM A HAPPY GO LUCKY GAL FULL OF Engery .~~ PLESAE KEEP MY PAGE CLEAN ~~

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03/22/2023 19:04:42

03/19/2023 07:55:48

Hi Babes Smile!!!...Home Now For A Few Days Still Plenty To Do At The Cave But I Am Getting There ...Making Lots Of Changes With Security And Have Improved The Window Layouts Unbreakable Glass But Still As Visual As Ordinary Glass ...I Really Wanted To Keep It As Ordinary Looking From The Outside But Thats Impossible The Way Things Are Now ...The Police Still Have Not Apprehended The Thieves But Are Confident They Soon Will Mmm!!!Lets Hope So..Meanwhile They Are going To keep An Eye Open...I Wonder Which One lol...The Two Ronnies ...Ron Is The Father And Ronnies Is His Son Are Progressing On There Flying Lessons I Too K Them For A Spin To The Isle Of White And Gave Them A Turn On the Controls Very Unsteady It Will Take At Least Another Six Months Of Lessons Before They Can Apply For A Pilots Licence ...It's A Bit Like When You Try For A Drivers Licence The More You Practice The Better You Become There Is A Lot Of Classroom Details To Overcome And That Is The Hardest Part For A Lot Of People And Of  Course The Fear Factor But If You Really Want To Fly And Hold A Pilots Licence Thats What You Have To Do To Obtain One Legally ...I'm Meeting The Girls At The Jolly Sailor for Lunch And A Game Of Pool Mostly To Catch Up On All The Local News From Other Regular Friends That Use The Pub Daily So It's All Good For Local News From That Part Of London ...Neighbourhood Watch Supplies The Rest From Where I Live It's Nice To know Whats Happening INNIT SMILE!!!...OK Sweeetttsss Have A Lovely Day And Thank You For Your Messages And Posts If I Get A Little Time I'll Pop A Tune Or Two Later See How It Goes......



03/13/2023 07:38:45

Hi Babes Smile!!!Good Morning Just Got To Say Thank You For All Your Lovely Posts And Gifts You Blew Me Away ...Well It's Not To Bad A Day A Little Warmer But Very Windy Rubbish Bins Out For Collection Flying All Over The Place Poor Old Dustman Have Got A Job On Their Hands...Ok I Wanted To Tell You About Saturdays Day At The Cheltenham Horse Racing It's A Big Event Only On For A Week And I Always Go For The First Day Glad I Did..Well i'll Tell You Jack My Friend Is A Steward There And Al Ways Get Me Into The Area Where I Can See And Pat The Horses Before They Race ...Well Jack Gave Me Two Horses To Bet On And I Rather Took A Fancy For Two Of My Own And So I Did An Accumulator Well That Involves Betting The Four Horses To Win It Goes Like This If The First Horse Wins Then All The Winnings Go On To The Next Horse You Pick And So On To The Third And Forth All The Horses Hve To Win Which They...It Was A Great Lunch At The Jolly Sailor Did And I Cleaned Up Big Time So Much That It Will More Than Pay For All The Things I Lost At The Cave ....Now Tell Me Theres No Such Thing As KARMA......It Was A Great Lunch That The Girls Put On For Me At The Jolly Sailor I Just Walked In To All My Local Friends Cheers It Was Quite A Big Suprise And I Loved It Jenny Her Husband Georgie Boy And Sadie With Jackie Laid Everything On With Free Drinks Behind The Bar Over Lunch...I Took Them Out To The Arts Club For A Few Hours Then Home To My Lovely Bed...I'll Be Flying Up To The Cave This Evening Just To Get Things The Way I Want Them Janes A Big Help But I Like To Have Things The Way I Want  Them As You Know I Do All My Serious Music Work  And Contracts There ThatI Produce Is Because i Can Work There Without Interruptions And Away From The Media OK Sweeettts Getting Carried Away A Bit It's Just That I Enjoy Havinf A Chat With You INNIT SMILE!!!...



