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62 years old
in the middle of, Illinois
United States
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Anchorman, Man on Fire, Lord of the Rings, Underworld, Platoon, Land of the Lost, Along Came Polly, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, The Green Mile, Liar-Liar, Resident Evil, The Long Kiss Goodnight, Alien vs Predator, Silence of the Lambs, Planes-Trains and Automobiles, Shawshank Redemption, A Time To Kill, Sahara, Naked Gun series, Die Hard series, Leathal Weapon series, Blues Brothers, Castaway, Quigley Down Under, Pandorum, Defiance... and on and on... ;)

Sometimes I collect friend invitations from strangers who won't email me first and simply assume I'll accept! LOL

03/27/11 Some of you were wondering if anyone would create a new poll, weren'tcha??
12/09/10 Would you like it if Boomer Place used a stairstep blog format?
11/17/10 Will MySpace Designers Pull Their Heads Out of Their Butts, Or Choose to Die First?

A renegade escapee of MySpace. I may be borderline old, but I act young. Leave your Depends at the door please, you cranky ol' boomer critters, you! LOL

Fun folks. Insightful people. Goofy people. Crafty people. Philosophical and Spiritual people. Wisdom. Humor. Music. A woman wearing a tool belt-- (who likes men). People who tell it like it is, and will readily suggest how it should be. Guts. Honor. A personal code to live by.

Friend Invitations from Perfect Strangers without any sort of message to go along with it. Progressives. Entitlement Mentality. Teacher's Unions. The long lost lettuce in the back of my fridge that turned to brown water. People severely lacking in common sense. The stink when stepping on a bunch of those imported Asian ladybugs.

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