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Your beautiful little smile
will be missed,
It was here for just a little while
Caylee you are ok,
you in a safe place
~© 2008 by shyloh

'The Dark Knight Rises'

Colorado Theater Shooter

AURORA, CO - JULY 20: The Century 16 movie theater is seen where a gunmen attacked movie goers during an early morning screening of the new Batman movie, "The Dark Knight Rises" July 20, 2012 in Aurora, Colorado. According to reports, over 10 people have been killed and over 30 injured. Police have the suspect, twenty-four year old James Holmes of North Aurora, in custody

Madeleine McCann

Nearly five years have come and gone since Madeleine McCann vanished in Portugal. It was May 3, 2007 when Madeleine’s parents say their daughter was taken from the resort of Praia da Luz. From the evidence in the room, it appears Madeleine was abducted. This week an aged enhanced photo was released on the Find Madeleine website of what she may look like today. If you have any information on this case, please contact: 0800 0906 1011 (in the UK free call) or +44(0)202 158 0126 (non-UK free call)

Gabriel Johnson

In December 2010, a recording was released by Tempe police where Elizabeth Johnson allegedly told Mr McQueary that she smothered the boy, stuffed his body in a diaper bag and threw it into a dumpster.
Mr McQueary allegedly told police that he recorded the phone call.
On the tape, a voice thought to be Johnson's tells Mr McQueary that she 'saw his Facebook page' and was angry that he had been talking to other women.
She says: 'You left me with no choice. You'd be surprised what a person will do if you push them enough.'
She adds: 'You made me kill my baby boy. I suffocated him, he turned blue and that's when I put him in his diaper bag and put him in the trash can.'

Trenton Duckett

It is a hauntingly familiar scene - the mother of a young child on television, pleading for help in finding her missing child. Suspicious fingers quickly point to the estranged husband and father of the young boy. Then a major twist in the case - something no one expected - other than possibly the police as they began to narrow their suspicions.
A Mother's Call for Help
On August 27, 2006 two-year-old Trenton Duckett was reported missing by his 21-year-old mother, Melinda Duckett. According to Duckett, she put her son to bed and was watching movies in the other room with friends. Around 9 p.m., she went to check on her young son and found that Trenton Duckett was gone.

Kyron Horman

Kyron Horman and his stepmother, Terri Moulton Horman, went to Skyline School in rural northwest Multnomah County on the morning of June 4.
He showed off his science project on the red-eyed tree frog. Terri Horman snapped his smiling picture.
That afternoon, he didn’t get off the school bus and was reported missing.
A massive search — the largest in Oregon history — for the 7-year-old boy ended quietly June 13 with searchers unable to uncover any sign of the second-grader. The case — centered on locating a missing child — turned to a criminal investigation.

Zahra Baker
Murdered and dismembered,
Possible by family

Somer Thompson
Raped and Murdered,
by Jarred Harrell

Kyron Horman
Missing, or Murdered by
Step Mom Terri

Robert Manwill

Sandra Cantu
Raped and Murdered,
by Sunday school teacher

Adji Desir
Missing, abducted by

Haleigh Cummings
Missing,Or Murdered by
family, Step mommy

Susan Powell on Dec. 7, 2009
went Missing or Murdered by Husband
Josh Powell Also on Feb. 5,2012 Josh
took his own life and his two sons

David Hartly
Missing or Murdered on Mexico side?
Only wife knows

Natalie and Chase DeBlase
Murdered, Bizarre Torture,
father and girlfriend arrested

Emma Thompson
Abused and Murdered
Mother tried to super-glue her
skull back together.

Jonathan Foster
Murdered by a stranger
in his own home.

Hailey Dunn Missing
No clue as to where she is

Michael Jackson, Was
Murdered by Dr.Conrad Murray?

Tori Stafford was raped and murdered by
Michael Rafferty while Terri-Lynne McClintic
Looked on. And she did nothing.

Isabel Mercedes Celis'
Parents said she was abducted
from her bedroom through
an open window

Sierra Lamar, went missing
on her way to catch the bus
for school. Antolin Garcia-Torres
is in custody for her murder.

Trayvon Martin shot and killed
by George Zemmerman. Was
it a "stand your ground" defense?

Mickey Shunik disappeared after heading
out on a late night bicycle ride after
hanging out with friends. She was on her
way home.

My name is Caylee Marie Anthony, I turned 3 years old on August 9th. I love green beans, eating corn with my hands, iced animal crackers and an apple juice would be a great snack after playing outdoors with my two little dogs. I like Sponge Bob Square Pants and my favorite book is 'Supper Time Freida Fuzzy Paws.' If you could not guess, I love purple and pink butterflies, and balloons!

A little body was found on December 11,2008.
On December 19,2008 the Autopsy that was done showed it was Caylee Marie Anthony.

Caylee was tossed out like trash, to be discovered by a meter reader (Roy Kronk.) only a few houses away from her home in a wooded area. Wrapped in a Winnie the Poo blanket and a toy horse. There was duct tape on her mouth with a heart sticker attached, she was placed in a laundry hamper and a garbage bag.Now her mother is on trial for her murder.

I am shyloh, creator of this site. I am an advocate for all the missing, abused and murdered. Not only children but adults as well. When their voice is silenced, mine will be heard.I have been seeking justice for Caylee Marie Anthony since 2008. Her mother is accused of her murder. Trial begins in May 2011.

People who abuse others Mostly children because they are the innocent one's. Those who abuse any animal. Those who are proud, and feel they are better than others.

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