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Franklin, Pennsylvania
United States
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My favorite all time move is "Duets" It's a movie about what? Karaoke of course!


My second favorite movie is The Notebook, all I want is a love like that!



My hero is a fictional character. His name is Don Juan de Marco, a man who's goal is to please women, but who's real desire was to please only one. That one is the one that broke his heart.... this is my favorite scene from the movie...

I love to sing and I sing country and some older rock, but I like a lot of different music as well.

My Kind Of Country

My favorite book is called "FIREFLY"


Hello, my name is Keith. I'm a 57 year old guy, that has had quite a life. I work as a caregiver in a large facility serving mentally challenged individuals. I'm a singer, a poet and a hopeless romantic. My life resembles a roller coaster with the lows and highs, traveling sometimes way too fast. My politics are liberal. I have two children and two step children. I have three grandchildren. I'm a Union Stewart and extremely labor oriented. I have a BA in Sociology and Psychology from Clarion University... and I write a lot of blogs on several sites....I'm a Myspace refugee. I'm married to Kathy Beal (Blondie) from South Bend, Indiana. And just looking forward to a great future...... This is my daughter Bobbie and my grandsons.


Bobbie is in prison. She was in the wrong place at the wrong time with the wrong guy. She is very depressed and is looking for people to correspond with. Her address is: Bobbie Jean Beal, #60414, A2 - 309B, PO Box 640, Leavittsburg, OH 44430. I know that cards and letters mean a lot to her so if you could, please send her a note. Thank You.

My Kathy is the center of my life, with everything else reaching out from that point. This is a flashshow of pictures since the beginning of our journey of love. If you wish to shut it off so you can check out the other videos, just right click on the flashshow and click the appropriate box...enjoy!

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