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I am a 'Mage-In-Training' in a world where magyk IS real and touches our lives.

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73 years old
Lansing, Michigan
United States
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The ones that don't say 'get screwn'; the ones that don't say 'screw-me'; The ones that don't need or use 'shock value'; the ones that aren't someone's remake/re-take of another's signature effort that somehow approached immortality; Ones unique to their genre and yet timeless in content. The very, very few worth the price of anyones' admission of "Wow..." . Oh, and of course - cartoons.

Literally all.

New, old, and all in-between.

Attending the Sunrise - with or without coffee...
Appreciating the Sunset...

Dr Who - for the reminders of humanity; Top Gear - for the Host's wonder; The Big Bang Theory - for the insight; Classic Movies - for the Heart; Eureka - for the What-ifs; and commercials - for the continuing proofs of the stupidity and inaneness we as consumers are BELIEVED to be endowed with.

The hair AND beard are quite real, a Renaissance Gentleman that still wears 'steel'
both inside and out. I'm a poet by concious choice. I do bite, but not meanly -
so if you care to look - you can. I add those that ask as friends and DO speak
with them.

I prefer 'freeverse' as my method of expression AND talking WITH rather than AT.
My style is succinctly my own as are my views... but I do listen. Please comment
on any of my 'works' however you want - shy I'm not, I've been a Poet for a long,
long time.

Through the years I have been published electronically at a variety of
E-zines and have posted to many web sites and newsgroups. I do maintain
(somewhat) a personal website at
http://www.writterscafe.org/Ancient117331 and at others.

It seems I am having one of MY days...the link won't...sigh... workaround is to copy it to your browser and press enter.


Being who you are...

Being who you aren't...

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