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Our home

I was a firefighter
Whether you wanna call us a hero or not, in my opinion all firefighters, cops, and servicemen/women should be treated with a higher respect because even if they havent gone the distance yet then at any moment they could. Though you shouldnt sign up for one of these because you want fame or to be above someone else and should do it for the right reasons of helping others and be humble about it

My angel

I love you so much
Every second of the day I think of you
You're the angel of mij heart.
I really never wanna lose you!!
I wanna die in you're arms.
You're so special for me, I can't
live without you.
You're my everything and no one can
change that.
You're perfect, You're sweet, You're beautifyl


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09/18/2019 10:06:58

09/18/2019 10:04:57

09/18/2019 09:53:29

Hello Sweetness!

Happy Day to you sweet one!

09/18/2019 09:51:58


09/18/2019 06:35:50

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Have a great Wednesday. So good to be back!
It looks good here
and has even


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Oh happy day,
I have my computer back
working but it did take
my pictures. I do have
photo bucket so it will just
be a matter of time till I
retrieve them. LOL Dale is
doing quite well and that
is good. Just to keep
active like we have always
been will be all we can
ask. God is with us and
can feel His beautiful presence.
Hugs to you and thanks for
waiting for me.

09/18/2019 06:29:51

Que tal estás? bien a que si?  Espero que pases un muy feliz miércoles!  Te mando muchos besitos

09/18/2019 05:55:17

Good morning, let's ride that wave to the weekend!

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Peace, Love and Happiness

09/18/2019 05:16:51

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Saved a place for you at my table. 

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