03/11/2023 06:08:22

Hi Babes Just A Quickie I've Been Invited To The Horse Racing At Cheltenham It's The First Day And I Wouldn't Miss It For The World I've Had A Few Good Wins There To Me It Leaves Ascot Out Of The Picture For Racing I Love To Get Close To The Inclosure To Mix With The Horses And Feel The Excitement Before They Race The Energy And Smell That They Give Out Is Something That Horse Lovers Can Feel I Know It Sounds A Bit Strange But It's As If They Are Talking To You And Those Great Big Beautiful Eyes Forever Smiling Well It's Something Not To Be Missed ...OK Babe Have A Lovely W/End Take Care See You Tomorrow Maybe If Your Around INNIT SMILE!!!...xxx



03/10/2023 07:56:44

Hi Babes Smile!!!Weather Was A Bit Iffy This Morning But I Did A Jog To The Heath Anyway Calling In To My Gym For A Workout And A Swim Afterwards ,Home Now And Although It's Wicked Cold There Is A Glimps Of Sun Trying To Poke Through The Clouds ...I'm Meeting Sadie And Jackie For Lunch At Ravels Bistro In Hampstead And Then Heading To Costco To Stock Up On Supplies And A Few Things To Replace Some Of The Things I Lost At The Cave I Wont Be Able To Replace The Vicky Glass And Silver It Just Means I'll Have To Go Antique Hunting To Portabello Road And A Few Other Antique Markets Aroud London And There Abouts A Few Friends Called Around My House With Little Presents And To Share My Sorrow It Didn't Last Long As I Took Them All To Ronnie Scotts To Dancec And Listen To Very Cool Jazz It Was Good It Took My Mind Off The Other Business At The Cave ...I Need To Go To The Studio To Clean Up My Booth And Check Over A Few Music Scores That Need My Attention Just For An Hour Or Two And Going Out To Night To The Mambo Club With A Friend No Big Deal Just Good Company...OK Sweettzz Have A Lovely Day Be Happy See You Soon INNIT SMILE!!!



03/09/2023 11:24:09
☀My Boomer Friend (♥ˆ◡ˆ)
☀A Bright Smile..
☀And A Simple Hello..
☀Could Lead to A Million..
☀Wonderful Things..
☀Enjoy Your Day¸¸.•*¨*•(ツ)
☀Love ♥ From My Heart..
☀✻Mary Shereya ★✻╠╣uĝ$✻

03/09/2023 06:57:09

Hi Babes Smile!!!Not A Very Nice Day Weather Wise Cold Grey And Gloomy And A Bt Sleety At Times...It Was  Much The Same At The Cave Speaking Of Which The Cave Had A Breakin All My Diving Equipment Got Stolen Wet Suits Diving And Oxygen Masks Plus Old Victorian Glass Vases And Silver Photo Frames And Cutlery Duvets Money And All The Food From The Fridge And Freezer Plus Carpets And Curtains Ect ...Also My Jet Ski And Gardening Tools They Really Cleaned Me Out And Wrecked Every Piece Of Keepsakes But The Good News Is They Never Got Into My Studio And Every Thing Else Is Covered By Insurance ...The Studio Has A Direct Line To The Police But Not The Cave I've Sorted That Out Now...It Turned Out That Jane Rode By To Check Things Out And Noticed My Big Bay Window Smashed And The Lights On And Called The Police But Whoever It Was Had Been Long Gone The Police Guessed It Might Have Been Migrants That Had Been Breaking Into Propertys All over Cornwall It Caused A Lot Of Mess And All My House Warming Presents From Friends All Around The World Which I Dearly Treasured Ahh!!! Well I Will Just Have To Start All Over Again INNIT SMILE!!! The Worst Part Of It All Was Having To Walk In And See All The Distruction And Mess Not To Worry It's All Done And Dusted And Time To Move Forward Again And Get Things Back Together I'm Not Going To Let It Spoil My Birthday On Sunday ...Ok Sweeetttss Missed You As Usual But It's Nice To Be Home Again Among Friends INNIT Smile!!!See You Soon...



03/07/2023 23:45:05

Have a wonderful day


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