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I enjoy the simple life and I was born in the piney woods of east Texas on the family farm. I spent my younger years there and have so many happy memories. I'm retired from the Barbeque business and worked six years in County government as an Assistant Auditor. I love the outdoors and like to fish and camp. I am a Christian and I love God, my family, friends and my country. Also, I love nature and wildlife. I like most music but Country, R&B old school and Blues are my favorites.

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06/23/2019 16:29:09

i LOVE irish terriers

is Sunday and i want to wish all a peaceful and prosperous, abundantly
blessed week.  Sad news, As you all know i love my Irish Terrier Wookie
(she is on my page on right side) and this is us last summer on a walk. 
i found out Thursday that she has a dangerous little mole that is
called mast cell skin cancer.  It is most common in dogs, now i found
out.  Not so common in her breed, mainly Boxers, Bulldogs and those
breeds.  She gets surgery to remove it and then i find out if she is 1ST
STAGE or more.  i don't have a good feeling about it although my HOPES
ARE HIGH.  She has seemed a bit off for several months and a couple of
previous visits to another vet that did not find the mole.  I read these
kind spread like, as described, octopus tentacles.  If it is Stage 1,
chances are very good but otherwise not so much, for A CURE upon
removal.  Also, she is nine years old and will be under anesthesia and i
won't be allowed to be with her so i am trying not to let her know how
much i am fretting but for those with dogs they love, you understand
this is not easy as ~perhaps they sense and notice more than us. 
Anyway, please say a little prayer for WOOKIE or for ME to NOT LOSE
WOOKIE on this coming Thursday or to this cancer at all, please!  She is
my service dog per my primary care doctor's request now.  This is a bit
much for me to handle this summer but i guess i am a tough old bird
still.  Much Love to you ALL MY BEAUTIFUL FRIENDS! ~Love Always

La Lania

you love dogs as your children you must surrender to the fact that you
will likely outlive these children.  Now i am older and that is not so
much true as it used to be in previous decades ;)  But if you feel silly
PRAYING for a human not to lose their dog, because there are so many
human children in such pain in this world, especially now.  Remember
that some of us think of our dogs as our children, although we can't
imagine what it is like to have human children, too.  Thank you dear and
most precious friends.

song is to all my kids and they were all dogs, who have gone on over
that Rainbow Bridge as it is called in recent years.  Especially to
SYDNEY who was so lucky to have lived for almost 17 years!  That is
almost twice as long as so many dogs live.  Here's hoping that WOOKIE
will be able to live at least a few more years, after Sydney, 9 years
seems to short.  No dog except Wookie has made me laugh so much.  Unless
you ever own an Irish Terrier, it is too hard to explain how comical
and whimsical they are.  Sydney was a more thoughtful and faithful dog
and she was playful too sometimes but never so much as my Wookie. 
Sydney has been gone a few years now but got to meet Wookie when Wookie
was still a puppy and for about one year therafter.  WE MISS YOU
precious Sydney! ~Enjoy!

Kaz_Creations Animals Dogs Dog Pup

Wookie could talk she would sing this song to me ~enjoy! (don't cry!
because this is about living a life of love and please pray my Wookie
can stay to love and entertain me a few years more ~she is such an
entertainer ;)

Sunday Blessings

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06/22/2019 19:04:12

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Happy Saturday my sweet friend.

How are you today. I hope your weather is good to you.

Its been sunny and rainy all day hear.

Took my jeap to the car wash to get rid of the pollen. 

The pollen is real bad this year.

I hope all is well with you and hope you have a great weekend.

God bless you and keep you. :-)

06/21/2019 22:08:12



Goodbye Autumn, Hello Winter My Precious Southern Hemisphere Friends!
;D  i'm enjoying my cabin by Taneycomo Lake.  The big photo below ~OxXo
is of a plate i put under my porchlight on a nail that was already
there.  i found the sculted plate at a church thrift store a block away.

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06/18/2019 22:47:15


Two For Tuesday


Happy New Week

Summer Daze

i LOVE irish terriers

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Bonjour 3

06/14/2019 14:51:44

Nat3ddesign Graphics
Guardians Tag Ministry</a

Hello. Stopping by to see how u r doing. Sorry was away do to my uncle passing 

and me working a lot and being sick. Its always something.  

I want to thank you so much for stopping over to my page and sending comments.

You are a bless from God. I hope all is well with you and i hope you have a great day.

God Bless you and keep you. :-)

06/10/2019 21:17:50

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this was a little late in the day on MOnday i guess some will see this
Tuesday morning ~the weather here is like Hawaii right now with high of
77 and breezy during the day with no rain for a few days, thankfully. 
~good night precious friend, sweet dreams and to others ~good morning ;)
and everybody please stay safe and be careful out there! ~Respect and

06/06/2019 19:46:09

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06/01/2019 03:00:09

Relaxing weekend dear friends ... xoxox ... Kati

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