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07/28/2020 14:20:43

Follow your dreams :)

anything is possible with a lil practice..

I could not even draw a straight line before

the pandemic! LOOK AT ME NOW :)

For You:)

Promise me that you will keep it forever:)

Love Ya!

07/28/2020 12:56:32

07/28/2020 11:38:52
*☆* My Boomer Friend *☆*
Sweet New Day..Hugs

07/28/2020 10:39:33

As I watch the pale moon 

Shining on life’s myriad paths

I know I am not alone

For in the rustle of the wind

Is the memory of a girl running

With eyes towards the stars

And her laughter breaking the silence

© peter kelly

07/28/2020 09:37:46

07/28/2020 06:33:36

Hi Babes Smile!!!Work All Finished So Now I'm Heading Up To The River Thames To Catch A Clipper Boat Up River To Greenwhich They Have A Great Little Antique Market There I Collect Victorian Cut Glass Mostly Big Vases They Look Great With Long Stem Red Roses In Particular But Any Flowers Look Nice Also I Put Them All Over The House At Christmas Time Thats If I'm Not Working Away It's Also Good For Picking Up The Odd Little Gift As Presents I Shop The Whole Year Round For Unusual Prezzies It's Something I Just Like Doing Last Minute Rushing Around Buying Stuff Nobody Wants Seems Pointless To Me...I'll Probably Pop In To A Little Pub I Know And Grab Some Lunch While I'm There ...OK Sweeetzzzz Take Care Be Happy See You Later On...Let You Know The Swab Test Tomorrow 



07/28/2020 00:24:07

Have a nice Tuesday!


07/27/2020 22:14:46



sweet dreams and good night my sweet friend I hope you have a good evening hugs and kisses with love

07/27/2020 20:10:05

Evening., so hot here there no air temps in the 90's humidity making it over 100

hope your day was cooler..  am watching the Red Sox game.

have a good night my friend.

07/27/2020 13:40:20

07/27/2020 08:39:05

Hi Babes Smile!!!Home Again For A Few Days Raining Here In London  Not A Problem Got Some Recordings And Score Sheets To Arrange From My Trip So That Will Keep Me Busy For A While Wanna Say Thanx For Your Messages and Posts Just Been Through Them For Most Of This Morning Great To Catch Up On Happenings From All Over The World Very Inspiring And Good To Feel In Touch...Going For A Swab Test This Evening I Like To Get One When I Come Home To London Just To Keep Safe Got Used To Having Them When I Did Some Work For The NHS Good Practice I Think...OK Sweeetzzzzz Take Care Be HappySee You Later...



07/27/2020 00:15:05

Have a good new week!


07/26/2020 22:33:25



sweet dreams and good night my sweet friend I hope you have a a lovely evening hugs and kisses with love

07/26/2020 19:06:44

Evening  really hot  7 PM  and still 90  degree's

tomorrow going to be over 100 , record breaking heat

met the girls  for coffee i got ice tea.,

hope you had a cooler day.,  hugs June

07/26/2020 12:52:32

I'd originally planned to post a photo of my Mother, but either my scanner isn't working correctly..or else I'm not!!!

So for now you're stuck with the only one I had scanned. It's me almost 6 years old(it's a school pic from Hyde Park Elementary in Cincinnati) around a year or 2 before my Mother was killed & my Brother, Sister & I began a completely different life from what we were used to up in Columbus, with our Grandparents.

Don't laugh, I'm told that bow-ties & suspenders were all the rage back then!


07/26/2020 12:41:32

07/26/2020 10:52:50

happy sunday wishes...mk

07/26/2020 00:47:48

Have a joyful Sunday!


07/25/2020 22:08:50




Sweet Dreams and Good Night my sweet friend I hope you have a great evening hugs and kisses with love

07/25/2020 19:08:31

Extremley  were having a heat wave,,  but its  in the high 90's  tomorrow Through  Tuesday  100  and me with  no  A/C  hope your day was cooler.. Red Sox lost this afternoon.    have a good night.


07/25/2020 13:10:12

07/25/2020 09:17:55

Good Morning,  my friend

07/25/2020 08:41:39

catuday hugs...marykay

07/25/2020 03:01:54

Fabulous Saturday and Weekend my dear Friend ! Greetings Ildikó

07/25/2020 00:17:22

Have a beautiful weekend!


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