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11/08/2022 16:52:57

Evening., a chilly day 47 right now and  windy

got my 4th booster today., went for coffee after  but feeling tired now  so i will say goodnight see you in the morning.

11/08/2022 03:24:59

❤️ Good morning have a peachy Tuesday 

love and hugs xxx ❤️

11/07/2022 19:40:02
Was a beautiful day 70's
went to Costco  and bought some gift cards  for xmas
then other stores all total bought 25 cards   ...50.00 each  just need 2 more cards 1 for my son the other for his girlfriend  and my Xmas shopping is done  yeah.
hope you had a great Monday.
tomorrow i go for the 4th booster
have a good night.

hugs  June

11/07/2022 03:04:54

💛 Good morning have a Magical Monday 

love and hugs xxx 💛

11/06/2022 19:22:53


11/06/2022 18:03:59

Evening sunday was beautiful hit 80 today 

I stayed in just went out to raked leaves.,,  my son had 4 friends with pickup trucks come by and help him move all his furniture., to his new house  still not set up yet because he painting so all stuff in 1 room., he's been sleeping on air mattress. 

still has odds and ends here.

hope your day was good and have a fantastic night

11/06/2022 07:35:59

❤️ Good afternoon have a chilled out Sunday 

love and hugs xxx ❤️

11/05/2022 18:41:16

was a beautiful saturday  in the 70's

i went for coffee.,  then home, don't forget.

good night my friend, hugs june

Fall Back One Hour

Just a little reminder
Before you hit the sack
Get all your clocks together
Set them an hour back!

Fall Back

11/05/2022 09:23:26

🧡 Good afternoon have a super Saturday 

love and hugs xxx 🧡

11/04/2022 17:17:36

Fantastic  day hit 70's  just did some errands today

and went for coffee.,  hopefully tomorrow i go to costco  need gift cards for xmas.

hope you had a wonderful day.

seee you tomorrow.

11/04/2022 08:31:51

11/04/2022 04:37:24

❤️ Good morning have a fantastic Friday 

love and hugs xxx ❤️

11/03/2022 19:25:34

11/03/2022 19:22:42

May Every Sunrise Bring You A Renewed Strenght In Your Spirit & Blessful Vibe In Your Soul. And May Every Sunset Faith, Hope & Everlasting Peace In Your Heart. Thursday Blessings, Faith, Hope & Prayers. Patty Ann

11/03/2022 18:47:52

evening  beautiful day 60's 

went to lunch with a friend., i ate 1/2 THEN WENT FOR COFFEE

hope you had a great day.

11/03/2022 04:40:43

💚 Good morning have a fabulous Thursday 

love and hugs xxx 💚

11/02/2022 18:30:51

Evening.,  went to walmart.,  and century house emporium

but my stuffed  chicken breast  was i surprise price jump  was 4.50 each, now 7.50 each i usually buy 10  this  time only 6..  then went to the dollar store., then coffee

got dizzy in the coffee shop  the manager wouldn't let me leave until i was steady.  weather was beautiful in the 60's.,,  hope you had a day and a fantastic night.

11/02/2022 08:52:37


11/02/2022 05:11:22

❤️ Good morning have a wonderful Wednesday 

love and hugs xxx ❤️

11/01/2022 16:08:31

Evening  Happy November wow this year flying by

hope you had a great day., i just went for coffee never made it to the store  rainy day

maybe tomorrow.

have a good night

Hugs  June

11/01/2022 04:44:59

💛 Good morning have a peachy 1st of November 

love and hugs xxx 💛

10/31/2022 19:10:19

hope you had a wonderful Halloween night.,

it was nice day  today in the 60's  they say rain in the morning, then sunny

i just went for coffee today.,  tomorrow i hope yo go to wal-mart  and the century house.

have a good night.

10/31/2022 15:03:13

Hey, It's Monday. It's Also A New Day And A New Week Of New Opportunities To Become Stronger. Just A Reminder That You Can Handle Whatever This New Week Throws At You. Smiles & Prayers. Love In Christ, Patty Ann

10/31/2022 04:17:34

❤️ Good morning I hope you had a wonderful Weekend

have a Magical Monday ..love and hugs xxx ❤️

10/30/2022 18:12:07

Evening was a nice day 60's, went for coffee

 hope you had a great day.

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