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11/20/2019 01:00:54
Wednesday's Menu
Colorful Dishes 316pf photo image.jpg1_45.jpg
6 Smoothies: 375 photo imagejpg1-519.jpg
Oatmeal/berries 333pf photo image.jpg1_128.jpg
Breakfast: 447 photo imagejpg1-2420.jpg
Eggs Benedict 290pf photo image.jpg1_124.jpg
Poached egg/asparagus: 332 photo imagejpg1-2293.jpg
Biscuits/Gravy 344bt photo image_109.jpeg

Biscuits & Sausage Gravy

Waffles 339bt photo image_97.jpeg
Skillet:Egg/Grits 500bt photo image_123.jpeg

Egg/Grits w/Bacon

Filled Fr. Toast 500pf photo image.jpg1_125.jpg

Filled French Toast

Fr. Toast Casserole photo imagejpg1-824.jpg

French Toast Casserole

Veggie Panini 293bbn photo image.jpg2_22.jpg

Veggie Panini

Portobello Sandwich 379bt photo image.jpg3_3.jpg

Grilled Portobello Mushroom
& Egg Salad Sandwiches

Fries 320bb photo image.jpg2_8.jpg
3 Subs 500x375 photo image_82.jpeg
Buffet 235L photo image.jpg1_115.jpg
Chicken Tenders/veggies 309bt photo image_120.jpeg

Chicken Tenders/Veggies/Mac'n'Cheese

Stir fried veggies 280sf photo image.jpg1_17.jpg

Stir Fried Veggies

Grilled veggies 375sf photo image.jpg1_16.jpg

Grilled Veggies

Chicken 500 photo image.jpg1_164.jpg

Grilled Chicken/Bacon-topped Meatloaf/Baked Potato/Green Beans/Carrots/Salad/Rolls

Peach Coffeecake 359bt photo image.jpg2_32.jpg
Desserts 490bt photo image.jpg1_180.jpg
Desserts 365bt photo image.jpg1_123.jpg
Croissants 300bbt photo image_128.jpeg

Chocolate - Cheese - Almond

Blueberry Muffins 346bbt photo image_70.jpeg

Blueberry Muffins

Boxed Donuts 388bb photo image_30.jpeg
Iced Donuts 328bt photo image_279.jpeg
Camel Bowl 362bt photo image_32.jpeg

"Happy Day of the Camel"

500 x 460 - Coffee photo imagejpg1-14.jpg
Saved a place for you at my table.
Care to join me?

11/20/2019 00:04:07

"Happy Day of the Camel"

Pyramids 333 photo image_31.jpeg
Omelet 340 photo image_2.jpeg
Sides 275 photo image_13.jpeg
Breakfast 335 photo image_30.jpeg
500x300bt photo image_10.jpeg
500x375 photo image_1.jpeg
500x383bt photo image_18.jpeg
500x220bbt photo image_5.jpeg
Cat/500x333 photo image_4.jpeg
Dates/lemons 333bt photo image_3.jpeg
Egg Rolls 319bt photo image_60.jpeg

Egg Rolls

500x212bt photo image_7.jpeg
500x341bt photo image_17.jpeg
Desserts 500x400 photo image_8.jpeg
Anise Cookies 317bbt photo image_20.jpeg

Egyptian Anise Cookies

Sugar Nests 315bt photo image_23.jpeg

Spun Sugar Nests

Dessert 500x345bt photo image_22.jpeg
500x335bt photo image_26.jpeg

~ Basbouba ~

Basbousa 500bbt photo image_28.jpeg
Baklava 380bt photo image_36.jpeg


Sugar Bowl 356 photo image.jpg1_34.jpg

"Happy Day of the Camel"

Coffee 293bb photo image_39.jpeg

Saved a place for you at my table.

11/19/2019 19:42:30
Birthday Suit/Coffee 400 photo image.jpg1_54.jpg

Some mornings, all you need is coffee.
And a cup that stirs itself ...

