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10/17/2021 17:43:45

Happy Sunday.,  hope  you had a great weekend, i stayed in all day.,  trying to shake this  flu  was a beautiful day  wish i went out.

have a good night

10/14/2021 19:36:29

so magical that we will be,

Together forever for eternity,

Your love so strong it can let me see,

The wonderful dreams of being free,

Hear the bells that constantly ring,

Heaven and Earth above everything,

The passion of joy we all come to cling,

Setting us free like the light of Spring..Love & Hugs~Richard

10/14/2021 19:28:15

Evening.,  another beautiful day.,  70's

just went to the dollar  store  for a few items

wanted to do  more errands.,  but to tired came home and took a nap. 

hope  you had a great day see you in the morning.

Hugs  June

10/13/2021 19:44:21

Evening ., was a beautiful day 74 today.,  still not feeling well called the doctor asked if i should get the flu shoot  he said wait 2 weeks  after the booster., so am waiting.,

hope to go to home depot tomorrow  and  macy's.,  hope you had a good day.,  am going to bed early  still not feeling  well

hugs June

10/12/2021 19:42:26

Evening.,  hope you had a great day

my weather was  great  70's  doctor said am  a lot of pills.,  i said stop.,  subscribing them still feel  sick  

hope to see you tomorrow

hugs  june

10/11/2021 20:31:52

Evening  feeling  a  little  better  the med's  are  helping., hoping  better  tormorrow.

weather  was beaufitul  today ., 60's  and they say the rest of of week the  70's., so i hope to get out for this  fresh air.,  have to go to the grocery store need  food in this house.  another doctor's appointment tomorrow morning.

have a good night my friend.

hugs june

10/10/2021 18:52:45

'A moment of simple
Being here with
A special moment
A private moment
I tell you that I love you
And you kiss me
Sweet and soft
Like a kiss from the
Whispering lines of devotion against my skin
And you are my sunflower
A corporeal star blooming
From the earth
Brimming with life
Making my blood course and my heart
Speed up
As I smell your sweet scent
And take you in
You are a beacon of beauty
Splashing color onto my dreary
My sunflower
Growing through cracks on concrete
Bright yellow upon gray, like
A sunbeam through smog
And everything else fades
Into foggy insubstantiality
And all that’s left of the world
Is you
And me
Sharing this simple happiness'.Love & Hugs~Richard





10/09/2021 23:26:38

we first kissed in the chapel

of a bookshop where we'd never met,

only dreamed.

sometimes things you aren't sure you've actually seen

show up on old films you develop

a year after you sober up.

sometimes we dream of connections and the strange relief

of losing everything

then awaken to search for the same.

sometimes i can't put my finger on it, still i know it's there:

a tiny spark that might dissolve like a dream,

or become brushstrokes on an unfinished canvas.

we first met in another bookshop.

i don't remember the words we said then,

only what i dreamed..Love & Hugs~Richard

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