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In Spirit photo imagejpg1-4.jpg Marley Mountain 334 photo image_3.jpeg Mountain/Beans 283 photo image_12.jpeg Coffee Beans 333 photo image_13.jpeg Basket/Beans 500 photo image_6.jpeg Coffee/Grinder 417bbt photo IMG_0168.jpg Jamaican Coffee 340bt photo image_23.jpeg Rohan/Coffee photo imagejpg1-21.jpg

Saved a place for you at my table ...
Soft Green 500bt photo image_20.jpeg

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07/06/2020 08:06:27

Rooster-650bbt photo Roosters 650bbt_1.jpg

Rooster Mugs 312bt photo image.jpg2_30.jpg

Morning Table 293bt photo Morning Table 293bt.jpg

HeartyBreakfast-350bbt photo hearty breakfast 350bbt.jpg

EggsPancakesBacon-338bbt photo Eggs Pancakes Bacon 338bbt.jpg

WafflesFruit-276bt photo waffles fruit 276bt.jpg

Brunch-340bt photo Brunch 340bt.jpg

Ricotta/Orange-382bt photo Ricotta Orange Pancakes 382bt.jpg

4-1_500x334bt photo 4-1 500x334bt.jpg

BreakfastBake-500bbt photo breakfast-bake 500bbt_1.jpg

CrepesBerries-316bbt photo Crepes Berries 316bbt_1.jpg

CheesyOmelet-413bt photo Cheesy Omelet 413bt.jpg

BreakfastPastries-317bt photo Breakfast Pastries 317bt.jpg

BlueberryBearclaw-410bbt photo Blueberry Bearclaw 410bbt.jpg

BearClawFruit-295bte photo Bear Claw Fruit 295bte.jpg

ButtermilkDonuts-347bbtx photo Buttermilk Donuts  347bbtx.jpg

Dbl.Chocolate-341bbt photo Dbl.Chocolate 347bbt.jpg

Danish-350bbt photo Danish 350bbt.jpg

Coffee/Tea 266bbt photo image_55.jpeg

07/06/2020 07:35:19

07/06/2020 03:44:03

Monday's Menu

Flowers/Rooster 441bt photo IMG_8776.jpg
Breakfast 342bt photo image_198.jpeg
Poached Eggs 268bbt photo image_169.jpeg
Hot Pockets 360bt photo image_248.jpeg

Hot Pickets

Caprese Stack 500bt photo image_98.jpeg

Caprese Stack

Grilled Cheese/Bacon 369bbt photo image_209.jpeg

Grilled Cheese w/Bacon

Rst. Bf/Soup 381bt photo image_242.jpeg

Roast Beef/Cheese Panini & Tomato Soup w/Croutons

Meatloaf 378bt photo image_261.jpeg

Meatloaf/Whipped Potatoes/Veggies

Potato Salad  361btx photo image_143.jpeg
Steak 398bt photo image_201.jpeg
Jelly Donuts 426bt photo image_402.jpeg

Jelly Donuts

Turnovers 337bt photo image_487.jpeg


Walnut Coffeecake 380bt photo image_468.jpeg

Walnut Coffeecake

Coffeecake 339bt photo image_489.jpeg

Apple Crunch Coffeecake

Coffee/Tea 266bbt photo image_55.jpeg

Saved a place for you at my table.
Care to join me?