480 photo StirringCoffee-480.gif

11/19/2019 08:24:12

IndoorCampfire-360bt photo Coffee Stove 360bt.jpg
CampfireBacon-332bt photo Campfire Bacon 332bt.jpg
BaconPancakes-321bt photo Bacon Pancakes 321bt.jpg
Breakfast-381bt photo Breakfast.jpg
Hungry Rancher 500bbt photo Hungry Rancher 500bbt.jpg
Brekkie 341bbn photo Brekkie 341bbn.jpg

11/19/2019 00:18:14
Tuesday's Menu
Muffins/Croissants 350 photo image.jpg1_25.jpg
Pancakes/berries photo imagejpg1-964.jpg
Eggs/fruit photo image.jpg1_30.jpg
Cheddar-mashed potatoes photo imagejpg1-1262.jpg
Breakfast wrap: 333 photo imagejpg1-676.jpg
Soup/BLT: 500 photo imagejpg1-1703.jpg
Coleslaw/potato skin photo imagejpg3-13.jpg
500x374: Vegan sandwich photo imagejpg1-64.jpg
Cheeseburger: txt photo imagejpg2-100.jpg
Stuffed Peppers: 332 photo imagejpg1-2324.jpg
Salisbury Steak 413sf photo image.jpg1_85.jpg
Veggie Sides 289sf photo image.jpg1_37.jpg
Croissants: 307bb photo imagejpg1-1351.jpg
Blueberry Muffin:bb photo imagejpg2-92.jpg
500x333 - Monkey Bread photo imagejpg1-106.jpg
500 x 673 photo image-57.jpg
Saved a place for you at my table.

11/18/2019 10:16:58

Oatmeal, raisins & nuts

11/18/2019 09:51:04

Farina/Fruit-370bte photo Farina-Fruit 370bte.jpg

Bowl of Hot Farina

11/18/2019 03:43:20

Monday's Menu

Dishes/Cupboard 407 bbt photo image_95.jpeg
Flowers/Rooster 441bt photo IMG_8776.jpg
Breakfast 342bt photo image_198.jpeg
Poached Eggs 268bbt photo image_169.jpeg
Hot Pockets 360bt photo image_248.jpeg

Hot Pickets

Caprese Stack 500bt photo image_98.jpeg

Caprese Stack

Grilled Cheese/Bacon 369bbt photo image_209.jpeg

Grilled Cheese w/Bacon

Rst. Bf/Soup 381bt photo image_242.jpeg

Roast Beef/Cheese Panini & Tomato Soup w/Croutons

Meatloaf 378bt photo image_261.jpeg

Meatloaf/Whipped Potatoes/Veggies

Potato Salad  361btx photo image_143.jpeg
Steak 398bt photo image_201.jpeg
Jelly Donuts 426bt photo image_402.jpeg

Jelly Donuts

Turnovers 337bt photo image_487.jpeg


Walnut Coffeecake 380bt photo image_468.jpeg

Walnut Coffeecake

Coffeecake 339bt photo image_489.jpeg

Apple Crunch Coffeecake

Coffee/Tea 266bbt photo image_55.jpeg

Saved a place for you at my table.
Care to join me?

11/17/2019 05:40:36

SundayBrunch-265btex photo sundaybrunch 265btx.jpg
4-1_500x334bt photo 4-1 500x334bt.jpg
BrunchBuffet-318 photo BrunchBuffet 318.jpg
BreakfastBuffet-340bt photo Breakfast Buffet 340.jpg
Breakfast Buffet 346bt photo IMG_0464.jpg
Breakfast_Buffet-500bt photo breakfast_buffet 500bt.jpg
SweetsBuffet-373bt photo Sweets buffet 373bt.jpg
DonutsPlus-594bt photo Donuts plus 594bt.jpg
Coffee/Tea 266bbt photo image_55.jpeg

11/17/2019 00:44:29
Sunday's Menu

 photo imagejpg1-110.jpg
500x145 - Rise & Shine photo imagejpg1-111.jpg
500x127 photo imagejpg1-1989.jpg
Breakfast: 330 photo imagejpg2-82.jpg
500x330 - Breakfast/Brunch photo imagejpg1-18.jpg
Johnnycakes 354bb photo image_58.jpeg


Breakfast 333b photo image.jpg1_193.jpg
Eggs/Bacon 341bt photo image_82.jpeg
Mixed Fruit 294bbn photo image.jpg1_148.jpg
Crepes/fruit 500bbt photo image_296.jpeg

Lunch & Dinner Menu

Deviled Eggs 284bt photo image_43.jpeg
Coleslaw 335sf photo image.jpg1_28.jpg
Reuben/fries/slaw 285sf photo image.jpg1_21.jpg

Reuben/fries/cole slaw

BLT/fries/pickle photo imagejpg1-576.jpg
Steak n Cheddar 319txtbt photo image.jpg1_154.jpg
Beef/Yorkshire pudding sf photo image.jpg1_63.jpg

Roast Beef/Yorkshire Pudding

Veggies 407bt photo image_112.jpeg
Beef/veggies 340sf photo image.jpg1_62.jpg
Green Salad:bb photo imagejpg1-2319.jpg
Rotini/Marinara sauce: 343 photo imagejpg1-692.jpg

