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Far too many to list, but include many with Audrey Hepburn, Cary Grant, Jimmy Stewart through to current classics.

Folk, rock, some country, some pop.

More inclined to fact than fiction, but enjoyed many spy novels and classics such as Dickens. Tom Sharpe's comedies were a light relief at the end of the day

Photography, computing, Aquariums, writing

Hmm, I do have 4 buckets, 2 reserved for aquarium maintenance, 1 for the mop and another for general purposes...

I know, not much of a list is it, hehe.

I'm retired, but keep myself busy on line with blogging, poetry, photography and graphic designs.


Foul language

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12/11/2017 01:23:36

Happy new week dear friend!!with love anna

12/10/2017 19:02:08



Do you see it?

The rainbow, of course!

Take my hand, and we will find it, together!


Love always, Annette, "That's All!"

From: "Sita Sings the Blues" by Nina Paley, Annette Hanshaw sings, "If You Want the Rainbow (You Must Have the Rain)
recorded in New York City on October 19, 1928. Released on Columbia
For a beautiful version of this song brilliantly set to a cartoon movie
by Nina Paley, see Sita Sings The Blues - on YouTube.

Annette Hanshaw ~ If You Want the Rainbow ~ 1929



12/10/2017 03:29:44

Enjoy your weekend dear friend!!with love anna

12/09/2017 05:22:00

Have a beautiful weekend dear friend!!with love anna

12/08/2017 15:07:44



Do you like cats?

I do!



Love always, Annette, "That's All!"

I'm CRAZY about cats, I think they're just the most beautiful and
precious pets someone could ever have! So here are pictures
of classic Hollywood actors and actresses and their lovely cats. I hope
you enjoy and MEOW!

Classic Movie Stars and their Cats! - Annette Sings, Hawaiian "Pale Blue Waters" 1930



12/07/2017 17:20:17



It seems like only yesterday, we became friends...

Now I am yours, "Body and Soul."


Love always, Annette, "That's All!"

Annette Hanshaw - Body and Soul (1930)



Annette Hanshaw (Oct.18,1901 - March 13,1985) was one of the first great
female jazz singers. In the late 1920s she ranked alongside Ethel
Waters, Bessie Smith and the Boswell Sisters. Her singing style was
relaxed and suited the new jazz-influenced pop music of the late 1920s.
Although she had a low opinion of her own singing, she continues to have
fans because of how she combined the voice of an ingenue with the
spirit of a flapper.

Hanshaw made her one and only appearance on film in the 1933 Paramount
short Captain Henry's Radio Show, "a picturization" of the popular
Thursday evening radio program Maxwell House Show Boat, in which she
starred from 1932 to 1934.

Hanshaw was known as "The Personality Girl," and her trademark was
saying "That's all" in a childish voice at the end of many of her

Having grown tired of show business, in the late 1930s Hanshaw retired
and settled into married life with her husband, Pathé Records executive
Herman "Wally" Rose. Later in life, in a would-be comeback, she recorded
two demo records, but they were never released.

Between September 1926 and February 1934, she recorded prolifically.
From 1926-1928 she recorded for Pathe (her sides were released on both
the Pathe and Perfect labels). Starting in June 1928, she recorded for
Columbia; most of these were issued on their dime store labels Harmony,
Diva, Clarion and Velvet Tone. A handful were also released on their
regular price Columbia and OKeh. Although most were released under her
own name, she was renamed Gay Ellis (for sentimental numbers) and Dot
Dare or Patsy Young (for her Helen Kane impersonations).

Starting in August 1932, she began recording for the ARC with her
recordings issued on their Melotone, Perfect, Conqueror, Oriole and
Romeo. Her final session, February 3, 1934 was placed on ARC's Vocalion

12/07/2017 08:16:24

Dear friends, I will not be here tomorrow.

In my country it is the day of the Virgin and it is a holiday, 

I will enjoy it with the family.  Good weekend.

Sometimes all you can do is walk away, 

hide your tears, and just pretend you're okay

~ Unknown ~

12/06/2017 16:58:25

Goodnight my friend.  I hope to see you in a few days...

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