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07/12/2024 10:36:33

07/12/2024 04:17:44

Good Morning my Cherished Friend,

Wishing You a Love & Joy Filled Friday

with lots of Nice moments however is the Weather !

Hugs & Gratitude... 


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07/11/2024 23:25:29


07/11/2024 13:20:37

It's funny how in the end, you always go back, 

to the ones that have been there from the very beginning

~ Unknown ~

07/10/2024 18:10:58

07/10/2024 17:44:19

07/10/2024 12:46:35

I used to think the worst thing in life was to end up alone. 

It's not. 

The worst thing in life is to end up with people 

who make you feel all alone.

~ Robin Williams ~

07/09/2024 11:49:17

Hello, friend, start, your Tuesday, with

good, foot, in, my, country, it is usually said that

you stand up, with your foot, straight, hehe, enjoy,

of this beautiful day, in peace, and harmony,

Every new day is a good time to

undertake, new challenges, or continue, with which

you have, renewed, with energy, and with a lot,

success, and prosperity, today, they give us a new,

day, full, of joys, and new, emotions,

Don't forget, your smiles rejuvenate me

farewell, with big hugs and kisses, Maria,

Take care, with all my friendship, 

07/09/2024 10:36:35

Stopping by to say Hello

07/08/2024 13:54:11

Hello, Happy, START, of the WEEK, May GOD,

save us, protect us, and support us,

In this WEEK, which we have just started,

the best gift you can give to people,

that surrounds you, is to transmit your joy,

and desire, to live, do not live it, with bad humor,

put your smile, as always, and you will have,

more happiness, in your beautiful, heart, pass your

great, Monday, I understand, I leave you, big, hugs,

Maria, take care, kisses, cute

07/08/2024 12:20:01

Make Your Smile Change The World - 

But Dont Let The World Change Your Smile

~ Unknown ~

07/08/2024 10:11:28

Wishing You A Beautiful New Monday And An Even More Beautiful New Week

07/08/2024 02:33:34

Enjoy a Delicious Monday my Friend,

filled with Love, Smiles & Gorgeous Moments !

Hugs across the Miles...♥ 

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07/07/2024 19:40:25

07/07/2024 18:11:25


07/07/2024 16:41:02

Hope you had a flip floppin kind of day

07/06/2024 12:45:56

top hat fancy GIF by Vintage 3D

Hope your Caturday is the tops.

07/05/2024 14:46:01

07/05/2024 13:31:48

Giving You A Little Ring To Wish You An Amazing Weekend

07/05/2024 13:23:18

Too often we underestimate the power of a touch, 

a smile, a kind word, an honest compliment, 

or the smallest act of caring, all of which 

has the potential to turn a life around.

~ Leo Buscaglia ~

07/04/2024 15:12:37

Glad the fire works were last night here..

We are gonna get dunped on with rain in a few minutes

07/04/2024 12:16:51

07/04/2024 11:41:15

Friendship is unnecessary, 

like philosophy, like art... 

It has no survival value; 

rather it is one of those things 

that give value to survival.

~ C.S. Lewis ~

07/04/2024 11:34:19

07/04/2024 06:42:56

Happy 4th of July to You & Yours !

Loads of Blissfull Love your Way my Friend...♥♥


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