Rotini w/Marinara Sauce

Chicken Parmesan: 336 photo imagejpg1-2082.jpg

Chicken Parmesan

Lasagne rolls photo imagejpg1-82-1.jpg

Lasagna Rolls

Spaghetti/meat sauce photo imagejpg2-25.jpg

Spaghetti/Meat Sauce

Excuse me 377bt photo image_20.jpeg
Spaghetti/meatballs photo imagejpg1-170.jpg

Spaghetti & Meatballs

Garlic Bread 335bt photo image.jpg1_91.jpg
Cappuccino cake photo imagejpg1-1825.jpg

Cappuccino Cake

Cupcakes 500bbt photo image_350.jpeg

Lemon-Berry Cupcakes

500x332 - Pound cake photo imagejpg1-44.jpg

Iced Pound Cake

Iced Donuts 339bt photo image_280.jpeg


Donuts 338bt photo image_99.jpeg
500 x 281 - Croissants photo imagejpg1-47.jpg
Creme Brulee 335bt photo image.jpg1_132.jpg

Creme Brûlée

500 x 460 - Coffee photo imagejpg1-14.jpg

Saved a place for you at my table.

11/16/2019 04:10:04

Fruit Salads 637bbt photo Fruit Salads 637bbt_2.jpg
Hot Oatmeal 544bbt photo IMG_9536_2.jpg
Fruit/juice/coffee 722bbt photo image_79.jpeg
Fr. Toast 657bbt photo image_64.jpeg
Fr. Toast 606bbt photo image_61.jpeg
Fr.ToastSticks-650bbt photo baked french toast sticks 650bbt_1.jpg
VeggieCasserole-615bbt photo Veggie Casserole 615bbt.jpg
FruitBowl-320bt photo Fruit Bowl 320bt.jpg

FruitSalad-341bt photo fruit_salad 341bt.jpg
CrepesBerries-316bbt photo Crepes Berries 316bbt_1.jpg
CampfireBacon-332bt photo Campfire Bacon 332bt.jpg
BaconPancakes-321bt photo Bacon Pancakes 321bt.jpg
Brekkie 341bbn photo Brekkie 341bbn.jpg
Broccoli/Cheese Omelet photo Broccoli Cheese Omelets 320bte.jpg
Broccoli/Tomato Omelet photo Broccoli Tomato Omelet 385bbt.jpg
Egg Bake photo Egg Bake.jpg
Assort.Donuts-650bbt photo Assort. Donuts 650bbt.jpg
BagOfDonuts-650bbt photo COCOs Donuts.jpg
AngelToast-618bbt photo Angel Toast 618bbt.jpg
Danish/Muffins-632bbt photo Danish-Muffins 632bbt.jpg
Coffee/Tea 266bbt photo image_55_1.jpeg

11/16/2019 01:01:45
Saturday's Menu

Breakfast Table 339bt photo image_55.jpeg
Pancakes: 615 photo imagejpg1-1806.jpg
Breakfast/fireplace 375 photo image_30.jpeg
Breakfast 334 photo image_6.jpeg
Breakfast 270 photo image_24.jpeg
3 in 1: 500x376bt photo image_26.jpeg
Oatmeal Pancakes 293txt photo image.jpg1_13.jpg
500x227: Eggs/fruit photo imagejpg1-189.jpg
Brown Sugar Bacon 255bbt photo image_154.jpeg
Fries 290bb photo image_8.jpeg
Ham Sub 500x334 photo image_47.jpeg
500x300 - Veggie soup/brd. photo imagejpg1-52.jpg
Lamb 500x346bt photo image.jpg2_44.jpg
Veggie Sides 289sf photo image.jpg1_37.jpg
Steak/Sides 341bt photo image.jpg2_62.jpg
Bread Basket 358bt photo image_96.jpeg
Pepper Steak 346bbt photo image_153.jpeg

Pepper Steak

Italian Stew 500 photo image_1.jpeg

Italian Stew/Crusty Bread

Croissants 300bbt photo image_128.jpeg

Croissants: Chocolate/Cheese/Almond

Blueberry Muffins 346bbt photo image_70.jpeg

Blueberry Muffins(Streusel tops)

Boxed Donuts 388bb photo image_30.jpeg
500x333 - Monkey Bread photo imagejpg1-106.jpg
Angel Food 353 photo image.jpg1_202.jpg
Strawberry Desserts 374 photo image.jpg1_184.jpg
500 x 673 photo image-57.jpg

Saved a place for you at my table.

