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FlowerPower-500bt photo Kombi Bus 500bt.jpg
FlowerGirl-348bte photo Flower Girl 348bte.jpg
FlowersGirl-637bbte photo Flowers Girl 637bbte.jpg
PurpleFlower-400bt photo Purple Flower 400bt.jpg
Kiss-a-Bunny 638bt photo image.jpg1_23.jpg

Beach Picnic 500 photo imagejpg1-15.jpg
Beach Divider 94 photo imagejpg1-14.jpg
This is good 333 photo imagejpg1-13.jpg

FlowerPower-500bt photo Kombi Bus 500bt.jpg

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07/22/2019 03:24:39

Ahhh ... 315bt photo image.jpg2_5.jpg
500x387bbn photo image.jpg2_6.jpg
Thirsty 344bbn photo image.jpg1_34.jpg
Thirsty 320bbn photo image.jpg2_7.jpg
Fan-tastic 378bt photo image.jpg1_37.jpg
500x365b photo image.jpg1_30.jpg
Jaaa ... 379 photo image.jpg2_4.jpg
BC/AC-676bt photo BC AC 676bt.jpg
PEANUT-430bt photo OO a Peanut 430bt.jpg

07/21/2019 19:33:58

Wine/cheese: 668 photo imagejpg1-58.jpg
Wine/cheese: 384 photo imagejpg3-3.jpg
BritishSalad-293bt photo British Salad 293bt.jpg
VeganMeatballs-600bt photo Vegan meatballs skillet 600bt.jpg
VeganSpaghetti-645bt photo Vegan meatballs 645bt.jpg
Bruschetta 337bt photo image_133.jpeg
500x363: Cheese/fruit/wine photo imagejpg1-38.jpg
Coffee 399b photo image.jpg1_52.jpg

07/21/2019 19:03:39
Green Salad:bb photo imagejpg1-2319.jpg
Rotini/Marinara sauce: 343 photo imagejpg1-692.jpg

Rotini w/Marinara Sauce

Chicken Parmesan: 336 photo imagejpg1-2082.jpg

Chicken Parmesan

Lasagne rolls photo imagejpg1-82-1.jpg

Lasagna Rolls

Spaghetti/meat sauce photo imagejpg2-25.jpg

Spaghetti/Meat Sauce

Excuse me 377bt photo image_20.jpeg
Spaghetti/meatballs photo imagejpg1-170.jpg

Spaghetti & Meatballs

Garlic Bread 335bt photo image.jpg1_91.jpg
Cappuccino cake photo imagejpg1-1825.jpg

Cappuccino Cake

Cupcakes 500bbt photo image_350.jpeg

Lemon-Berry Cupcakes

500x332 - Pound cake photo imagejpg1-44.jpg

Iced Pound Cake

Iced Donuts 339bt photo image_280.jpeg


Donuts 338bt photo image_99.jpeg
500 x 281 - Croissants photo imagejpg1-47.jpg
Creme Brulee 335bt photo image.jpg1_132.jpg

Creme Brûlée

500 x 460 - Coffee photo imagejpg1-14.jpg

07/21/2019 10:32:52

LemonWater-700gif photo Lemon Water 700gif.gif
LemonyLemonade-300bt photo Lemony Lemonade 300bt.jpg
BarefootBubbly-627bbt photo beach barefoot bubbly 627bbt.jpg
KiwiMangoSmoothie-344bt photo kiwi-mango smoothie 344bt.jpg
 photo birthday suit.jpg

07/21/2019 09:46:51

SundayBrunch-265btex photo sundaybrunch 265btx.jpg
FruitBowl-320bt photo Fruit Bowl 320bt.jpg
BelgianWaffle-425bbt photo BelgianWaffle 425bbt.jpg
HotcakesBerries-308bt photo hotcakes fresa 308bt_1.jpg
Breakfast-381bt photo Breakfast.jpg
BaconPancakes-321bt photo Bacon Pancakes 321bt.jpg
BreakfastCasserole photo imagejpg1-184_1.jpg
PancakePita-500bbt photo Pancake Pita  500bbt.jpg
CrepesBerries-316bbt photo Crepes Berries 316bbt_1.jpg
CheddarGrits-625bbt photo Cheesy Cheddar Grits 625bbt.jpg
ChickenWaffles-340bt photo Chicken Waffles 340bt.jpg
VeggieCasserole-615bbt photo Veggie Casserole 615bbt.jpg
StreuselBananaBread-586bt photo Streusel-Topped Banana-Bread 586bbt.jpg
AssortedDonuts-335bbt photo Assorted Donuts 335bbt.jpg
Pastries-323bbt photo Pastries 323bbt.jpg
MiniBundtCakes-385bbt photo Mini-bundt cakes 385bbt.jpg
JellyRollSlices-350bbt photo Jelly Roll slices 350bbt.jpg
Danish-341bt photo Lemon Berry Cheese Danish 341bt.jpg
FrenchCrullers-319bbt photo French Crullers 319bt.jpg
Dbl.Chocolate-341bbt photo Dbl.Chocolate 347bbt.jpg
ButtermilkDonuts-347bbtx photo Buttermilk Donuts  347bbtx.jpg
Bakery-381bt photo Pastries 381bt.jpg
Sticky Buns 342bt photo Sticky Buns 341bt.jpg
Coffee/Tea 266bbt photo image_55.jpeg
Your Cup 500bbt photo image_54.jpeg

