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41 years old
johnstown, Pennsylvania
United States
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I love all types of movies comedy,horror,thriller,drama,etc. but i would have to say my favorite movies are scary movies probally because i love to watch them ive probally watched at least 40 scary movies just in the past year or so. Besides that if there are no more scary movies i will watch an action movie or on occasion a Romance or Drama Movie.

Ever since i was a child from probally 3 years old i had a great passion for music and i still do.If i had to say the type of music i love the most it would be country music and my Favorite country Band would be Rascal Flatts. BUt i also listen to alot of Rock music and pop music.

I will read any book really if i have the chance. I mostly read mystery books because i love the suspense and being on the edge of my seat waiting to see what will happen next. Sometimes i will also read romance books and on occasion horror or drama books. If i had to say my favorite book would be "Angles and Deamons " By Dan Brown.

My hobbies are reading because anytime i have extra time i read. Also i love to write and draw writing im good at i sometimes if i have extra time start to write my own stories but, drawling is not my best subject although every time i draw i feel like im inproving. Also i Love to listen to music sometimes i listen to it all day.

1. i want to go to Australia
2. I want to go to mexico
3. I would like to go to France to see the Eifel Tower
4.See Washington D.C.
5.Own A Ferarri
6. To see Rascal Flatts in Concert
7.To Go to Hollywood
8. To Hug A Kangaroo :)

My family is my life without them i could not survive they mean everything to me. the most important person though in my life is probally my mother because no matter what happens she is always there for me shes like my hero . I'm a very kind and a little bit shy. I absolutely love reading books because they interest me.I will be starting college at the end of this year to the beginning of next year for a degree in criminal justice to become either a police officer or a fbi agent .

I absolutely Love Science it competly interests me and i think forensic science is cool. I also love to watch tv my favorite shows are Ncis, Criminal minds, Revolution, and Ncis LA. But my all time favorite show is Smallville i have watched every episode of all 10 seasons of it .

My biggest turn off is when people eat with there mouth open because i was raised to eat with my mouth closed and i think its annoying when people eat with there mouth open. If you ask anyone they would probally agree that this is my biggest turn off.

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