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01/18/2018 01:24:06


Hugs and Kiss Ildikó

01/17/2018 23:53:12

Have a nice Thursday!

01/17/2018 22:23:30

wishing you a wonderful evening full of happiness love and joy may you always be happy warm hugs all my love always 



01/17/2018 22:18:35








01/17/2018 19:25:12

I hope you've been practicing, because once again it's time to see if you can
Click below & find out
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01/17/2018 19:00:05

 photo carlos.jpg

 photo nyx_by_carlos_quevedo-dbwzhrf.jpg

 photo saga_by_carlos_quevedo-dbr5q1n.jpg



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01/17/2018 18:56:58

Evening,  its  still  snowing  here  lightly  now., so  glad  my  son  cleaned off the  rav and  shoveled  the  walkway etc,

haven't  had  dinner  yet, may  get  chinese food., 

the  weather  in  the  30's  so  a  lot  of  snow  will  melt., makes me  happy.,  didn't  do  much  today

was going  to  watch  the movie  the  POST  will  do it tomorrow  or  Friday., Hope your  day  was better , stay  warm and  enjoy  your  evening.,  

01/17/2018 18:48:24

01/17/2018 17:50:45

 good night,

Thursday Animated

Thursday | Forward this Image

01/17/2018 17:17:07



You hold a special place in my heart,

I hope you feel the same way about me!


Love always, Annette, "That's All!"

ANNETTE HANSHAW: acc. by Phil Napoleon, t / Charlie Butterfield, tb /
Jimmy Dorsey, cl, as / Irving Brodsky, p / Dick McDonough, g / Joe
Tarto, sb / Stan King, d. New York. October 18, 1929.

Annette Hanshaw - If I Can't Have You



01/17/2018 17:11:40

The Meaning of a Hawk Sighting

 The Meaing of a Hawk Sighting

Spread Your Wings and Expand Your Consciousness

When you have a hawk sighting, it’s a sign from the spirit realm that you are ready to take on a larger, more powerful expansion and vision of your world. The hawk symbolizes a need to start looking forward, envisioning your path ahead, and perhaps even preparing for a greater role in life. You could end up leading a group or church, becoming a parent or just finding a wider audience for your talents, gifts, and ideas. A hawk sighting is a direct message from the angels and the Great Spirit that the time has come to spread your wings, to fly higher, and to expand your vision.
What does the hawk know that you don’t?
In the physical world, hawks have incredible eyesight, and because of that they have an association, in a spiritual sense, with clairvoyance, meaning “to see.” When a hawk comes into your life, it’s telling you to trust your instincts and your intuition, and let them lead you to the next step in line with your path. Note, the hawk will not lead you on a path that is not yours to follow. They are simply here to show you that it’s time to expand your own road and make greater that which already exists within you. Having trust in your higher self will lead you to greater freedom of mind, body, and soul.
The Hawk, Astrology, and the Ancients
Ancient Greeks often associated the hawk with the planet Jupiter which makes total sense to anyone who follows astrology since Jupiter is the planet of expansion and it enhances every part of life that it touches. It would be interesting to see where Jupiter is currently in your life. For instance, if it’s in your tenth house then it’s a wonderful time to grow your career. However, if Jupiter is in your second house, you may see growth in your money and possessions.
In Native American astrology, March 21 through April 19 signifies the sign of the red-tailed hawk. People born under the sign of the hawk are visionaries. They are also goal-driven problem solvers. For many Native American tribes, the hawk is the Guardian of the Earth.
Horus, the ancient Egyptian “Sky God” held hawks as sacred, and the Egyptians believed that when someone died, their soul left their body incarnated as a hawk.
When the ancient Celts were hunting and they had a hawk sighting, it was a significant sign that the group should become more aware of their immediate surroundings. The hawk was a symbol representing life or death, and certainly, whether a hunt was successful or not could be a matter of life or death for any group.
The Hawk as a Spirit Animal
If the Hawk is your spirit animal, you are very decisive. You are also quite aware of the changes you need to make in your life in order to move forward. The hawk is clear of mind, focused, and he never harbors doubt. If you have a hawk mind and you sense that there are psychic vampires (people who are trying to rob you of your energy or keep you from your purpose), you will quickly recognize them. You will set clear boundaries or cut them from your life altogether. The hawk energy is swift, protective, and self-protective.
Caring and Steadfast
Hawks hunt in groups and they mate for life. As an expansion of the thought of eliminating those psychic vampires, the hawk surrounds himself with those he can trust—in love, life, and the hunt. When you have a hawk sighting, it means you should take a look at those you call your family (or soul family). If you are fortunate and wise, you have chosen your friends well. You also know you can trust them in times of bounty and in times of want. Hopefully, you are equally as caring and steadfast.
Seeing the Big Picture
You can call upon the hawk’s clarity to help you when you are feeling “stuck.” The hawk can help you when you feel like something’s missing. Often the answers we seek are right before us. However, life can get in the way. This may cause us to overlook even the most obvious next steps. The hawk’s focus can help us to not only see the bigger picture, but it can also reveal the clearest path ahead.
The Hawk in Dreams
Since hawk energy is so direct, it’s easy to receive messages from Spirit through the dream world. When you have a hawk sighting even while dreaming, put your focus on whatever the hawk is focusing on. When you wake up you will have a clear vision of what it is you need to concentrate on. It will most likely be something that

  ... Stay safe and warm... Sending Creator Blessings.. With Honor , Love and Respect Always...Wandering Deer... Carol Anne...

White Horse Monument

http://mhs.mb.ca/docs/pageant/03/whitehorseplain.shtml     The Legend of the White Horse Plain

  Amazing Extraterrestrial Links to Native American Culture  

01/17/2018 16:56:00

01/17/2018 16:44:44

beautiful photo beautiful.jpg
TIGERS photo WhiteTiger-ShowinLove.gif
 photo 6a4a959b12a9d60d6f82b5fb019d3c74_zpsp1isqhrv.jpg

01/17/2018 16:44:09


01/17/2018 16:35:21

Related image

Image result for smart sassy and classy pics

Image result for smart sassy and classy pics

01/17/2018 16:28:14

01/17/2018 16:16:32

Thank you dear friend. Wishiang you a wonderful day ahead. with Hugs and Blessings. Trudy

01/17/2018 16:10:53

 photo 179glkqvxaq_zps3kuznaqs.gif

 photo 3WEDNESDAY_zpssglfzwgi.gif

Enjoy Your Evening with Open heart Because this Particular Moment May Not come again. Share love and Show Care to those that Matters. Have a Good Night Dear Friend. Smiles & Prayers. "Chatty" Patty

 photo 179glkqvxaq_zps3kuznaqs.gif

01/17/2018 16:06:19

Glück ist....
mit allen Sinnen zu leben.
Sich selbst etwas zu gönnen.
Nicht immer perfekt sein zu müssen,
mit und für andere Menschen zu leben.
Ein Zuhause zu haben,
wo man sich geborgen fühlt.
Die Balance zwischen Spannung
und Entspannung zu finden!!!
ೋღ❤ ღೋ ೋღ❤ ღೋ

Mit diesen Gedanken wünsche ich dir eine gute Nacht,
herzlichst Hertha 

01/17/2018 15:52:39

Sending my L O V E

01/17/2018 15:10:12

Knowing others is wisdom, 

knowing yourself is Enlightenment.

~ Lao Tzu ~

01/17/2018 15:05:51

Ahh,the Myspace day's..this group I was in was a Blast

 Have a Great Hump Day 

01/17/2018 14:59:50

01/17/2018 13:59:41


Wishing you lovely day

01/17/2018 13:36:51

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