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03/28/2020 12:50:53

03/28/2020 11:20:22

03/28/2020 11:14:31

....appreciate the little things around you, stay strong, stay positive and be a good friend...STAY HOME! sending hugs and love your way!

03/28/2020 10:15:03

03/28/2020 09:53:40



03/28/2020 08:51:44

May your Saturday be Safe & Awesome my Dear Soul...♥♥  





03/28/2020 07:49:31

Caturday!! Happy

WARNING!!  Strong Language!





03/28/2020 06:55:34

03/28/2020 06:16:01

03/28/2020 05:37:40

Have a nice day dear my Friend.

03/28/2020 00:19:48

Have a nice weekend!


03/27/2020 21:45:48


03/27/2020 21:39:16


03/27/2020 20:22:43


03/27/2020 18:17:21

Ive been locked up in my home so long im making my own man. haha

Cyber Sex GIF by Doja Cat

Cyber Sex GIF by Doja Cat

Cyber Sex GIF by Doja Cat

Cyber Sex GIF by Doja Cat

Cyber Sex GIF by Doja Cat

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I think Im going crazzzyyyy...lol 

03/27/2020 16:37:39

03/27/2020 15:42:26

 photo BUTTYFLYDIVDER_zps40dymjmp.gif

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Cast thy burden upon the LORD, and He Shall Sustain thee: He Shall Never Suffer the Righteous to be Moved.(Psalm 55:22) Friday Blessings, Peace & Many Prayers. Patty Ann

 photo BUTTYFLYDIVDER_zps40dymjmp.gif

03/27/2020 13:48:48

03/27/2020 13:46:37

Better yet :)





Yes i am a rider of my own harley, I am NOT a poser, For those who think you know.. You dont, Have a great day my friend, Lots of love, Maria  xoxo

03/27/2020 12:47:44

I Love You Love Code Charm – LULU DK


Much Better, Kisses xoxo

03/27/2020 12:15:29

Theres only so much of this laying around watching Netflix I can take. Its the weekend and Im going crazzzyyyy lol

kisses my sweets,Luv, Maria xoxo

03/27/2020 11:09:56

Hello. Friday morning. Going to be another very warm day here. We're all trying to stay positive during this "social distancing" phase of recovering from the viral pandemic. I am doing o.k. with the restrictions, but as time goes on I worry more and more about the very elderly. My 86 year old mother, for instance. She lives in an assisted living apartment complex. She enjoys it because she is surrounded by friends and neighbors and they have lots of activities. She also belongs to a seniors group away from the complex. However, social contact is being discouraged and all activities have been shut down. She is beginning to go stir crazy. She is an amazing lady and she doesn't fear death at her age, but she wants to be active and happy until the end comes. This forced isolation is excruciating for her. I'm hoping our keeping in phone communication is helping some. I just think that if she is feeling like this, there must be countless others who are suffering, as well. If you have an elderly relative, or friend, who is isolated...call them or drop off a care package. Maybe puzzles or books, cd's or food. Somehow reach out to them and let them know that they are loved and cared about. This is a difficult time for us all. Continue to be safe and have a soft heart for others... ~ Marcia

03/27/2020 09:48:41



03/27/2020 09:32:00

Well another weekend is here....hope you find time to enjoy it....I'll be working around the house..and spending time with the family....so...take care ...be well and stay safe...hugs and smiles....

03/27/2020 09:15:48

Oh my !!! Your sweet Gracie is so wonderfully cutie !!!

I'm sure this little jewel will be happy with you,

offering you love, faithful support and so many Joys !!!

Bravo for adopting Gracie, you are a priceless soul...

Baisers from a very quiet & serene Burgandy,


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