11/15/2019 08:23:18

Benets/Cafe Au lait 334bten photo Benets NOLA 334bten.jpg

11/15/2019 08:22:10

 photo imagejpg1-2.jpg

11/15/2019 05:29:10

FruitSalad-650bbt photo Fruit Salad 650bbt.jpg

CheddarGrits-625bbt photo Cheesy Cheddar Grits 625bbt.jpg

Brekkie 341bbn photo Brekkie 341bbn.jpg
MiniQuiches-390bte photo Mini Quiches 390bte.jpg
BiscuitsGravy-344bt photo Biscuits Sausage Gravy 344bt.jpg
HeartyBreakfast-350bbt photo hearty breakfast 350bbt.jpg
BananaWaffles-348bbt photo Banana Waffles 348bbt.jpg
Fr.ToastSticks-646bbn photo AppleCinnamon Fr.Toast Sticks 646bbn.jpg
Chicken/Waffles-490bt photo Chicken-Waffles 490bt.jpg
CranberryScones-535bbt photo Cranberry Scones 535bbt.jpg
PeachCobbler-310bbt photo Peach Cobbler Streusel Topping 310bbt.jpg
Am.ApplePie-350bbt photo Am. Apple Pie 350bbt.jpg
PlumKuchen-350bbtx photo Plum Kuchen 350bbt.jpg
Dbl.Chocolate-341bbt photo Dbl.Chocolate 347bbt.jpg
ButtermilkDonuts-347bbtx photo Buttermilk Donuts  347bbtx.jpg
BlueberryBearclaw-410bbt photo Blueberry Bearclaw 410bbt.jpg
3Cups-534bbt photo 3Cups 534bbt.jpg

11/15/2019 03:24:33
Friday's Menu

Juice 388bbt photo image_56.jpeg
Fruit/Bagel 220bbt photo image_161.jpeg
Oatmeal/Fruit 411bt photo IMG_9558.jpg
Breakfast 390bt photo IMG_0792.jpg
Cream of Rice 328bbt photo IMG_0765.jpg
Pancakes: Banana/strawberry photo imagejpg1-108.jpg
500x313: Eggs/bacon photo imagejpg1-1645.jpg
500x327: Savory muffins photo imagejpg1-1765.jpg
500x361: Egg/Eng. muffin photo imagejpg1-1514.jpg
500x500 - Grits/bacon photo imagejpg2-1.jpg
Fries 280bb photo image_115.jpeg
BLT 307bt photo image_215.jpeg
Deviled Eggs 284bt photo image_43.jpeg
Lobster Chowder 348btrc photo image.gif
Salad 384bbt photo image_100.jpeg
Coconut Shrimp 375 photo image_90.jpeg

~ Coconut Shrimp ~

Coconut Shrimp 331 photo image_89.jpeg
Kabobs 342bt photo image_160.jpeg
Fish/salad 333 photo image_11.jpeg

Fish & Salad

Shrimp/rice 359bt photo image_97.jpeg


Curry 354sf photo image.jpg1_45.jpg

Beef Curry/rice

Rum Cake 548bt photo image_148.jpeg

Caribbean Rum Cake

Pineapple Cake 342bt photo image_112.jpeg

Pineapple Cake

Date-Nut 372bt photo image_52.jpeg

Date-Nut Bread

Berry Pie 320sf photo image.jpg1_45.jpg
Steaming Coffee/beans: 332 photo imagejpg1-34.jpg

Saved a place for you at my table.

11/14/2019 06:31:27

SundayBrunch-340bt photo Sunday-Brunch 340bt.jpg
WafflesFireplace-337bbt photo Waffles fireplace 337bbt.jpg
WafflesFruit-276bt photo waffles fruit 276bt.jpg
CoffeeCroissantsFruit-340bte photo Coffee Crossiants Fruit 340bte.jpg
HotcakesBerries-308bt photo hotcakes fresa 308bt_1.jpg
HeartyBreakfast-350bbt photo hearty breakfast 350bbt.jpg
PancakePita-500bbt photo Pancake Pita  500bbt.jpg
EggsPancakesBacon-338bbt photo Eggs Pancakes Bacon 338bbt.jpg
Breakfast-359bt photo Breakfast 359bt.jpg
EggsBenedict-345bt photo Deviled Eggs Benedict 345bt.jpg
CroissantsCoffee-333bt photo Croissants Coffee 333bt.jpg
PeachCobbler-340bte photo peach-cobbler ala mode 340bte.jpg
StrawberryCobbler-338bt photo Strawberry Cobbler 338bt.jpg
Shortcake-332bte photo Angel Food Shortcake 332bte.jpg
Danish-341bt photo Lemon Berry Cheese Danish 341bt.jpg
DonutsPlus-594bt photo Donuts plus 594bt.jpg
BakeryBasket-377bt photo BakeryBasket 377bt.jpg
ChelseaBuns photo Chelsea Buns.gif

11/14/2019 03:27:05
Thursday's Menu

Shelves: 378 photo imagejpg1-65.jpg
500x289 photo imagejpg1-74.jpg
Sous Chef: 454 photo imagejpg1-64.jpg

A helping hand in the kitchen is always appreciated.

