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Caed mile Failte*~Love to hear your poetry.and about your life.

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I.love old movies.and my favourite is "Casablanca.*play it again Sam..*love also...*Brief Encounter.*the emotions are understated,but Deep!
and *Pirates of the Carribean.~~~~.
or that maybe Johnny.Depp..he was good in "Chocolat",,too!and as James Barrie[author of Peter Pan.I enjoyed the movie ."A beautiful Mind..*and.*Rainman,*Dustin Hoffman.
"Charlie & the chocolate Factory."and
..are fun
I like autobiographies..Dustin Hoffman..in "Rainman*
and Musicals..*Phantom of the opera*
.*Moulin Rouge*.I saw 4 times..:)

have a song in your heart...~~~~~
words] ~~ ..*Her eyes ,they shone like Diamonds..
.I called her the Queen of the Land..! Her Hair hung.over,,her shoulders...Tied .up with a Black.Velvet..Band..!**~~~~~~~~ ..Have you got Music.in your Soul.. Music.is to listen..and to dance to.from Paul Simon ,,.Sinatra..Phil Collins..Elvis.:)..Whitney Huston.Dionne Warwick..Chris de Burgh..Adele..Amy Winehouse.Neil young[Harvest Moon..:)]Michael Buble-------.Elton John.=*Candle in the Wind*that,s a song.that.can only bring a tear ...to your Eye....Nora Jones.."Fields of gold" a most beautiful.song.~by Eva Cassidy.............~.Annie Lennox.Ronan Keating~"The Touch of your Hand".~.Bono..U2..Rumer.[english girl singer~ Gerry Rafferty. [Baker street]and many more.. ~~~The Beatles.~~~.John Lennons *Woman*.and *Imagine* ~-Pauls *Hey Jude*-- ~~~~Irish folk Music..we celebrate..Music.Harp playing.Drum[Bodhran]the Fiddle[violin].Tin whistle.flute..and singing..Christie Moore
Jazz~the late Dave Brubeck....
~Roberta Flack.s beautiful song,,."The first Time-ever I saw your Face***..".-----Adele.."Make you feel my Love*.is a wonderful song..ed sheeran,,,"Castle in air"
Classical guitar..John williams
Piano.some beautiful Beethoven ..can move me to Tears
..[too much music to mention it all...]*Dance the night away,,* with the MAvericks ,,x,x!

I love many Romantic and Classic.I.read, Nelson Mandela s autobiography;*now reading Johnny Depps story...interesting[well for Girls..:)]..
Poets.that I enjoy..are,,.Keats .Oscar,Wild.Tennyson..Shakespeare,sonnets,,.Emily Dickenson..Gibran..Pablo Neruda,Rumi..maya angelou
.~~Maeve Binchy!touch of Irish stories
James Joyce.~~..*The Hobbitt*.Tolkien has an amazing imagination...~~~~Robert Frost poet
.Funny Travel books,by Bill Bryson
Many more books,I would ,love to hear..who your favourite Authors are...

I love,,Music,& dance, I.m interested in ..People.and.like to know what makes you Tick..
I like to take. photos,and.to.travel when I can afford it..
sailing.with friends,,,,singing,,*a sunday kind of LOve* with,, by ETTE james,,, in summer.
Drinking a chilled white wine..on a Summers evening...
I like Antiques..old clocks..finding .*Treasures,,,!
Eating..Chocolate......[just ..Eating..food,,]........walking on the Dewy grass..with bare feet...

