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Lets build bridges and not walls and lets do it with Love~Yes God may have given us Mountains but nothing we can't handle!
SPREAD YOUR WINGS AND SOAR!!!!!!!ABSOLUTELY! GOD knows your every need!

Golden Feathers

Rarely, you may come across a golden feather, which may be equated with the crown chakra (normally white but also gold). This is a spiritual chakra. The feather may be golden-brown or golden-yellow, and may mean abundance or even enlightenment. Imagine a pillar of golden light flowing into your body from the above spiritual realms. It could be interpreted to mean limitless, spirituality, or non-judgment. You may be ascending or truly letting in the light. There aren't many of these feathers around, maybe the golden eagle is one example.


Wakan Tankan Nici Un (May the Great Spirit walk with you)


I miss you mum

Remembrance Day!~Canada~The 11th Month.The Eleventh Day!~The Eleventh Hour.

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11/17/2019 08:49:28

Hi my friend have nice day!!!! 

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1. You will receive a body
Make peace with your body ~ Accept its imperfections and respect what your body needs to runs its optimum performance

2. You will be presented with lessons
As you travel through life, you will encounter lessons unique to you. Be open to those lessons and chose actions that align with your true path

3. There are no mistakes, only lessons
View mistakes as opportunities to learn. Be compassionate, learn to forgive, live your life ethically and keep a sense of humor

4. A lesson is repeated until learned
Do you find yourself repeating the same patterns in your life? Learn to recognise the patterns and the lessons that they offer

5. Learning does not end
If you are alive, there are lessons to be learned. Embrace your role as a perpetual student of life

6. "There" is no better than "Here"
Live in the present. Dance the fine line between living in the here and now while holding in your heart the fondest dreams and aspirations for the future

7. Others are only mirrors of you
You cannot Love or hate something about another person unless it reflects something you Love or hate about yourself

8. What you make of your life is up to you
Every person creates his or her own reality. Imagine yourself at 90 years of age, looking back at your life. What do you want to see?

9. Your answers lie inside of you
All you need to do is look inside, listen and trust yourself

10. You will forget all of this at birth
Somewhere along your journey from the spiritual world to the physical one, you simply forgot these ten rules!

Love will always be the answer...

Anything is possible for you! You can be living your dream right now because it already exists. Nothing can hold you back once you declare in your mind that miracles are possible! Your mind is powerful! Your actions support what you already believe in. You’re constantly imagining so imagine the best! Imagine the greatest! Visualize what you want and believe that things have officially shifted in your favor. Imagine you have arrived. You are now living your dream. Your vision has manifested. How would you feel? Let that thought of your success and accomplishment of your vision be a strong celebratory feeling. You are pure greatness and you know this already. Deep down these words ring truth. They bring you back to yourself to reclaim what’s naturally yours. Your power to create, to visualize, to love yourself, to accept who you are now is already your truth. You’re bringing your mental state higher and lifting your emotions to ponder on this new feeling. It’s already familiar to you because you are the one creating it. Sometimes you can get drawn back but think of the word lifted in every situation. Lift your thoughts higher. Lift your visions higher. Lift yourself and others higher. One thing and one situation should never keep you down. You are way to powerful to keep doubting yourself. You are too powerful to allow fear to keep you down. What if it does work out? What if it all happens for you? What happened to dreaming? Imagining? Hoping? Trusting in a greater possibility? You can do that today. You can do it right now. Be lifted into a new state. You must be very patient with yourself. Through it all and in the process. Keep reminding yourself of where you’re headed by celebrating yourself and your accomplishments. Be so grateful for every little thing that’s leading you. It’s all going upwards from here. Watch in the next few months, it will all make so much sense. It will all be worth it. You will be laughing and rejoicing in your success. You are so powerful and you can make dreams into a reality. That’s your natural superpower. Believe in yourself!
- Idil Ahmed

Have a Blessed Day... Hugs Carol Anne...

11/17/2019 06:23:12

Sunday Bliss to You & Yours my Beloved Friend...

11/17/2019 06:21:24

"Sometimes you life has to turn you upside down... So you can learn to live, Right Side Up"

Have a awesome day friend :)

11/17/2019 05:42:40

Happy sunday dear friend hugs Anna 

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