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77 years old
Mocksville, North Carolina
United States
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I do like sci-fi , adventure, suspence thriller and romantic movies.

Good question,. I love music, any sort of music, so long as it captures a moment or a feeling. I do have a special lady name, Judy Church that has captured my heart through her music.
At the moment, I am listening to Judy Church, The Celturian, Adele, Scouting for Girls, The Kooks, The Feeling, Newton Faulkner and the Honeymoons(Shame they've split)
and enjoying some classic Everything But The Girl (EDEN). I'd have to say Tracey Thorns voice is one of the best.I like a variey of music, the 80's being my favorite type of music. I also love listening to the 50's and 60's too. Generally I like most all types of music so am easy to please.
This is hard to list all in this small box. LOL! I just can't name them all! Music is special and makes you feel good and without it life would be terrible!!! HA!! Or it would be for me!!!!

I read autobiographies and the last book I read was about Shane Richie which was informative and fun to read. I like sports books and books about health related issues. Inspirational books, practical knowledge and technology books. I'm a variety reader and oculdn't name them all here.

Dining out, Fishing, Football, Swimming, Hiking, Walking, Surfing, Traveling, Beautiful Women with a great personality, What can I say - I'm honest here. I guess you can say, I'm a girl watcher! LOL! I'm in to the computer a little more and have found some wonderful friends.

I have a list of interests as long as my arm.
Where do I start, I Love my TRUCK!! I'm in to a wonderful relationship with Beth, my new girl. She's wonderful! Love good relationships, food, and good conversations with interesting people. I am a very Romantic Person, Love the Sea and Watching Sunsets, Dating, All kinds of sports, Exercise, Working out, My favorite place is outdoors! I'm very open-minded and non- judgemental. Love making new friends as I said before but most of all keeping the ones I already have!! I enjoy what life has to offer as long as it is in reason. I don't bite!! LOL!
{{{{ SMILE }}}}} I accept people for who they are and hope you can do the same with me. The saying goes "Never be ashamed of what makes you YOU." Well I'm not ashamed of who I am!

I've thrown caution to the wind, wanting to explore the Wilder side of life now before its too late I need to shift geers a bit. I'm in my Box pushing up the Daisies, LOL!! No! Kidding.. So I'm here For Fun and Friendship as life without Fun would be really boring wouldn't it? SO JUST LIVING FOR THE MOMENT RIGHT NOW AND TAKING EVERYDAY AS IT COMES.
I'm blessed knowing some Very Very Special people in my life
{You know who you are} *Laughs*
So Wherever you find yourself in my life either as a Friend or 'Otherwise' I hope it will remain that way and you don't have cause to leave it!

Light sexy perfume. Sense of humor. Good listening skills. Attractive and has style and class. Beautiful Smile and great personality. Proper voice tone.
Intellect. Very independent and knows what she wants. Confident, fun, strong, Upfront and communicate feelings/wants/needs clearly and directly. A person that is very into me! Appreciates what I contribute and is respectful of my feelings. Supportive.

Negativity is a big turn-off for me. High-maintenance- nothing is ever enough. needy, insecure, clingy, selfish- stingy with money, time,
sloppy, disorganized,won't express needs and feelings directly, Too much make-up turns me off and makes me wonder what are you trying to hide?

Reminder! PLEASE do not send NUDE comments! They will be deleted and you will be deleted next if this continues. Please RESPECT my small wish here on my page. Thank You! Ken

Thanks for the new adds and I look forward in getting to know you all soon. Busy more and life has ups and downs but all of you are special!! Luv, Ken

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