07/21/2019 08:56:02

BreakfastCroissants-500bbxn photo Breakfast coffee croissants 500bbxn.jpg
BreakfastPlate-500bt photo Brealfast Plate 500bt.jpg
EggsBaconHamSausages-338bt photo scrambled egg bacon-sausages ham 338bt.jpg
BaconOmelet-500bbt photo Bacon Omelet 500bbt.jpg
3Cups-534bbt photo 3Cups 534bbt.jpg

07/21/2019 05:13:06

Bowl/Lemons 457bbt photo BowlOfLemons 457bbt.jpg
Lemons/Tupils 588bbt photo image_63.jpeg
Lemons/Flowers 590bt photo Lemons Flowers 590bt.jpg
Flowers/Lemons 650bbn photo image.jpg1_77.jpg
Pitcher/Lilacs 345sf photo image.jpg1_21.jpg
Lemons/Apple 355sf photo image.jpg1_8.jpg
Flower/fruit: 500 photo imagejpg1-34.jpg
Flowers/grn. Apples photo imagejpg3-1.jpg
GreenApples-606bbt photo green apples 606bbt.jpg
Lemons/Limes/Flowers-367b photo Lemons Limes Flowers.jpg
WickerSeatings-380bt photo Wicker seatings 380bt.jpg
BlueWhiteBreakfast-292bt photo BlueWhite 292bt.jpg
BreakfastBrunch-380bt photo Breakfast-Brunch 380bt.jpg
Ger.Pancake-350bt photo Ger. pancake 350bt.jpg
BelgianWaffle-640bbt photo Belgian-waffle 640bbt.jpg
WafflesFruit-276bt photo waffles fruit 276bt.jpg
Brunch-340bt photo Brunch 340bt.jpg
4Breakfasts-287bt photo 4-Breakfasts 287bt.jpg
FruitSkewers340bt photo fruit-skewers 340bt.jpg
EggsPancakesBacon-338bbt photo Eggs Pancakes Bacon 338bbt.jpg
HashEggs.med-388bbt photo Hash Eggs med. 388bbt.jpg
WesternOmelet-340bt photo Western Omelet 340bt.jpg
BiscuitsGravySkillet-295bt photo biscuits n gravy skillet 295bt.jpg
BaconPancakes-321bt photo Bacon Pancakes 321bt.jpg
Espage-467bbt photo Espago 467bbt.jpg

07/15/2019 00:12:04
Monday's Menu
Cut Daffodils 300bt photo image_29.jpeg
Dishes/Daffodils 639bt photo image_28.jpeg
Daffodils 414bt photo image_24.jpeg
Smoothies 383bb photo image.jpg1_6.jpg
Breakfast Croissants 355bbtl photo image.jpg1_185.jpg
Breakfast 500bb photo image_8.jpeg
Breakfast 334bt photo image.jpg1_198.jpg
Lunch Buffet 370 photo image.jpg1_161.jpg
Lunch 349bt photo image.jpg1_170.jpg
Pot Roast 336txtbt photo image_33.jpeg
Meatloaf 354bt photo image_138.jpeg

Meatloaf/Mashed Potatoes/Veggies

Apricot-Pistachio 393bt photo image_139.jpeg

Iced Apricot-Pistachio Bread

500x332 - Pound cake photo imagejpg1-44.jpg
Strawberry Desserts 374 photo image.jpg1_184.jpg

Smores 339 photo image.jpg1_153.jpg

~ S'mores ~

Smores in jar 335n photo image.jpg1_154.jpg
Fruity Cupcakes 342bbn photo image.jpg2_15.jpg

Berry-topped Mini Cheesecakes

Coffee/Tulips 332bt photo image_29.jpeg
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