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74 years old
medford, Massachusetts
United States
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reading lee childs, James Patterson


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06/30/2022 20:43:21


See ya after the holidays

Be safe angel!

06/30/2022 19:57:18

Have a beautiful  evening,LV B. XXOO 

06/30/2022 18:25:14

It,s a hot day here so I thought;

you need an icecream sweetie pie June    

06/30/2022 17:48:22

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06/30/2022 17:28:23

I see. In this area, there are two groups of the Red Hat Ladies, so I am told. Younger ones that meet in the evening and one for older ladies that do lunch together. I am sure they still have them there, and if you felt like it you should join again. Bro. Doc

Brodoc wrote:
  at the time i was working  and didn't have  time

If I might ask June, why did you  stop? From what I have read they seem light a very delightful organization. Bro. Doc

Brodoc wrote:

years ago i did

I saw the red hat lady and wonder if you belong to the Group the Red Hat Ladies. They by what I have read are a delightful and worthwhile group. Bro. Doc

Another  fantastic day  in 80's

i went for coffee today  thank goodness its my left foot  that's in pain  otherwise i wouldn't be able to drive.  hope you had a good day.    have a good night see you in the morning.




06/30/2022 17:26:15

One thing I know June, when my Mother was alive, she was tired alot, and gave her iron pills. They tried to tell her that to fix this problem would be to give her new blood. But at the time she was 86 and live two more years. I am sure that would have helped her. But that might not be your problem "tired blood." Bro. Doc

Brodoc wrote:

   i'll mention it to him   thank you my friend

June, no disrespect here, but an MD knows more than a GP. They don't have to same training that the MD does. And what you really need June is a Specialist to look at you. Because your medical problems are much greater than a GP. Hope he/she sends you to a Specialist. Bro. Doc

Brodoc wrote:

 yes thsts what it means.. so we will see what he says..

Hi June does GP mean General Pactioner. If so you need a specialist my friend. Some one with more training than a GP. We had 75 for the high today. The Mayor came to the Minister's Meeting today, and she talked about the 150 years coming up of when Junction City became a city Oct 29, 1872. The Celebration is Sept 15-18 because the weather will be nicer and lots will be happening then. I am going to try and get the Sons of the American Legion to do maybe a fish fry. That will make good money. Hope it was a nice day there. Bro. Doc

   going to my  gp   july 14.,  weather  79  at 12.30

Good Morning June, we are having a cloudy day and 58 outside. Only suppose to be 78 today. Still being dizzy and your foot problem. You need to see a specialist and get your medical problem(s) fixed. Bro. Doc

Evening  the weather was so nice

stayed in and took it slow  still feeling  dizzy and my foot still hurting..   hope you had a great day,,  see you in the morning.






06/30/2022 16:23:05

Red White & Blue ..:)

United we Stand!!


Also called Independence Day, the Fourth (4th) of July is a public holiday in the United States of America that commemorates the adoption of the Declaration of Independence on July 4, 1776, which declared the original colonies to be free from British rule.

See the source image

See the source image

See the source image


I willl be on vacation for a week. Be good & Be Safe..:) Big HUgs, Maria.. xoxo 

06/30/2022 15:45:00

Hi Sweety,

  Your the catch of the day. B..:) xo

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