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I Love People

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73 years old
Atlanta, Georgia
United States
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Westerns, Gospel

Oldies but Goodies, Gospel and Western

Bible,Church Books,and Self Help Books

Geneology work and learning more about the computer.

Gospel and Self Help Videos and Music

I Love to be on the computer, I love to make friends and to help others. My husband is a retired Fireman and i am a retired nurse and teacher.

Keeping Busy, Helping Others, Spending Time on the computer, and doing Geneology work.

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05/13/2024 23:18:40

Hi MyBoomerPlace freind.Well I used my new dryer today and it worked. But my washing machine need a, new drain hose put on it. Had to clean up water on the floor and counter. So I am going to order ,on my cheque day a new drain hose, for my washing machine.

The cats are happy with ,their new indoor cat food. I hope all is well with you and yours. You have a good evening. With love from your MyBoomerPlace freind barbh. here are some Blessing for you and yours.

May you have a peaceful evening filled with Blessings and ...Michael P. on LinkedIn: Evening Blessings 🙏🏿

05/09/2024 11:25:02

hi MyBoomerPlace freind. I am sorry for being away. Me and family are fine , also the cats. well spring fever has taken over our home, both cat are in heat. I think vemon is coming ,out of it now. But pepper is still in it.

I ordered a portable dryer for my apartment and it should arrive today. So I am waiting with my cell phone for it . I ordered some more groceries. My son said he  will pick, them up at walmart today for me . I gess that it for now. You have a nice day . With love from barbh, your, MyBoomerPlace freind. Here are some Blessing for your day. Below 

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