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03/18/2018 10:06:57


03/18/2018 09:40:00

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03/18/2018 09:06:38

Some say to find Your gift,
And then to give it away,
Not for acknowledgement and recognition,
But for how it might light the way.

Sometimes we discover beautiful things,
Beautiful things we love to share,
And sometimes others find fault with our actions,
Or they warn us to beware.

They bring things to our attention,
To make sure we don’t forget,
That everyone is contributing to this journey,
It’s not always about the rent You get.

Sometimes the things we do here,
Are in no way meant to harm,
But others might like to focus on the negative,
There are traps between life’s charms.

Mirrors try to show us,
Of things to be more aware,
To determine how we walk our path,
Whether we take or whether we share.

To be open to listen to people,
Is to open to learn or release,
To find the strength to walk away from,
Abuse which causes grief.

If You do Your best,
Along this crooked earth walk,
To honor others as You can,
Then good ripples never stop.

 photo gFP34DK5VWgLTW6I6Lnr1rIkkY5q4a1qXpgYBk2AETiEfBrZL2Tg7aba3YfYZEpW_zpsozdpxsqf.jpg

03/18/2018 08:57:09

Szép délutánt,  kellemes pihenést kívánok szeretettel! Nisike







03/18/2018 08:50:19

Good morning..

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03/18/2018 08:42:53


Hi my Awesome friend, hope ur holiday weekend Rocked!!! have a Fantastic sunny day hugs kisses Mvp:)

Good morning, have a sweeter smile

sending my love :)

Awesome Happy Friendship day hd background with dogs

Use the wings of the flying Universe, Dream with open eyes; See in darkness."

Don't judge me by my past

in a world of words, anything is possible...

3d Great quote image

Life means chasing your dreams!"

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03/18/2018 08:36:31

03/18/2018 08:02:46

fairy taking shower in waterfall

Fantasy graphics @ crystalscomments.com

woke up to a blanket of snow hope its warmer where you are my dear friend

03/18/2018 07:46:56

Bet you want some bubble gum now :))

03/18/2018 06:56:53

Excelent Sunday for you dear friend!!
I wish you the best with love and peace!!
Affectionate greetings and blessings!!

03/18/2018 05:33:58

03/18/2018 05:15:43

"A smile is the light in your window that tells others
that there is a caring,sharing person inside."
"Denis Waitley"

Good Morning To You My Dear Sweet Friend.Thank
You For Stopping By.Enjoy Your Sunday.
Warm Smiles,Iris

03/18/2018 04:55:41

03/18/2018 04:34:03

03/18/2018 04:23:36

03/18/2018 04:10:23

03/18/2018 03:16:57

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Guten morgen und einen gemütlichen Sonntag!

Der Fühling hat uns leider noch nicht erreicht...

Immer noch winterliche grüße von Christine.

03/18/2018 02:43:28

Hugs, beijo Ildikó

03/18/2018 02:32:15

Hugs, beijo Ildikó

03/18/2018 00:41:28

I am so pleased that I have a friend like you and today I am here to wish you a relaxing Sunday and may this your day goes smoothly.

03/18/2018 00:38:32


03/18/2018 00:23:06

Have a lovely Sunday!

03/17/2018 23:11:45

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Nuff said!  Peeps...I'm out of here!  Good night and have a crazy tomorrow!  hugs, Waylon  :)

03/17/2018 22:30:13

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