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70 years old
Atlanta, Georgia
United States
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Somewhere In Time, Gone With The Wind, National Treasure, Miss Congeniality, Moonstruck, My Big Fat Greek Wedding, First Wives Club, too many to list!!

Love music except for hard rock.

Do a lot of reading...really enjoy many types of books, nothing special.

Some authors: Nora Roberts, Stephen King, Clive Cussler, Danielle Steele, Anne McCaffrey, Sue Ann Jaffarian, Dan Brown, Robert Jordan to name a few.

Geneology, collects cookbooks, collects teddy bears, Santa figurines, shopping when I have time. I enjoy volunteer work for LUPUS, Diabetes, Breast/Ovarian Cancer, Battered Women,and an Advocate for Animals, Quilting, meeting new friends, helping others be more positive about themselves.


There is a lot to know. I live life to the fullest, for who knows what tomorrow brings. Enjoys meeting people, getting to know them, learns something new every day, likes cooking, loves all types of desserts, motivational speaker and enjoys lots of other things...just ask

Married for 37 years to the same man :) have one daughter, son-in-law, and two grandsons. Have a chocolate lab named Frankie, and a lab/hound mixed named Baby Girl, and two rat terriers named Stella and Rocco (their were 13 years old and sadly we had to put them down on July 12, 2014, just so quickly medical issues that couldn't be fixed). We also have a black lab named Addison, he's 10 years old now and moves rather slowly but love him. And last by not least, Gilbert the Cat, but we lost Gilbert a month ago, he was 14 years old and just fell asleep and never woke up...breaks my heart, but he's at the Rainbow Bridge with Stella and Rocco!!

Meeting new people, enjoying the friendship of my friends, fall season, Christmas, Thanksgiving, desserts. Family, traditions, enjoy getting to know new people and learning about them. Living Life to the Fullest. Likes to send cards to people for "no reason" makes my day and theirs too.

Smoking, really cold weather, really hot weather, liars, sushi, people who think their better than others, inconsiderate drivers, people who gossip just to hurt people, people who judge others for the wrong reasons. Cruelty to animals.

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07/16/2018 18:57:33
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07/15/2018 13:46:08


07/14/2018 00:48:23


I'm scared. The afternoon is gray and sadness
from heaven it opens like a mouth of the dead.

My heart has a cry for a princess
forgotten at the bottom of a desert palace.

I'm scared - and I feel so tired and small
I reflow the afternoon without meditating on it.
(In my sick head there

is no dream to fit
just as in the sky there has not been a star.)

However in my eyes a question exists
and there is a scream in my mouth that my mouth does not scream.

There is no ear on earth that hears my sad complaint
abandoned in the middle of the infinite earth!

The universe dies of a calm agony
without the party of the Sun or the green twilight.

Agonizes Saturn as a grief of mine,
the Earth is a black fruit that the sky bites.

And by the vastness of emptiness they go blind
the afternoon clouds, like lost boats
to hide broken stars in their cellars.

And the death of the world falls on my life.


Tengo miedo. La tarde es gris y la tristeza
del cielo se abre como una boca de muerto.

Tiene mi corazón un llanto de princesa
olvidada en el fondo de un palacio desierto.

Tengo miedo -Y me siento tan cansado y pequeño
que reflojo la tarde sin meditar en ella.
(En mi cabeza enferma no ha de caber un sueño
así como en el cielo no ha cabido una estrella.)

Sin embargo en mis ojos una pregunta existe
y hay un grito en mi boca que mi boca no grita.

¡No hay oído en la tierra que oiga mi queja triste
abandonada en medio de la tierra infinita!

Se muere el universo de una calma agonía
sin la fiesta del Sol o el crepúsculo verde.

Agoniza Saturno como una pena mía,
la Tierra es una fruta negra que el cielo muerde.

Y por la vastedad del vacío van ciegas
las nubes de la tarde, como barcas perdidas
que escondieran estrellas rotas en sus bodegas.

Y la muerte del mundo cae sobre mi vidA


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07/13/2018 14:55:50

07/13/2018 11:50:47

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07/13/2018 01:53:04

I wishing you a   beautiful  Weekend love and peace my dear friend a Big Hugs
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07/12/2018 07:56:05

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07/11/2018 12:46:53

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