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06/25/2019 20:45:59

Evening,  were  having heavy  rains all day &  tonight

hope you had  a better  day.  

06/25/2019 10:06:12

hugs june

06/25/2019 07:00:45

06/24/2019 19:08:31

Evening  my  friend, was a nice  day 80's  again

expecting  rain  tomorrow, hope you had  a great day, i went  to the eye  doctors ., going  to  try to  go  to  work  tomorrow.,  have  a  nice night  my  friend

06/24/2019 17:23:08

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06/24/2019 06:33:30

06/23/2019 18:33:51

Evening., hope you had  a great Sunday

i ordered  pizza  for  dinner.,  my son home and i didn't feel  like cooking.

have  a good night.,  Hugs  June

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06/23/2019 10:53:53

06/22/2019 19:10:46


.,  being  out  today  was  nice  since  i been  stuck  in the  house  2 weeks was  nice

girlfriend  pick me  up  so  i  didn't  have  to  drive  with  the  foot., but  was  a  bit to much  walking  at the  store  then  lunch..,  so  am  tired now can't  wait  to  elevate  my foot  .

Hope  you  had  a  wonderful  Saturday

06/22/2019 15:31:09

06/22/2019 10:39:16

06/21/2019 20:04:31

Still raining  tonight  but  they  say  good  day  tomorrow

my son  still away  maybe  be  home  tomorrow  or  sunday

it's  getting  so  i need  this  glass of wine.

06/21/2019 08:19:17

Morning., raining  again  oh  well have  a  great  Friday

Hugs  June

06/20/2019 19:30:58

Evening  been  a  rainy day  , and they say  tomorrow  the  same

i been  doing  nothing  special ., hoping  to get  out  this  weekend for awhile

hope you have  a  wonderful night and  the best  thing is  weekend  starts  tomorrow

hope you have  great plans my  friend., hugs  June

06/20/2019 10:38:45

06/19/2019 19:27:28

Evening  my  friend,  am  so bored  staying  in  the house

will try  to  go out this  weekend.,  weather  suppose  to  be  nice  and  am  tired of  staying  in.

06/18/2019 20:00:44

06/18/2019 10:13:51

Morning,  it's  a  rainy  day.,

hope  your  day  is  better 

06/17/2019 20:04:17

06/15/2019 13:10:23

06/14/2019 11:04:28

Morning.,  happy  Friday,  stuck  in  the  house, i hate  it

i miss  my  coffee  with  the ladies.,   didn't  get  my  hair  done  still can't  put  pressure  on  my  foot to drive ....  also  today  my  son's  40th  birthday

haven't seen  him in  a  few  days  said  he  be  here  tomorrow  after work.,  but  then  he's  going  away  for  a  week.,  oh  well

06/08/2019 18:03:56

06/08/2019 18:03:40

06/08/2019 10:43:02

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06/07/2019 21:19:15

Evening.,  hope  you had  a  great  day.,  sun  was  out  and  the  first  time  in  months  it  didn't  rain  on  my  hair  day.,  went  for  coffee and  lunch.,

yeah  the  weekend  is  here.,  my  son  put  my  new  chair  together  am  so  happy., have  a great  night.

great on  my  back.,  was  using  a  folding  chair .

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