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I Love People

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69 years old
Atlanta, Georgia
United States
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Westerns, Gospel

Oldies but Goodies, Gospel and Western

Bible,Church Books,and Self Help Books

Geneology work and learning more about the computer.

Gospel and Self Help Videos and Music

I Love to be on the computer, I love to make friends and to help others. My husband is a retired Fireman and i am a retired nurse and teacher.

Keeping Busy, Helping Others, Spending Time on the computer, and doing Geneology work.

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02/28/2020 09:26:16

hi my MyBoomerPlace Friends. just wanted to give you a friday blessing . Also a quick update on how everthing is going in my life. i am well and i can tell i am ok. i have lost a little wieght . i still have to go to some more dr apointment and fallow up apointment but overall i am doing a lot better now. i went out a coulpe of times on the oxgen tube . i picked up a parcel and went shoping. well you all have a nice day . don't for get about the contest i am in it and i have a staint parick day theme a sim;ple page. it the best i can do at this time. with love from your MyBoomerPlace friend barbh58

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02/14/2020 07:38:40

Hi MyboomerPlace friends here is a Valentines Blessing for you all to day . With love from your myBoomerplace friend barb.

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02/14/2020 07:29:35

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Hi MyBoomerPlace friends. I just wanted to say Happy Valentines Day to you all. you friendship mean a lot to me. some day you are a warm breeze remineing me that i am not alone with you warm and inviding lovely comments. so please remeber love is something you give and recieve we do it in the name of friendship. so you all have a great day with love from your MyBoomerPlace  friend Barbh58 Barb thank you all for allowing me to be one of your MyBoomerPlace friends

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