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69 years old
Tacoma, Washington
United States
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Just about anything about or in New Orleans, classics of my era; 2001, 2010, 1984, Farenheit 451, and so many more recent ones that I'll have to list later.

Jimi, Jim, Joan, Joni, Fab 4- and individually,
Jethro Tull, CSN&Y, Elton w/Bernie, Leonard Cohen, Leon Redbone, Diamonda Galas, Christian Death, Robert Johnson, Big Al, and hundreds more.

Blavatsky, all Joseph Campbell, Uncle Al,
Books of the Dead, A People's History of the United States and other assorted Howard Zinn,
alot of obscure writers and writings, alot of political, both current and historical, some fiction such as thrillers, whodunits, historical biography.

Art creation, political activism (or is that a lifestyle?), photography, fishin', and reading just about anything/everything.

I'm an individual who speaks her mind, faces life with optimism and passion, and doesn't worry about who approves. I'm a progressive liberal,
I believe in giving, recognise that each individual carries divine energy within, and work at identifying with that in everyone. I have 3 grown sons and more than a few extra children I've loved and accepted along the way, 4 grandbabies and look to be getting 2 more ready- made soon. I absolutely love the great northwest, my birthplace, and contribute toward the retention of the still wild parts thereof. I love my country and take seriously my obligation to dissent.

Intelligence, awareness, uniqueness, grandchildren, friendship with the grown kids, active contribution to positive change in this country and the world at large, seeing outside the box, getting back to the earth and Her needs,
reading, going to the movies, the arts, good old rock and roll, jazz, blues, folk, quantum physics,
rain, bodies of water, forests, pitbulls and other 4 legged people, body art, friends, fire, fresh air, and my husband.

Bigotry, judgementalism, arrogance, greed, zealotry, extremism, hummers, fashion dictators, dictators in general, fascists, fox, and this administration.

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