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I enjoy the simple life and I was born in the piney woods of east Texas on the family farm. I spent my younger years there and have so many happy memories. I'm retired from the Barbeque business and worked six years in County government as an Assistant Auditor. I love the outdoors and like to fish and camp. I am a Christian and I love God, my family, friends and my country. Also, I love nature and wildlife. I like most music but Country, R&B old school and Blues are my favorites.

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05/24/2019 14:36:00

on some mud that washed up on parking lot down at lake from it getting
over the low bridge.  Tweeked my left knee so don't feel like walking
Wookie and don't got fenced in yard at Cabin or being cooped up in
little cabin not wanting to walk so i am enjoying the much more open
space of the hascienda and mostly catching up on all my beautiful
comments for now ;D !!!!!  this morning i got here and the back porch
fenced in area of back yard was real shady and very nice outside so i
sat down on slider rocker and her comes a young (not a baby but) young
turtle ;D  Tulip tree still in full bloom after two weeks :D HUGGERS

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All Those Who Gave and Give In Good Service To Our Country!  Thinking
of My Parents and Grand Parents and other Friends and Relatives, a few
here at My Boomer Place too :) .

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05/24/2019 09:23:51

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Happy Friday my dear friends 

05/23/2019 21:10:04

Enjoy! ;D

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Some of My Besties ;D !

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05/20/2019 23:36:39

Spring Is Bustin' Out

Happy Two For Tuesday To Yuns!  Yeehaw! ;D ~Enjoy

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Summertime Blues

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05/16/2019 21:32:47

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Related imageBonus Video SUPER CONCERT ;D ~Enjoy!

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chantalmi papillon butterfly blanc white

chantalmi papillon butterfly blanc white



Good Night Salutation

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05/11/2019 22:43:31

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;D Bet you didn't expect to see me today LOL ~it got cold and gray,
still skies and rain and so i came
home from cabin but it is warming up FINALLY this coming week BRRRR
down to 44 tomorrow night ;O))) i have a really nice view of the woods
from home and that cheers me up even with cloudy skies ;).  But it is a
wonderful season to enjoy
all we can of mother nature this year. Pbucket is too slow so here's a
bunch of Picmixes of mine and a photo (not as good or as big as mine ;)
of Taneycomo).  i'll probably send a few more before i disappear for a
while as it is still going to be cold for a few more days.  So, happy to
be here with you and cozy.  My poor heirloom beefsteak tomato plants i
grew from seed are not looking good at all!


Magic of Spring

Weekend ~Kick Up Heels!

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chantalmi   butterfly papillon vert green

05/10/2019 11:57:18

aze papillon jaune tube gif deco glitter animation animé

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05/08/2019 18:32:44

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a little cabin right on the Taneycomo not too far from home so i can do
some intensive photography.  i won't be around much and miss you!!!
But, it promises for some great new photography from Fogy'z Fotoz (me!
;)  over
the next couple of months (and hopefully some good fish frys :).  The
birds in the early morning are different right down on Taneycomo than up
here on the hill and i've been enjoying the morning melodies of water
birds and what i believe is King Birds mating calls (they sing so
Yesterday saved a tiny Box Turtle and another larger one on Cave Road (bless their little hearts!).
The Box Turtles in our woods are out and about too now and it is fun
watching them forage and ...hump LOL ~hey it is Hump Day ;D. ~Enjoy!

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