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11/28/2020 13:25:36


Weekend Boomers:)

Follow Brenda Lee To Bobby's

Place For A Rockin' Christmas:)

Stay Safe

11/26/2020 21:23:22

“Birthdays are a new start, 

a fresh beginning and a time to pursue 

new endeavors with new goals. 

Move forward with confidence and courage. 

You are a very special person. 

May today and all of your days be amazing!”

Happy Birthday!!

11/26/2020 18:40:21

Hope you have a happy Birthday

11/24/2020 12:48:40

Hanging a horseshoe facing upwards 

in a "U" shape is said to bring

good luck into your home. 

Whether you believe the legend

or not, you have to admit,

a horseshoe hanging above 

a fireplace makes for interesting

home decor.

A Lucky Horseshoe for


Take Care

11/22/2020 13:10:23

I Need Food!

Grocery Shopping has become 

a real life version of PAC-Man. 

Avoid everyone, get the fruit, 

and take any route to avoid contact.

Happy Sunday Boomers:)

can I pick something up

for you from the

grocery store?

11/19/2020 23:36:23


my favorite little angel 

to watch over you this weekend ❤ always

Enjoy the weekend Boomers!

God Bless You

11/17/2020 10:34:24

11/14/2020 21:01:44

I want to thank you so much for your friendship. We have been friends for a long time. You are very special to me and you are very dear to me. You are my sweet angel friend. A very special friend sent from my dear heavenly father. This is a very special gift to me and to you. A very special blessing from god in heaven. God new we need friends.Friends are kind and caring and so dear to one another. If any time you need to talk your very special friend is here. God bless you my sweet angel friend. This is from the bottom of my heart. May the angels wrap there beautiful white fluffy feathered wings around you to comfort you and keep you warm with lots of love and care. May god hold you and heal you. He loves you and the angels love you and so do i. 🙂 ❤

11/02/2020 16:14:20

10/29/2020 16:15:54

10/25/2020 14:51:40



It's just nice to have a friend 

check in on us❤ 

especially in these times..

Checking In On You:)

What's for lunch?


10/19/2020 16:55:00

10/18/2020 09:31:55

10/16/2020 15:45:11

10/15/2020 13:55:01

 Hi :)

Wanna Talk Money?



Nah. Me Neither.


Fuller house lucy GIF on GIFER - by Balhala

So Let's Talk Lucy:)

Because it's I ❤ Lucy Day

On this day in 1951, the first episode

of I Love Lucy 

was aired on television.

Are you a fan?

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