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STOCKHOLM- Venice of the North
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❤️❤♥ Welcome to my "MAGIC WORLD ♥❤️❤



ৡৣ❤️ৡৣৡৣ❤️ৡৣ WELCOME TO MY Fantasy World..wonderland.ৡৣ❤️ৡৣৡৣ❤️ৡৣ



ৡৣ❤️ৡৣৡৣ❤️ৡৣ ❤️ৡৣ ❤️ৡৣ 💕ৡৣ❤️ৡৣৡৣ❤️ৡৣ ❤️ৡৣ ❤️ৡৣ 💕

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Love is magic

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Lubię zaToba tęsknić zabiorę Cię w mój sen
oplotę ciałem,zaczaruję,

w Twój oddech szepnę magi zaklęcie
¨będę wołac Twe imię aż mnie gwiazdy usłyszą,

wiatr śle Ci moją tęsknotę,
Ściągnełam na Świadka zorzę północy
by rozkosz naszą zapisała

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The happiest people in the world are not those who have no problems,
but those who learn to live,
with things that are less than perfectIn this picture,
just look at their condition..
no place to sleep, still they have made some space.
for the cat and the dog...
water poring from the roof but still each one of them have
a peaceful smile on their face
Simply amazing! Therefore:.

.Success is not the key to happiness!
,Happiness is the key to success.!

I'm Happy

─═◈ৡ💘🌛 💘ৡ◈═─🍁 ─═◈ৡ💘🌛 💘ৡ◈═─🍁

─═◈ৡ💘🌛 💘ৡ◈═─🍁 ─═◈ৡ💘🌛 💘ৡ◈═─🍁

Świat należy do ludzi, którzy mają odwagę marzyć i ryzykować,
aby spełniać swoje marzenia
I starają się robić to jak najlepiej-I'm Happy
I'm Happy

Greetings from Sweden

The V i k i n g s
༺🐧༺🎅༻Realities of the Scandinavian Warriors༺🐧༺🎅༻

Welcome to the United States of Scandinavia


♣ ♣ S T O C K H O L M ♣ ♣
♥ ♥ The amazing story of the Ship Vasa ♥ ♥

It is today one of the main popular attractions of Stockholm.
Is the only seventeenth-century ship in the world,
in all maintained that survives to this day completely preserved
Construction was completed in 1627,the beautiful weather,
the royal warship Vasa was to embark on its maiden voyage
- the expedition against Poland[
However, after passing only 1300m
from the ship fell under the influence of strong winds

and went
to the bottom of Stockholm harbor.
333 years later,låg på botten av Östersjön

in 1961, were complicated galleon mining operation.
Placed in a specially built museum
,Museum can take a fascinating journey back in time and find themselves
in reality the seventeenth century.
Old wreck draws in 100 million every,Year visitors

🌟 ⋟✽⋞╰⋟✽«⋞╰⋟✽⋞╰⋟✽«⋞╰⋟✽⋞ 🌟

♥ Kings Guard-SVEDEN ♥
Not only is Stockholm a beautiful city to look at,
it is also clean,really organized,funky and stylish.
The people are gorgeous and really know how to enjoy life.¸✽¸
♥The Height of King Carl Gustaf and Queen Silvia♥

and their children,

♥ Royal Wedding of Victoria,
Crown Princess of Sweden,
and Daniel Westling♥22.06.10Marriage
of Crown Princess Victoria
and Daniel,
was your personal trainer a major event in Europe.
♥ Crown Princess Victoria, the Future ♥
❤️❤ Queen of Sweden!❤️❤

🌟 ⋟✽⋞╰⋟✽«⋞╰⋟✽⋞╰⋟✽«⋞╰⋟✽⋞ 🌟

🌟 ⋟✽⋞╰⋟✽«⋞╰⋟✽⋞╰⋟✽«⋞╰⋟✽⋞ 🌟
The Golden Hall,
dubbed the mosaics decorating the ceiling made ​​of more than
18 million gold particles and small
pieces of stained glassin the Golden Hall
is the annual
prom Nobel Prize winners/10 DECEMBER/

Every year, on 10 december, the Nobel Banquet at the City Hall.
It shows the parts of the history of Sweden

༺🎅༻༺🐧༻🎄LIFE IS WONDERFUL ༺🐧༺🎅༻༺🐧༻🎄


🌟 ༺🐧༻🎄༺🎅༻🎄༺🐧༻🌟



༺🎅༻I LOVE a beautiful Swedish country side༺🎅༻

🌟 ༺🐧༻🎄༺🎅༻🎄༺🐧༻🌟


🌟 ༺🐧༻🎄༺🎅༻🎄༺🐧༻🌟

♥༺🎅༻ ♥ Life is Great in the Winter Scenery ♥༺🎅༻ ♥

🌟 ༺🐧༻🎄༺🎅༻🎄༺🐧༻🌟



🌟 ⋟✽⋞╰⋟✽«⋞╰⋟✽⋞╰⋟✽«⋞╰⋟✽⋞ 🌟
♥❤♥Here is an island just outside Sandhamn,♥❤♥
🌟♥Nordens Venedig♥Wonderful♥🌟

🌟 ⋟✽⋞╰⋟✽«⋞╰⋟✽⋞╰⋟✽«⋞╰⋟✽⋞ 🌟

[i]Sweden is the third largest country in western Europe
has majestic mountains and glaciers, .
interspersed by small idyllic villages
and vibrant cities such as the capital,

S t o c k h o l m.

N o r t h e r n-♥-E U R O P E
🌟 ⋟✽⋞╰⋟✽«⋞╰⋟✽⋞╰⋟✽«⋞╰⋟✽⋞ 🌟
MY HOUSE⋞╰⋟✽«⋞╰⋟✽⋞ 🌟


North of the Arctic Circle in S W E D E N,.



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