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08/22/2017 11:25:58


08/22/2017 10:54:20
beautiful simle beautiful have a great week

08/22/2017 10:52:02
On parle d'amitié virtuelle we talk about virtual friendship mais n'est telle pas réelle but is not this real? facilement, on peut s'exprimer easily, we can express par les touches de notre clavier... by our keyboard keys ... partager une immense joie share immense joy ou notre envie de pleurer or we want to cry un simple mot par le clavier a single word from the keyboard et nous voila, nous sommes là and here we are, we are here c'est plus que du virtuel this is more than the virtual c'est tout simplement naturel, It is only natural, cette amitié qui nous lie this friendship that binds us et un cadeau de la vie... and a gift of life ...merci pour cette belle amitié thank you for this beautiful friendship qui est la notre, that is ours, merci d'être là thank you for being there l'amie est celle qui comprend the friend is the one that includes sans avoir besoin de paroles without the need for words, d'un seul regard ou un mot elle nous console with a single glance or a word it comforts us aleur et the friend is warm and light elle est la flamme et le flambeau it is the flame and the torch la source qui devient rivière the source becomes river passe un bon dimanche bisou have a wonderful Tuesday ...



08/22/2017 10:46:34
have a great week! hugs

08/22/2017 10:44:18

Thanks Angel for that beautiful song. Brought tears to my eyes.

08/22/2017 10:42:04

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Image and video hosting by TinyPic
With Love Nicky

08/22/2017 10:41:58


Have a good day... Stay safe... Angel blessings and Love...




 No test...no testimony. You can not make lemonade with sugar alone...you must have some sour lemons. You can not learn good horsemanship by riding a tame horse.... The harder the battle, the sweeter the victory.
Regardless of what happens to you, never say you are having a bad day...say you are having a character building day. All the things that you are going through are building your character. You are being shaped and designed for your greatness. You have something special! You have GREATNESS within you!!~Les Brown


A big-hearted soul does not sentence others on the basis of a single act, but appreciates others through understanding their entire journey.




After his father’s death, the Son decided to leave his mother at old age home and visited her on and off.
Once he received a call from old age home….Mom very serious ….. please come to visit.
Son went and saw mom very critical, on her dying bed.
He asked: Mom what can I do for you.
Mom replied… “Please install fans in the old age home, there are none…. Also put a fridge for betterment of food because many times I slept without food”.
Son was surprised and asked: mom, while you were here you never complained, now you have few hours left and you are telling me all this, why?
Mom replied…..”it’s OK dear, I’ve managed with the heat, hunger & pain, but when your children will send you here, I am afraid you will not be able to manage
Truth no 1 :
nobody is real in this world except Mother..
Truth no. 2 :
a poor person has no friends..
Truth no. 3 :
people do not like good thoughts they like good looks..
Truth no 4 :
people respect the money not the person..
Truth no 5 :
the person you love the most, will hurt you the most !
Truth no 6 :
“Truth is Simple, But, The Moment YOU try to Explain it…
It Becomes Difficult”
Truth no 7 :
“When you are happy you enjoy the music”, but
“when you are sad, you understand the lyrics”.
Truth no 8 :
IN LIFE Two things define you-
“Your patience” when you have nothing…
“Your attitude” when you have everything…
Rightly said “The internet shows us how small the world is…but a missing plane shows, how big our planet is..”

08/22/2017 10:12:10

08/22/2017 10:05:50

08/22/2017 09:52:44

08/22/2017 09:50:20






08/22/2017 08:56:17
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08/22/2017 08:47:58

go to  lab  today,,and doctor on  wednesday..

Wishing you a beautiful Tuesday

08/22/2017 08:38:23

I hope your week is being good
to You! Take care and keep Smiling!

08/22/2017 08:15:06

Happy Tuesday!

08/22/2017 08:10:01

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08/22/2017 07:55:46

08/22/2017 07:45:27

08/22/2017 07:35:05

08/22/2017 07:34:46

Image result for aunty acid pics and quotes

Image result for aunty acid pics and quotes

Image result for aunty acid pics and quotes

Image result for aunty acid pics and quotes

Image result for aunty acid pics and quotes

Hope one of these..

Tickle ur Tuesday!!

08/22/2017 07:04:27

08/22/2017 06:53:36

Good Morning Sweet One.Thank You For My Warm

Greetings.Have Yourself A Terrific Tuesday.

Warm Thoughts,Iris

08/22/2017 06:45:36

Image result for tuesday

08/22/2017 05:42:48

Excellent tuesday for you dear friend!!
I wish you the best with love and peace!!
Affectionate greetings and blessings!!

08/22/2017 04:47:37

Hebergeur d'image

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