07/05/2020 12:57:38

07/05/2020 09:31:54

LilacsCollage-650bte photo Lilacs collage 650bte.jpg

Lilacs/coffee 332bt photo image.jpg1_99.jpg

Smoothie 388bbt photo image_33.jpeg

Pineapple/Coconut 340bt photo image_32.jpeg

Coconut Smoothies 323pf photo image.jpg1_13.jpg

EggsPancakes-340bte photo Eggs Sausage 340bte.jpg

ScrambledEggsPancakes-350bte photo Scrambled eggs Pancakes 350bte.jpg

BelgianWaffle-500bbte photo Belgian Waffle 500bbte.jpg

Pancakes-348bbt photo Pancake-348bbt.jpg

PancakesBacon-265bt photo Pancakes Bacon 265bt.jpg

BaconPancakes-321bt photo Bacon Pancakes 321bt.jpg

PancakePita-500bbt photo Pancake Pita  500bbt.jpg

Fr.ToastSticks-648bbt photo baked french toast sticks 648bbt.jpg

FruitSalad-341bt photo fruit_salad 341bt.jpg

Breakfast-366bbt photo Breakfast 366bbt.jpg

BearClawFruit-295bte photo Bear Claw Fruit 295bte.jpg

PeachCobbler-340bte photo peach-cobbler ala mode 340bte.jpg

PeachCobbler-310bbt photo Peach Cobbler Streusel Topping 310bbt.jpg

ApplePie-500bt photo Apple Pie 500bt.jpg

PieAlaMode-350bt photo AppleDumplings Ala mode 350bt.jpg

StrawberryCobbler-338bt photo Strawberry Cobbler 338bt.jpg

Shortcake-332bte photo Angel Food Shortcake 332bte.jpg

Danish-341bt photo Lemon Berry Cheese Danish 341bt.jpg

DonutsPlus-594bt photo Donuts plus 594bt.jpg

FrenchCrullers-319bbt photo French Crullers 319bt.jpg

LemonSugarDonuts-500bbt photo Lemon-Sugar Donuts 500bbt.jpg

3Cups-534bbt photo 3Cups 534bbt.jpg

Coffee/Chocolates-335bt photo Morning Coffee 335bt.jpg

07/05/2020 02:00:19
Sunday's Menu
500x333 - breakfast table photo imagejpg1-108.jpg
Pancakes: 607bb photo imagejpg2-85.jpg
Crepes: 392bb photo imagejpg2-88.jpg
Breakfast - 500 photo image-81.jpg
Breakfast Buffet photo imagejpg1-1229.jpg
Breakfast Buffet: 335 photo imagejpg2-92.jpg
Brunch Table 346 photo image.jpg1_73.jpg
Brunch Table 233 photo image.jpg1_72.jpg
Buffet 235L photo image.jpg1_115.jpg
Skillet Chicken 376bt photo image.jpg1_149.jpg
Pork Chops 500 photo image.jpg1_7.jpg
Side Dishes photo imagejpg1-917.jpg
Green Salad:bb photo imagejpg1-2319.jpg
Wine Table 665bt photo image.jpg1_91.jpg
500x625: Antipasto photo imagejpg1-68.jpg
Italian dinner photo imagejpg2-26.jpg
Spaghetti/meat sauce photo imagejpg2-25.jpg
Shrimp Alfredo photo imagejpg1-171.jpg
Gnocchi photo imagejpg1-177.jpg
500x353 photo imagejpg2-24.jpg
Pasta casserole photo imagejpg1-172.jpg
Lasagne photo imagejpg1-175.jpg
Ravioli photo imagejpg1-176.jpg
Spaghetti/meatballs photo imagejpg1-170.jpg
Garlic Bread 335bt photo image.jpg1_91.jpg
500x363: Cheese/fruit/wine photo imagejpg1-38.jpg
Bananas Foster Coffeecake 469txt photo imagejpg2-118.jpg
Pina Colada Muffins 376txt photo image.jpg1_3.jpg
Honeycomb Slices 437bbn photo image.jpg2_24.jpg
500 x 345 - Coffee photo image-64.jpg
Saved a place for you at my table.

07/04/2020 11:26:29
500x375: English table photo imagejpg1-182.jpg
3Eggs/Bacon 339bt photo image_47.jpeg

White Tulips 334sf photo image.jpg1_12.jpg
Green Salad 335bbn photo image.jpg1_50.jpg
Veggie Sides 289sf photo image.jpg1_37.jpg
Lamb 336bt photo image.jpg2_40.jpg

Leg of Lamb, Potatoes & Runner Beans

Apple Tart 319bt photo image_216.jpeg

Apple Tart w/Double Cream

07/04/2020 10:58:42

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