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Will Never Come Again.

Be a Blessing Be a Friend.

Encourage Someone.

Take Time To Care.

Let Your Words Heal, Not Wound.

Hello and thanks for dropping by my page. I'm just an everyday person with everyday situations trying to get through life in one piece. Sound familiar? Good, then we have something in common. lol. 

Not enough information? Okay well I will add a little more.....

I get along with most everyone. I enjoy most all types of music from all decades with the exception of "the hard stuff". ;) I also enjoy laughter. In my life, laughter is required to get me through my day. I am not better than anyone else, and I don't appreciate being treated like I am not good enough. I spend my day working in a field.... well the medical field where I work to improve the quality of life for individuals with injuries, and I absolutely love it! I am a compassionate person and sensitive to the needs of my family, friends, animals and people in general. Alright, I am finally running out of things to say about myself, and you are most likely getting tired of reading my introduction thing by now, (please say yes). If you want to know more about me, then simply get to know me. :)

One last note, Please do not post and graphic or nude images on my page. Thank you!

Friendly people! Down to earth people and those good ole warm harted souls with a sense of humor and intelligence.... yeah it is possible to be kind, smart and funny. :)

Judgmental people! People who think they are better than everyone. People who think that I am below them. Materialistic people, and fickle individuals.... make your mind up already! ;)

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We are no longer in age,
to apologize for telling the truth,
neither to apologize,
for not wanting to stay.
We are to scream so loud
as we can,
with the desire to not have anything left

We are no longer for flattery and palaver,
we are no longer to have a piece of meat
between the legs,
we are for caresses and eternal talks,
with coffee in the morning
and red wine in the black afternoons.

We are no longer to blame ourselves,
of the disappointments that were caused,
for the expectations that were created.
We are no longer to live in pain,
for those loves that did not love us,
nor for the pains,

They did not kill us.
At this age,
we are to be happy,
A) Yes,
with life and its nuances.
We are no longer waiting,
we are to fight
and make our dreams come true.

We are no longer for friends of the pedas,
we are for friends,
that advise and comfort.
We are no longer for family loyalties,
we are to break
with destructive patterns.
At this age,
in what society calls us adults,
we have to lead our roads,
we have to cry more,
to get sick less,
we have to find the way of life,

Los adultos

Ya no estamos en edad,
para disculparme por decir la verdad,
ni para disculparse,
Por no querer quedarse.
Tenemos que gritar tan fuerte
como podemos,

Con el deseo de no tener nada.
Ya no somos para la adulación y la palabrería,
Ya no vamos a tener un trozo de carne.
entre las piernas,
Somos para caricias y charlas eternas.
con cafe en la mañana

Y vino tinto en las tardes negras.
Ya no debemos culparnos a nosotros mismos,
de las decepciones que fueron causadas,
Por las expectativas que se crearon.
Ya no debemos vivir con dolor,
por aquellos amores que no nos amaron,
ni para los dolores,

Ellos no nos mataron.
En esta edad,
debemos ser felices,
A) si
Con la vida y sus matices.
Ya no estamos esperando,
estamos para luchar
y hacer nuestros sueños realidad.

Ya no somos amigos de las pedas,
estamos para los amigos,
Que asesoran y confortan.
Ya no somos por lealtades familiares,
estamos para romper
Con patrones destructivos.

En esta edad,
en lo que la sociedad nos llama adultos,
tenemos que conducir nuestros caminos,
Tenemos que llorar más,
enfermar menos,
tenemos que encontrar el camino de la vida,

Sin morir en el intento.


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