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80 years old
Waco, Texas
United States
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I grew up with the movies long before TV. There was the old star system. I loved em all and I watched em all staring the actors like Bogart, Eastwood, Roy Rogers, John Wayne, Hackman, James Stewart, Henry Fonda, Ester Williams, Monroe, Harlow, Jane Russell, Gary Cooper, Van Heflin, Jane Wyman, TARZAN! Doris Day and Rock Hudson. Those were the days! Now, I get to see those old movies on TURNER CLASSIC MOVIES on TV. Give me Jason Borne, Bond, James Bond, Shaken not stirred. Ben Hur, The Robe, The Ten Commandments, How the West was Won, The Alamo! Battle Ground, D-Day the 6th of June. Spiderman!

Music is such an important place in my life. Music sets a mood or feeling, love, adventure, excitement, the beat, the location, romance,. Can you imagine seeing a movie without background music. as all this started when motion pictures had no sound. Look at the movie theators and the piano's or organs playing the William Tell oviture as the cowboy chases the crook. HI HO SILVER AWAY yells the Lone Ranger. The Phantom of the Opera sings of his love of the lady. A SUMMER PLACE setting the scene with Troy Donahue and Sandra Dee in teenage love. You get the picture. My father was into music and had an extensive library of 331/3rd records. I grew up with Jazz and Classical Music my dad played and as an artist I played Classical music as I painted to set the mood of my art work or dreamed of my lady love of the moment.
I was born in 1942 the age of the big bands, Hollywood musicals, and the very start of Rock and Roll long before Elvis. I look back to BILL HALEY and his comets as the start of modern Rock and roll. I remember the old dances THE TWIST, Pony, Mash potato and the Purple People Eater. Then the beach movies as we charged into WOODSTOCK ( the event that changed the world of music as we knew it). The Hippy movement with the poetry bars and DAVE BRUBEK and his jazz quartet. The block buster movies like Ben Hur with the march of the Charioteers Then HOW THE WEST WAS WON. It was the music that set the mood. Can you forget the music from the Helicopter scene in Apocalypse Now? ("I love the smell of Napolm in the morning."---ROBERT DUVAL). So I love music of all kinds EXCEPT RAP!!

My dad influenced me a lot during my early life. I loved comic books and the Sunday Comics in the newspapers but I was exposed to the classic in high school and College with the stacks of books as required reading toward a minor in Lit. in college. Bookies know what that entailed. Now I catch an occasional new book release that interest me. I really enjoy fiction stories about the French-English war on the sea's during the Napolean Wars. 007--Bond--James Bond and the Jason Borne spy thrillers. Dudley Pope's Ramage Sea Stories aqnd C. S. Forester's Hornblower books. I am touring through the Steven Coonts stories right now. Being an actor also brought the books to life on the stage. I was the Piped Piper,the Wardon in Oliver, Peter Quince in A MIDSUMMER NIGHTS DREAM to name a few. So with the use of imagination a person can take a place in what he/she reads. See you at Barnes and Noble!

I enjoy Nautical history especially the Napolean English war, I collect nautical books, I have a good collection of movies on tape and DVD disk. Photography is a great way of expression and shows my likes.


Travel to Ireland, Italy, Greece, Scotland and England. Build a large 74 gun sailing ship right out of the England-French war with Napolen of around 1815 and the battle of Trafalger. Or maybe the HMS VICTORY. How about living to see all the installments of the JAMES BOND movies!! That'll be the day!

I graduated from High School in 1961. Attended Kansas State University, Wichita State University joining t6he Marine Corp in 1963. I am a Viet Nam Veteran having served there in 1965 and 1966. After my discharge from the Marines I returned to Wichita State University in Kansas as a mechanical Engineer major. I was a pilot until health problems caused me to no longer be able to fly. I am a retired aerospace engineer having worked at Cessna, Beech, Boeing, and various other aircraft companies on Cessna twin engine prop and Jet aircraft as well as Navy P-3's, Executive airliners for heads of states and American Special air mission jet liners including the interior design Air Force 1, The Presidents two Boeing 747's. I am a Renaissance Fair playtron who enjoys dressing up as a pirate and Call myself Squinty the Pirate. I look like Captain Hooks SMEEEEEE from Peter Pan. I have an extensive background in theater as a stage actor/dancer in High school, College, Summer Stock, Community Theater, and spent 5 years in Children’s Theater as an actor/dancer and assistant Director. After my retirement in July of 2008 from L-3, a major aircraft modification center in Waco, Texas, I went back to college at Baylor University.I am a second semester Junior majoring in Art History at Baylor. Due to my wife’s health I am on sabbatical this semester. I consider myself as a Renaissance man in that I like the arts, I was a painter, I enjoy reading books and as an English lit. minor in College I have studied the classics with a love of music.

Renassiance Fairs. Movies, Good live Theator. A good book. Art. Traveling, My favorite TV Shows.

Self professed people, poor attitudes,

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I probably am guiilty of not reaching out to all my
friends here on Boomer too often just know even though there might seen
to be a drought in my discourse there is a flood of positive feelings
for you each and every one. Have a blessed Fourth and give thanks for
what little freedom we still have to celebrate and pray it will not be
taken away by those who have so infected our society, our values, our
laws and way of life.
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