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You have to believe in something or you will fall for anything.

mem_normal2 OFFLINE
78 years old
Keene, New Hampshire
United States
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For movies I love drama, thrillers, etc.
On TV I like Hallmark movies, House, American Idol, Survivor and the list goes on.

I love most music, just not hard rock. What a sad and quiet world this would be without music.

Non-fiction, love fiction, Indian fiction, and non-fiction and some history.

I spend a great deal of time on my computer talking to my friends and playing games.

I can also be found on facebook, Reachout and Touch.com, and notoverthehill.com

I have never lived out of the State of New Hampshire. I was raised in the quiet country of Richmond NH, and now live in a small cummunity of Keene NH, where most of my family live or around in the surrounding towns. I love the quiet life and Keene offers that. I am an ocean lover, so traveling to the beaches of Maine for vacations is something that I do as often as I can.
I once went to New York City, and was awe struck by the busy and beautiful city, but would not like to live there.

I am a married woman of thirty four years (February 18th),(finally after two failed marriages.) I have three grown children. Two daughters and one son, eight grandchildren and one great-granddaughter. All of which are the love of my life.

I recently lost both of my parents, which were almost married for seventy years. I was truly Blessed to have them in my life for as long as I did, and I still miss and love them both very much.

I love life! My husband Bernie, my family, the ocean, horses, boating, swimming,camping, walking, dancing and traveling to different places, like the long rides on old back roads with my husband, and Oh Yes, I still love Elvis Presley.

Hey, if I treat everyone the same, then I can't treat anyone special!

I do not like unruly, arrogant people and will avoid them at all cost.

Non-corresponders, after a period of time you will be deleted. Sorry

Please, please, no snakes, I have a terrible, terrible fear of snakes!!! Thank You.

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