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Checking In Friends….Enjoy your evening


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Times and conditions change so rapidly that 

we must keep our aim constantly focused on the future. 

~ Walt Disney ~

03/22/2019 12:11:29

“The longer you have to wait for something,
the more you will appreciate it when it finally arrives.
The harder you have to fight for something,
the more priceless it will become once you achieve it.
And the more pain you have to endure on your journey,
the sweeter the arrival at your destination.
All good things are worth waiting for
and worth fighting for.”
~ Susan Gale
Have a sunfilled Friday and Weekend.  Stay safe..Carol Anne..xx
One of my fondest memories as a child
is going by the river and sitting idly on the bank. There I
would enjoy the peace and quiet, watch the water rush
downstream, and listen to the chirps of birds and the
rustling of leaves in the trees. I would also watch the
bamboo trees bend under pressure from the wind and watch
them return gracefully to their upright or original position
after the wind had died down.
When I think about the bamboo tree's
ability to bounce back or return to it's original position,
the word resilience comes to mind. When used in reference to
a person this word means the ability to readily recover from
shock, depression or any other situation that stretches the
limits of a person's emotions.
Have you ever felt like you are about
to snap? Have you ever felt like you are at your breaking
point? Thankfully, you have survived the experience to live
to talk about it.
During the experience you probably felt
a mix of emotions that threatened your health. You felt
emotionally drained, mentally exhausted and you most likely
endured unpleasant physical symptoms.
Life is a mixture of good times and bad
times, happy moments and unhappy moments. The next time you
are experiencing one of those bad times or unhappy moments
that take you close to your breaking point, bend but don't
break. Try your best not to let the situation get the best
of you.
A measure of hope will take you through
the unpleasant ordeal. With hope for a better tomorrow or a
better situation, things may not be as bad as they seem to
be. The unpleasant ordeal may be easier to deal with if the
end result is worth having.
If the going gets tough and you are at

your breaking point, show resilience. Like the bamboo tree, bend, but don't break!

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