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10/20/2021 19:17:41

hi friend well i am ok and also my fury little baby kittens. i got them 2 big bags of dry cat food and 2 boxes of moist food. so they are set with dry food to get them through the winter months. i will buy them ,oist cat food 2 box per month i will also get them some more cat litter last month i got the 2 more boxes of liter.

i got some greoceries today but before all of this i went and got my 3rd covid-19 shoot today. 

right now my fury babies are sleeping in my room. well that it for now i am still waiting on my sister to see how she is doing with here new babie kittens and her dog named Bella.

well that it for now all is well. With love from your MyBoomerPlace friend barbh

God Bless all of the up and coming contest.

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10/09/2021 22:38:50

hi everyone well all is well here. i got a frigidare 25l fry oven fryer table top oven. the last time my son was here he made bacon and waflers in it, well tonight i made frys and chicken fingers in it, burnt the fries but the chicken finger where ok. i didn't cook them for the full time. i think i had the oven to high?i i will make again when my son is here cook it at maybe 350f not 400f and maybe fries only and chichen fingers only by them selves.

good news is i got my cat carriers and all the new dishes for them, i like these new dishes they are ornge and big so one is water and the other is food. they seem to like it better then the little steel bowls i was using. for them.

well its another long holiday here thanks gives . Happy tanksGivings to you all you take care and be safe.

here are some blessings for you weeken, with love fro your MyBoomerPlace friend Barbh

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09/27/2021 09:24:23

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09/26/2021 15:53:51

hi freind here is the photo of the kittens . i could'nt get it to go to your page. but today going to try so here it is . you have a blessed sunday with love from your myBoomerPlace freind Barbh58

09/26/2021 15:26:44

Happy birthday!!

I hope this is the begining 

of your greatest, most wonderful year ever!

Life is a journey. 

Enjoy every mile.

I wish you an outstanding 

and fabulous birthday.

09/23/2021 21:51:04

hi  well my page had a problem for a while but the good news is the admin fix it for me. well all is well with me and the kitties they are growing up nicely. i will leave you a picture of them below. also some word for thought. you have a nice evening. with Love from your MyBoomerPlace freind Barbh58 See the source imageSee the source image

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here is a picture of the kitties now

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