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71 years old
Atlanta, Georgia
United States
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Westerns, Gospel

Oldies but Goodies, Gospel and Western

Bible,Church Books,and Self Help Books

Geneology work and learning more about the computer.

Gospel and Self Help Videos and Music

I Love to be on the computer, I love to make friends and to help others. My husband is a retired Fireman and i am a retired nurse and teacher.

Keeping Busy, Helping Others, Spending Time on the computer, and doing Geneology work.

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08/08/2022 05:55:13

07/23/2022 10:41:32

Hi MyBoomerPlace friend . Well good news i got my power scooter tire, replaced it cost 144.80 ,  also I put my walker in to get the ,four wheels replaced . Because I got the walker, through native medical,  if they approve they will cover the cost of the replacement of my wheels. I will know in three weeks, as they have to apply for them to agree to paid for the work, they will have to do and for the wheels. 

I also got a matress encloser cover for my matress and some bug killing spray . and i am going to get some more and the room needs to be comepletely vacumed and clean and wash everything. i did some reseach on youtube to see what i need to do to get rid of the bedbugs. well that it fo now cat are doing fine. i left a blessing below for you . You have a nice day with love from your MyBoomerPlace freind Barbh58

30 Amazing Saturday Morning Blessings - Morning Greetings – Morning Quotes  And Wishes Images

07/19/2022 01:45:27

hi MyBoomerPlace friend. I know its been a while since, my last message. 

Well here it not be completely, well I am dealing with a bed bug problem. i am ordering some more things, to better deal with this problem.I am hoping  these things, will take care of this bedbug problem.

Well my cats are doing. Their getting bigger now. But still kittens at heart.

The weather here is starting to cool down a little.

Lots of things to take care of, my walker needs new wheels. But I can still use it.  I got a flate tire on my power scooter .  All will be dealt with in, time first need to take care of, the bed bug problem. So that where it at, for this home front. I letf you a Tusday Blessing. You have a nice day friend. with love from your MyBoomerPlace friend Barbh

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07/04/2022 09:02:55

I probably am guiilty of not reaching out to all my
friends here on Boomer too often just know even though there might seen
to be a drought in my discourse there is a flood of positive feelings
for you each and every one. Have a blessed Fourth and give thanks for
what little freedom we still have to celebrate and pray it will not be
taken away by those who have so infected our society, our values, our
laws and way of life.
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