.Love comes gently..like a Butterfly
on your shoulder....*
,a Womans
A Womans Love is
not only
in the *Kisses...she gives,,
but in the sacrifices..she makes
and ..the moments
given to you alone
A womans worth
is not only
in the
things she does..but
who she truly is
and who she helps you
become ..**

to revisit,SANTORini..on the beautiful greek ISlands..a Dreamy places and Sorrento..been by boat ..along the beautiful Rhine. despite some floods..it was very Scenic..loved the country.and the town of COlogne..[koln] a twin spire cathedral,there..
to return to
..also.I loved..,greek islands...
and beautiful

Sorrento..in Italy ,,and the AMalfi coast..
in summer to visit,Asti north Italy taste the local wine :)
..*LIfe is not about ..surviving the STorm...but about Dancing in the Rain..*[kahlil GIBRAN]

I like people who make me laugh
and people who have time to listen...and care...............Music and Dancing..make life.more wonderful and the countryside.flowers and animals..give colour and warmth..to life..
,,,I might cook for you..if you smile nicely.;)bring the Wine ..:)
...We celebrate.Food and Drink.in Ireland
~~*What do you get if you Kiss* an Irish Girl..three times...*?....
dance on ST Patricks Day,,^May your Blessings,,Outnumber...
The SHAMRocks,,you ,Grow,
May Trouble avoid you
WHerever you,Go,""!

a sense of humour..shared passion..
Dancing..slowly,in the dark,..or on the moonlit beach...
Laughing..eyes.and....PAncakes.for breakfast!!
~~the perfume of Flowers after Rain.~~
a walk on the beach at sunset,with a glass,,.:).how lovely..everything looks then,,
and walking in the soft Dewy grass...with bare feet..in Summer ........... .time..*[POEM}
,,Another month.another year
Another Smile another..tear
..Another..Summer ..too
But..there will
never be another you..

I do not like people who are unkind, or ,Arrogant.or..Bullies
or Judgemental people

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Sending Hugs and Happiness 

My Friend 

Love All~Ways 


06/19/2018 16:17:25

Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement. Nothing
can be done without hope and confidence.~ Helen Keller ~
Well hope this finds you having a good week and everythings going
your way! I miss being here! I think i'm on the mend now i finally
slept all nite! Take care and Share the Smiles! Smiles an Hugs to

06/19/2018 15:47:15



I just LOVE this song.

May I tuck you in?

That would be nice, wouldn't it?

If I could only  let you know , how important you are to me...


Love always, and forever, Annette, "That's All!

Japanese Sandman," was recorded March 1928, in New York City, on the
Pathe and Perfect labels. Annette, provides a short vocal refrain for
Willard Robison's Deep River Orchestra. Annette loved, working with
Robison, and it comes through in this song as well as 3 other Robison
uploads-"Smiles," "Speedy Boy," and "Ain't No Man Worth the Salt of My
Annette, had been providing the vocal refrains for many of Pathe and
Columbia's dance bands since they didn't have girl singers until 1932
when Paul Whiteman hired Mildred Bailey, and her success paved the way
for many "Big Band Gals" to follow. In all, Annette made 24 sides as a
dance band singer starting with the Original Memphis 5 in 1927, then Lou
Gold, Ben Selvin, Sam Lanin, Frank Ferera and the Instrumental Stars
(Eddie Lang, Adrian Rollini, Vic Berton and Joe Venuti). She especially
loved working with Eddie Lang, whom she called a great musician and a
great gentleman. She hated working with Ferera, whom she called a
"bottom pincher". For orchestras that recorded on the Columbia label
and its sub labels, Annette acted as the "girl singer," which was a must

for every reputable orchestra in the late 20s and 30s. She was never a
girl singer outside the studio, although any big band leader would have
given their "right arm," to have had her in their band.
Annette was a much sought after radio personality. In addition to the
show mentioned in the film, she appeared for Coca Cola, Chevrolet,
Drug Stores, Norge Appliances, and De Soto Automobiles. Annette was
voted the top female singer in a poll by Radioland Magazine in 1934,
ahead of Ethel Shutta, Kate Smith, and Ruth Etting. Bing Crosby was
voted the top male singer.

Annette Hanshaw ~ 1928 ~ The Japanese Sandman ~ Willard Robison's Deep River Orchestra




06/19/2018 15:42:43

Sending Tuesday love..........

06/19/2018 15:07:33

Beating Much Love from my Heart to Yours my Dear Friend...♥♥

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