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Mmmm...Coffee-333bt photo Mmmm... Coffee 333bt.jpg

CandlesOrnaments-320Lbt photo Candles Ornaments 500x320Lbt.jpg

IceCrystals-320bt photo ice-pattern blue-snow 320bt.jpg

HotCider-615bt photo Hot Cider 615bte.jpg
MulledCider-290bt photo mulled cider 290bt.jpg

CandlesOrnaments-320Lbt photo Candles Ornaments 500x320Lbt.jpg

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12/10/2019 06:44:57

Red-plaid 380bt photo IMG_9828.jpg
Breakfast 286bt photo Breakfast 286bt.jpg
2-500x686bt photo 1-2.jpg
Mixed Fruit 393bbt photo Mixed Fruit 393bbt.jpg
Pull Apart Casserole 379bt photo Pull Apart Casserole 379bt.png
Breakfast Strata 337bt photo Cheese Spinach Strata 337bt.jpg
Eggs Benedict photo afee25df-0165-47ba-be97-96d91c5e59cd.jpg
Breakfast Buffet photo IMG_9665.jpg
Fluffy Pancakes 375n photo image.jpg1_11.jpg
Fr. Toast 379bt photo IMG_9668.jpg
Waffle Bites 342bt photo IMG_9140.jpg
Fries-313bbt photo Fries 313bbt.jpg
Grilled Portobello 390bbt photo Grilled Portobello and Peach 390bbt.jpg
Caprese Stack 500bt photo image_98.jpeg
BLT 307bt photo BLT 307.jpg
PeachCobbler-340bte photo peach-cobbler ala mode 340bte.jpg
StrawberryCobbler-338bt photo Strawberry Cobbler 338bt.jpg
Shortcake-332bte photo Angel Food Shortcake 332bte.jpg
JellyRollSlices-350bbt photo Jelly Roll slices 350bbt.jpg
MiniBundtCakes-385bbt photo Mini-bundt cakes 385bbt.jpg
Pastries-323bbt photo Pastries 323bbt.jpg
Coffee/Tea 266bbt photo image_55.jpeg
Hot Chocolate 333 photo image_22.jpeg

12/09/2019 07:38:21

Fireside Breakfast 396bt photo Breakfast fireside 396bt.jpg
SundayBrunch-340bt photo Sunday-Brunch 340bt.jpg
Breakfast:Eggs-342bt photo Eggs Breakfast 342bt.jpg
HashEggs.med-388bbt photo Hash Eggs med. 388bbt.jpg
BaconOmelet-500bbt photo Bacon Omelet 500bbt.jpg
Breakfast-359bt photo Breakfast 359bt.jpg
BearClawFruit-295bte photo Bear Claw Fruit 295bte.jpg
FrenchCrullers-319bbt photo French Crullers 319bt.jpg
LemonSugarDonuts-500bbt photo Lemon-Sugar Donuts 500bbt.jpg
3Cups-534bbt photo 3Cups 534bbt.jpg

12/08/2019 08:52:19

XmasCoffee-650bbt photo Xmas Coffee  650bbt.jpg
GingerbreadWaffles-382bt photo Gingerbread Waffles 382bt_1.jpg
Fruit Tree 652bt photo Fruit Xmas Tree 652bt.jpg
BananaPancakes-635bbt photo BananaPancakes 635bbt.jpg
PuffPancakes-325bte photo Puff Pancakes Berries 325bte.jpg
EggsPancakesBacon-338bbt photo Eggs Pancakes Bacon 338bbt.jpg
WesternOmelet-340bt photo Western Omelet 340bt.jpg
ChickenWaffles-340bt photo Chicken Waffles 340bt.jpg
SteakEggs-380bt photo 1-1 CFS 380bt.jpg
BelgianWaffle-640bbt photo Belgian-waffle 640bbt.jpg
ChocRaspCrepes-346bbt photo chocolate raspberry crepes 346bbt.jpg
Breakfast-366bbt photo Breakfast 366bbt.jpg
TieredDesserts-645bte photo Tierd Desserts 645bte.jpg
BundtCake-500bt photo Bundt Cake 500bt.jpg

