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59 years old
Valdese, North Carolina
United States
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Lots of favorite movies including Gone With The Wind, Gallipoli, Grease, hmm all G's .. All the Harry Potter series, 50 First Dates, Lord of The Rings Trilogy, Finding Nemo, Happy Feet, The Last Mohican (well it has gore and love, lol), Borat, Ice Age, Field Of Dreams and last but not least Rocky Horror Picture Show. Anything funny, musical or adventure without the blood and gore.. Oh Geez, I forgot some .. All the Pirates Of the Caribbean Series and A Beautiful Mind with Russell Crowe .. I like Pretty Women, I just can't name them all.

Right this minute I am listening to the new CD Garth Brooks. Actually too many variety of music that I listen to. I can appreciate good music as long as the lyrics is good and music tasteful. Joan Jett, Kinks, Fleetwood Mac, STONES rule ROLL over Beatles, Santana, Rob Thomas, Aerosmith, 3 Doors Down, Patty Smyth, Stevie MillerBand, Meatloaf, Queen, Barenaked Ladies, Five for Fighting, Journey, Steely Dan, I still love Michael Jackson! I have many gospel artist I like too and no more room in this box. LOL!

The Bible. I seem to love a good fantasy book where you can get lost in the characters, yet you couldnt pay me enough to read any Stephen King books. I completely refuse as they scare the life outta me .. I have every book that Anne Rice has written, and read them all including 'Christ The Lord - Out Of Egypt' which I read when I was in hospital for 2 weeks last year .. The Harry Potter series, J.R.R Tolkien's The Hobbit and Lord Of The Rings, Just recently finished Brian Wilson's autobiography 'Wouldn't It Be Nice' which is an eyeopener in the extreme sense of the word.. The last book I finished was 'My Steve' written by Terri Irwin about Steve Irwin .. what an inspirational man .. who died way too soon.. I love Dan Brown and have read 4.. Just finished his Deception Point.

I am always looking for new technology and software. I like to play puzzle games. If you focus on helping others achieve their goals and dreams, then you will fulfill your own in return. I always look for good friends which I guess you can say is a hobby. I love to cook and try new things. I should exercise more and do enjoy walking, traveling, bike riding occasionally. I do some flower gardening which is a pleasure to see when they are in full bloom.

I guess you can say I'm the crazy lady on the computer. I'm addicted at times but have many friends that inspire me. What else can I say? hmmmm
I also love to shop and sell on Ebay! Believe it or not, I enjoy going to thrift stores too because you never know what you'll find!

My Mom inspires me to be a better person and my friends inspire me to reach for the stars at every waking moment.. They deserve the best that I can give them..

Someone very good looking with a great imagination and good sense of humor. An independent person that takes charge. Someone who is not afraid to love and be loved.

The absolute biggest turn off for me is someone who is just gross and immature.

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12/25/2021 13:32:55

I hope everyone has a relaxing and refreshing Christmas time!

More than that, I wish you health and the strength to love again!

Many people forget their humanity and inner peace, which leads to hatred and fear. Politicians and the media tell us to fear the others, but I stand and say NO! This is the time to love your uncle, father, mother, and all the others who were looked down on by the elites! Forget the differences and share the things in common with your relatives and friends again! Share beautiful memories and love with the family. And the most important thing, get through the holiday season healthy!

That is my wish for ALL of you, and with that, I will see you after Christmas again!..Love & Hugs~Richard

12/11/2021 17:55:12

Love Lights

12/11/2021 17:38:23

Goodnight most precious life
A gleaming shimmer, a bright light
Your smile has intoxicated me worse than a drug
And your words and kindness have struck me down
I have memories of so many people in my life
But the memories of you will persist throughout time
I wish it was fated for us to be there for each other
So in just my heart, I'll send you love letters
I hope each and every day I wake to your hello
I'll always be waiting
Your poet fellow
Goodnight my darling..Love & Hugs~Richard

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