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mem_normal2 OFFLINE
57 years old
Selma, Alabama
United States
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Like most guys; action, adventure, comedies, etc.

Most everything (except Rap but even have exceptions in that area). Mostly like some old rock and even old love songs.

Not much of a book reader. I do read a lot of technical articles and journals though. I like browsing through biker mags and checking out all the cool bikes. For fun and broad range of reading I actually enjoy the Readers Digest.

Working with my business. No it does not consume me, but it is so much fun I consider it more of a hobby than work. I also love riding my Harleys when I get a chance. I'm a Charter Member of the Selma Riders RC.

Selma is my hometown. I moved away in my 20's to explore my career; moved to Birmingham for 5 years then Atlanta, GA for another 5. Came back home to be in my own business, now I have two! Both are small technology companies and I really enjoy what we are doing.

I have been married 15 years with a daugher (21) and two boys (7 & 8). We just bought a house in May 2006 and own 2 Harley motorcycles; one for my dad and a touring bike for my wife and I to ride together. We are members of the Selma Riders Club (www.selmaridersrc.com).

Smart and funny people. Classic antyhing; cars, motorcycles, antiques, etc. Watching my business grow especially the people that make it successful.

Losing. I don't mean like losing a game or race, I'm not a sore loser. I hate losing when I'm working on a problem and can't find a solution. The good thing is that it rarely happens. *L*

I also don't like people who act fake to please someone else. Be yourself! I'd rather be disliked as myself than liked as something else.

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