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67 years old
ft. myers, Florida
United States
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Favorites: The Painted Veil and Hachi

Favorites: oldies,

Romance with a little suspense thrown in

art, floral design

travel the world

I love the beach and being out in a boat. I enjoy going to botanical gardens and art museums, and learning something new. I'd love to travel the world some day. Please check out my art website:


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01/16/2019 19:29:35

Evening  my  friend,  hope  you had  a  great  wednesday.,  me  i  went  for  coffee and  to  a couple  of  stores.,  then  home..  not  sure  whats  for  dinner. i was all mixed  up  today  thought  it was  thursday., 

my  son  won't  be  home  tonight. not  that  it  matters  he  stays  down  stairs  with  the  girlfriend.  so am  watching  TV will go  upstairs  soon  am bored.,   hope you have a great night ,hugs june

01/15/2019 20:14:04

Hope tomorrow's a better day, June.

01/15/2019 18:42:21

Evening  my  friend.,  did  a  lot  of  errands  today.  plus  worked,  but  got  sick  there, left early

do  hope  am  not  relapsing., i  hope  you  had  a  great  day and  tomorrow  wednesday  already  the  days  are  going  by  so  fast.

have  a  good  night

01/14/2019 19:20:40

Evening  my  friend

hope  you had  a  great  Monday,  mine  was  just  ok,  its  cold  here  in  Medford

have  a  great  night,  and  I'll be  back  in  the  morning.

Hugs  June

01/14/2019 10:13:00

Hugs   June

Image result for Betty Boop happy monday

01/13/2019 18:59:07

Evening  my  friend,  was a cold  Sunday., watch  the Patriots  so  glad  they  won.,  hope  whatever  team  you  were  routing  for  won .

i  made  a  nice  Roast Pork Dinner  with  all  the  trimming.

hope you  have  a  great  night.,  and  I'll see you  tomorrow 

01/13/2019 10:28:29

01/12/2019 19:28:54

evening  my  friend  ,  i  hope you had a  great  Saturday

it's  really  cold  here  in  the  teens tonight.,

going  to  be  cold  tomorrow  for  the  Patriots  Game.,  hoping  we  win  were  LA charges  don't  like  the  cold  . have a  good night and  enjoy .

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