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Sweet Southern Lady

mem_normal2 OFFLINE
79 years old
Greenville, South Carolina
United States
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I like mostly true movies. Anything that has Elvis Presley in it. He was & will always be my hero. Biography, discovery,etc.

I can listen to most any music, but I prefer Country, Gospol, Rock 'n' Roll, Classic Rock, music from the '50's, '60's, & '70's. Anything that Elvis Presley sang, because whatever it was; it sounded like an Angel.

Bible, anything about Elvis Presley, true books, autobiography, etc.

Cooking, sewing, crafting, reading, traveling, spending quality time with my family, doing for other people, taking care of my grand-children, gardening (flowers & vegetables), meeting new people, & learning about the computer.

All of Elvis Presley videos (music & movies), etc.

Before I die, I would like to know that my children & grand-children will be alright & be without a good decent living. Then I would love to go to Graceland & be there for at least a week to see everything. Also to go to Tupalo, Mississippi to see the birth places of Elvis Presley.

I'm 68, retired from textile (Dunean Mill), have 3 living children, 1 deseased, 3 grand-children, divorced, live alone next door to my daughter & her 2 girls. I'm easy to get along with, loving, caring, truethful, rather give than recieve, don't take what don't belong to me, & will do whatever I can to help anyone.I'm a simple lady & live a simple life. I don't need money of the best of anything to be happy. After all that won't get me in Heaven.

A kind, loving, caring, honest, gentle, & simple person to be good to me & be there if I need someone to talk to. Show me that you care about me. I like to love & be loved for me. It's what's in my heart that counts.

First of all, I'm overweight & I know that. It's always been a big problem for me. Don't start off telling me that I need to lose weight. That's something that I'm well aware of. Don't abuse me (verbale or physical).

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May today and all of your days be amazing!”

Happy Birthday!!

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