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66 years old
United Kingdom
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Far too many to list, but include many with Audrey Hepburn, Cary Grant, Jimmy Stewart through to current classics.

Folk, rock, some country, some pop.

More inclined to fact than fiction, but enjoyed many spy novels and classics such as Dickens. Tom Sharpe's comedies were a light relief at the end of the day

Photography, computing, Aquariums, writing

Hmm, I do have 4 buckets, 2 reserved for aquarium maintenance, 1 for the mop and another for general purposes...

I know, not much of a list is it, hehe.

I'm retired, but keep myself busy on line with blogging, poetry, photography and graphic designs.


Foul language

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05/23/2018 18:29:00

Evening  my  friend.  sending  out  early  going  up  stairs  soon still not  feeling  good.

hope  you  had  a great day., i meet  the  ladies for  coffee  and  went  to  BJ'S wholesale

enjoy your evening  hugs

05/23/2018 11:39:08

You know you can't change the past, 

so why are you still thinking too much about it?

~ Wilson Kanadi ~

05/22/2018 13:07:05

Always tell the truth.

That way, you don't have to remember what you said.

 ~ Mark Twain ~

05/21/2018 21:22:09

Evening  the  weather  was  nice today  70's

tomorrow  going  to  be  warmer,  i  must  say  about  time. but  with  rain showers

I hope  your  day  was  fantastic.,  and  have  a great  night

No  baseball  tonight.  make  it boring  for  me, i love  my  baseball.

05/21/2018 10:32:23

See the source image

05/21/2018 08:42:25

People change, things go wrong. 

But just remember, life goes on.

~ Unknown ~

05/20/2018 20:06:33

Evening  my  friend,  well  red sox  won  again  makes  me  happy

now  our weathers  been  raining  all  weekend,  hope yours  was  better,  and  the weekend  coming  to and  end ,  and Monday  starts  a  new  week, but  we  have  the  new weekend  to look forward  to  it's  a  long  holiday weekend.  So enjoy  your  evening hugs

05/20/2018 11:14:08

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Image result for good morning SUNDAY funny quotes

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