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12/01/2021 21:38:56

~Wishing you a Happy Dec. 1st!! Our weather is wonderful~~But we could always use rain in our Valley & Snow in our Mountains~...But enjoying the blue sky....Hugs Lorribelle54

12/01/2021 17:39:52

Evening  another rotten day., had plans to get the last few gift cards

but  yup  car  wouldn't start boy i gave them a piece of my mind..

they gave me a new battery  so let hope that was the problem.     making an  apple crisp tonight.

hope your day was better than mine.

see you in the morning.

12/01/2021 12:16:47

Hi :)

Have a holly jolly December:) It's hard to believe

that we only have 24 days left to try to make the nice


11/30/2021 21:48:37

11/30/2021 17:37:58

Evening my friend  still chilly  in the 30's  now  but temps are dropping.

wanted to do so much today  and did nothing.,  just went for coffee and got my nails done  am just so tired

put up my ceramic tree and a few decoration .,  don't think i'll do a real tree this year  to much work,  son won't help with it  so ceramic will do.  have a good night.

11/30/2021 12:06:15

Care for a marshmello ? One for you and one

for ME:) 

Enjoy the last day of November boomers...

pull up a chair and stay 


11/29/2021 21:43:58

11/29/2021 21:43:34

11/29/2021 19:53:58

Evening another chilly day.  it's 30 degrees  now and dropping

took my car back to the dealer said it was a loose cable to the battery.,  so hoplfully  they fixed it., will soon find out.  hope you had a good day.

most of xmas shopping is done., just need to get a couple more  gift cards,  make a blanket  

not sure  what to get my son ( so far just gift cards)  any  ideas.  hope you have a wonderful  night., Hugs

11/29/2021 12:01:57

♪♫ Music Monday ♪♫

Rumor has it that Dean Martin will be making

an appearance at your boomerplace bulletin board:)

Let It Snow!

We hope to see you there :)

11/28/2021 17:01:15

Evening., happy Sunday

hope your having a better day than me., had to jump my car again.,  there a shortage somewhere because the battery fine., will call to take it to the dealer tomorrow.

have a good night


11/28/2021 12:35:37

Sunday Blessings❤

I was baptized and brought up in the church

that you are looking at:) my parents AND my grandparents

were married in it❤

Have yourself a nice Sunday :) 

Peace & ❤

11/27/2021 19:57:25

Evening., hope your having a great weekend

mine ok  started decorated the house for christmas., bought  calzones for my son and girlfriend for dinner i had a sandwich  to tired to cook.

see you tomorrow  enjoy your night., am working on my page.

11/26/2021 22:32:21

Enjoy your week~End~Hubbys B~day~ Pizza ~ Cake~ And Some golf with the kids~ Hugs LorriBelle54

11/26/2021 19:07:50

Evening  sorry no comments  last night

i fell asleep.. hope you had a  great Thanksgiving

I cooked  but ate alone  my son went to the girlfriends family.    went to the shriners craft fair  today.. got some ideas  to make stuff.    hope you got lots of bargains  today black friday.. have a good night see you tomorrow.


11/26/2021 18:56:29

Good night Boomers❤

God Bless

11/26/2021 02:03:14
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11/25/2021 23:29:18

~Hope You Had A Wonderful Thanksgiving~ Hugs Lorribelle54

11/24/2021 20:06:37

made more pies., now will get the stuffing ready  for tomorrow ,'have so much to do tomorrow.,  my son bought me a nice center piece for the table

  thank-you for your friendship.

.happy thanksgiving enjoy your day with family and friends

11/24/2021 00:38:58

Nat3ddesign Graphics
Guardians Tag Ministry Hugs Lorribelle54

11/23/2021 17:40:15

Evening  really cold day today.,  just went to the jewelier need a battery for my watch  couldn't believe they wouldn't do it right then  have to pick it up tomorrow  $8.00  for a battery  next time i'll just buy a new watch.   then went for coffee.

making a few pies  this  evening.

hope you had a good day.

11/22/2021 21:14:01

Wishing everyone a Happy Thanksgiving~ Hugs Lorribelle54

11/22/2021 19:42:28

Evening., chilly day  going to be colder tomorrow., finally got the banks fixed  

couple of them  mergered.

couldn't view them.

hope you had a good day

see you tomorrow., goodnight  hugs  June

11/21/2021 19:51:04

11/21/2021 18:07:00

Evening,  was an ok day,  went to the store walgreens., made dinner for me, son and his girlfriend  homemade ravioli and meatballs,  garlic bread.,  worse of it they eat and bring out there plate to the kitchen and that's it  says i cooked  i clean  of well.   not sure what my son doing thanksgiving because she's going to her aunts my son's invited ., told him i'll make stuffed mushrooms, deviled eggs  some sweets  girlfriends wants Macaroon's etc  for him to take  don't like him going empty handed.,   so  i'll be  busy 

hope you had a good day.  and a wonderful night.

hugs June


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