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12/01/2021 21:44:12

~Wishing you a Happy Dec. 1st!! Our weather is wonderful~~But we could always use rain in our Valley & Snow in our Mountains~...But enjoying the blue sky....Hugs Lorribelle54

11/26/2021 22:38:58

Enjoy your week~End~Hubbys B~day~ Pizza ~ Cake~ And Some golf with the kids~ Hugs LorriBelle54

11/25/2021 23:33:45

~Hope You Had A Wonderful Thanksgiving~ Hugs Lorribelle54

11/24/2021 00:43:16

Nat3ddesign Graphics
Guardians Tag Ministry Hugs Lorribelle54

11/20/2021 22:23:52

Have a Wonderful Sunday~Hugs Lorribelle54

11/18/2021 22:19:25

~Enjoying some sunshine in afternoon~Fog is gone for now untill the next rain~ Hugs Lorribelle54

11/16/2021 20:38:29

Hope your week is going good~Started having fog in morning & Evenings~Over cast in 60s....Enjoy your Evening~ Hugs Lorribelle54

11/12/2021 23:50:19

Beautiful Fall weather here....LA Calif is in the 90s tomorrow~Friends have posted pics on the beach with there kids....Enjoy your Week~end~ Hugs Lorribelle54

11/10/2021 21:35:55

Yes...Giving Honor To All Our Vets~ Beautiful Fall day here~ Hope All is well~ Hugs Lorribelle54

11/08/2021 21:58:04

~Beautiful weather today~We are to get Rain around 2am till 9am~Which is always good for us :) Enjoy your Evening..Hugs Lorribelle54

11/07/2021 20:38:20

~Have a Wonderful New Week~ Hugs Lorribelle54

11/04/2021 21:53:35

Another Beautiful Fall day~ TGIF Tomorrow~ Hugs Lorribelle54

11/03/2021 01:47:55

So Happy Braves Won~Enjoy your Wed!! Hugs~ Lorribelle54

10/31/2021 18:06:11

We are waiting for the Braves game tonite~Most of the Children in our area are going to safe Fall and Harvest Fun Places~But we do have candy for whoever shows up~I know for sure Two~ My daughter & Grandson...lol....Enjoy your Evening~ Hugs Lorribelle54

10/30/2021 23:45:06

Enjoy your Sunday~ Happy Braves Won again~Stay safe~ Lorribelle54 Hugs

10/27/2021 20:54:05

~Hope Your Week is going well~ Watching the Braves~Baseball....Hubby cooked chicken and pasta~ :) Enjoy your Evening~ Hugs Lorribelle54

10/25/2021 18:32:21

~Getting Our Rain~!!! Enjoy your Evening Hugs Lorribelle54

10/23/2021 22:33:11

~Still waiting for rain...should come tonite....Still watching baseball.....Wishing you a great Sunday :) Hugs Lorribelle54

10/22/2021 22:17:34

~We are going to get Much needed Rain!!! Have a great Week End :) Hugs Lorribelle54

10/20/2021 22:22:57

~ Good Nite~Enjoying our weather~ Hugs Lorribelle54

10/20/2021 22:15:11

~ Good Nite~Enjoying our weather~ Hugs Lorribelle54

10/19/2021 20:17:17

~67 and sunny today~ Enjoying baseball~Enjoy your evening~ Hugs Lorribelle54

10/18/2021 22:30:19

Another Beautiful Day~Enjoying Baseball~ Enjoy your Evening~ Hugs Lorribelle54

10/17/2021 20:58:01

~Beautiful weather here~ Family BBQ~Watching Baseball~Have a Great New Week~ Hugs Lorribelle54

10/16/2021 21:24:30

~Another beautiful day here~Watching Baseball~ Enjoy your Sunday!!! Hugs Lorribelle54

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