12/08/2019 05:17:58

MapleBaconCupcake-343bbt photo Maple Bacon Cupcakes 343bbt.jpg

Maple Bacon Chocolate Cupcakes

12/07/2019 08:18:53

Breakfast Table 500x342bt photo image_4.jpeg
Breakfast4-310bte photo Breakfast4 310bte.jpg
XmasPancakes-375btx photo XmasPancakes 375btx.jpg
GingerbreadPancakes-538bbtx photo Gingerbread- Pancakes 538bbtx.jpg
GingerbreadWaffles-722bbtx photo Gingerbread Waffles 722bbtx.jpg
HeartyBreakfast-350bbt photo hearty breakfast 350bbt.jpg
EggsBaconHamSausages-338bt photo scrambled egg bacon-sausages ham 338bt.jpg
2EggsMed.Bacon-350bt photo 2 eggs med. bacon 350bt.jpg
Broccoli-CheeseOmelet-305bt photo broccoli cheddar omelet 305bt.jpg
BaconPancakes-321bt photo Bacon Pancakes 321bt.jpg
Breakfast-381bt photo Breakfast.jpg
Hungry Rancher 500bbt photo Hungry Rancher 500bbt.jpg
Cheesy Egg Bacon 378bt photo Cheesy Egg Bacon 378bt.jpg
Berry Muffins 300bbt photo Berry Muffins.jpg
PeachCobbler3-635bbte photo Peach-Cobbler-3 635bbte.jpg
StrawberryCobbler-338bt photo Strawberry Cobbler 338bt.jpg
PlumKuchen-350bbtx photo Plum Kuchen 350bbt.jpg
Cobbler-387bbt photo blackberry cobbler 387bbt.jpg
DonutsPlus-594bt photo Donuts plus 594bt.jpg
ChelseaBuns photo Chelsea Buns.gif

12/06/2019 14:27:47

St. Nicholas 290bt photo image_18.jpeg
St. Nicholas Day 295bt photo image_23.jpeg

12/06/2019 09:28:43
Friday's Menu
Blazing Fireplace 500gif photo image_2.gif
Breakfast/fireplace 375 photo image_30.jpeg
Breakfast 270 photo image_24.jpeg
Fr. Toast 348bt photo image.jpg1_224.jpg
Breakfast 334btn photo image.jpg1_171_1.jpg
Brunch 500bn photo image.jpg1_226.jpg
Panini/Soup 500bt photo image_71.jpeg
500x333 - BLT/pea soup photo imagejpg2-5.jpg
500x500 - Salami/soup photo imagejpg3-5.jpg
500 x 408 - Sandwich photo imagejpg1-1.jpg
Crab Cakes 333txt photo image.jpg2_3.jpg
Catfish Nuggets 378bt photo image.jpg2_28.jpg
Fries 322bbtn photo image.jpg1_56.jpg
Cobb Salad: 500x332 photo imagejpg1-187.jpg
500 - Fish Dinner photo image-24.jpg
Fish Dinner/wine 500bbt photo image_74.jpeg
500x295: Cheesecake photo imagejpg1-72.jpg

Cheesecake w/berries

Banana Cheesecake 377txtsf photo image.jpg1_65.jpg

Baked Banana Cheesecake

Banana-Coconut Cake 337btn photo image.jpg2_37.jpg

Banana-Coconut Cake

Cappuccino-fudge Cake 383bbn photo image.jpg1_101.jpg

Cappuccino-Fudge Cake

500x508: Cherry Pie photo imagejpg1-131.jpg
500x264 - Kolacky photo imagejpg1-25.jpg


Coffee 330bbn photo image.jpg1_45.jpg
Saved a place for you at my table.
Pizza Quiche 302bbn photo image.jpg1_130.jpg
Spinach Pizza 335btn photo image.jpg1_113.jpg
Pizza 375 photo image_3.jpeg
Pizza 333 photo image_2.jpeg

12/05/2019 07:55:14

HotCider-615bt photo Hot Cider 615bte.jpg
MulledCider-290bt photo mulled cider 290bt.jpg

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