Smoothies/fruit: 281 photo imagejpg1-930.jpg
Breakfast Selections: 625 photo imagejpg1-2035.jpg
500x283: Berry Pancakes photo imagejpg1-187.jpg
500x246: Eggs/sausages photo imagejpg1-389.jpg
Bacon: 333 photo imagejpg1-2392.jpg
500x411: Egg salad/croissant photo imagejpg1-81.jpg
500x500 - Shrimp/grits photo imagejpg1-45.jpg
500x500: Cajun Shrimp photo imagejpg1-87.jpg
Noodle Soup 342bbt photo image_108.jpeg
500x446 photo imagejpg2-22.jpg
Salad 283n photo image.jpg1_46.jpg
Roast Beef photo imagejpg1-2129.jpg
Breakfast Ring photo imagejpg1-113.jpg
Donuts 341bt photo image.jpg1_226.jpg
500x375: Banana Bread photo imagejpg1-67.jpg
S'mores Icebox Cake photo imagejpg1-99.jpg
Cherry Pie 508bt photo image_261.jpeg
500x332: Coffee photo imagejpg1-23.jpg

Saved a place for you at my table.

11/13/2019 13:13:50

Chili/Sides- 500x500bt photo Chili wSides 500bt.jpg

11/13/2019 08:07:10

Harley 375bt photo IMG_9660.jpg
Iz Cold 667 photo image_45.jpeg
Seriously 370 photo image_46.jpeg
Chicago Winter 360 photo image_37.jpeg

11/13/2019 07:14:06

Backyard 500x409bbt photo image_12.jpeg

TA-DA 670bbt photo IMG_9569.jpg
Snowmen 227bt photo image_42.jpeg
Snowman Donuts 736bt photo IMG_9618.jpg
Stone Fireplace 372 photo image_13.jpeg
Stone Fireplace 370 photo image_14.jpeg
Fireside 743bt photo IMG_9440.jpg
Cocoa/Cookies 310bt photo IMG_9919.jpg
Fireside/Coffee 372bbt photo IMG_9631.jpg

11/12/2019 04:42:10

Window View 500bt photo image_16.jpeg
IndoorCampfire-360bt photo Coffee Stove 360bt.jpg
CampfireBacon-332bt photo Campfire Bacon 332bt.jpg
Fireside Breakfast 396bt photo Breakfast fireside 396bt.jpg
EggsPancakesBacon-338bbt photo Eggs Pancakes Bacon 338bbt.jpg
WafflesFruit-276bt photo waffles fruit 276bt.jpg
SundayBrunch-340bt photo Sunday-Brunch 340bt.jpg
Blazing Fireplace 500bt photo Blazing Fireplace 500bt.gif
Fireside 743bt photo IMG_9440.jpg
Fireplace/Coffee 335bt photo Fireplace Coffee 335bt.jpg

11/11/2019 07:56:19

SoldiersFlanders- 270be photo Soldiers of Flanders 270be.jpg
FlandersField-354bt photo Flanders Field 334bt.jpg
Flanders-295bt photo Flanders.jpg
FlandersField-350bte photo In Flanders Field 350bte.jpg

We are the dead. Short days ago
We lived, felt dawn, saw sunset glow,
Loved and were loved, and now we lie
In Flanders' fields.

11/11/2019 07:44:28

It was first known as Armistice Day, celebrated on November 11 because that was the day agreed upon by the Allied nations and Germany to begin a total cessation of hostilities. It went into effect on the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month in 1918, after some 20 million people from both sides had given their lives in the war effort. After World War II and the Korean War, President Eisenhower changed the name of the holiday to Veterans Day in June 1954, so as to make November 11 “a day to honor American veterans of all wars.”

11/11/2019 04:40:57

The Kiss 718bt photo image_11.jpeg
Dedicated 337bt photo image_13.jpeg
SoldiersWall-290bt photo soldiers wall 290bt.jpg
VietnamReflections-324bte photo VietnamWall  324bte.jpg
Flag/Eagle 317bt photo image_14.jpeg
VetThanYou-352bt photo vet thanks 352.jpg
Hugs 711 photo image_10.jpeg
Hugs 691 photo image_9.jpeg
Hugs 512 photo image_8.jpeg
Honoring All 500 photo image_4.jpeg

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