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after 30 years of drumming,i compose music since 10 years.TAO DANCE was born.
a parts of my works and cds are still on myspace page..
TAO DANCE on MySpace Music
also music for sale on itune:
also a lot of my music for free listening in watt.tv.just clic on the wat grey widget under,regulary new track----let me a comment,i m always ok to read you-- love.TAO DANCE.

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02/21/2020 09:11:04

BLT 388bbt photo BLT 500X388bbt.jpg
Burger Deluxe 353bt photo IMG_0063.jpg
Mmmm...364 photo Mmmm ....jpg
BlackbeanBurgers-590bbt photo Chipolte Blackbean Burger 590bbt.jpg
VeggieShrimpStir-fry-348bbt photo Veggie Shrimp Stir-Fry 348bbt.jpg
HoneyHotWings-640bbt photo HoneyHotWings 640bbt.jpg
Assort.Donuts-650bbt photo Assort. Donuts 650bbt.jpg
Coffee 387bt photo image_12.jpeg
Coffee Cup 286gif/bt photo image_7.gif
Coffee/Tea 266bbt photo image_55.jpeg

02/18/2020 07:17:53

Mornin'. Started the coffee ... 

IndoorCampfire-360bt photo Coffee Stove 360bt.jpg

... and collected the eggs ...
EggBasket-585bt photo Egg Basket 585bt.jpg
CampfireBacon-332bt photo Campfire Bacon 332bt.jpg
LumberjackSlam-361bt photo lumberjack slam 331bt.jpg
Hungry Rancher 500bbt photo Hungry Rancher 500bbt.jpg
Brekkie 341bbn photo Brekkie 341bbn.jpg
Waffles Pancakes 187bbt photo Waffles Pancakes 187bte.jpg
Breakfast-366bbt photo Breakfast 366bbt.jpg
EggsBenedict-345bt photo Deviled Eggs Benedict 345bt.jpg
Chicken/Waffles-490bt photo Chicken-Waffles 490bt.jpg
USMC.SOS-325bte photo USMC SOS 2  325bte.jpg
Coffee Cup 286gif/bt photo image_7.gif
BearClawFruit-295bte photo Bear Claw Fruit 295bte.jpg
Donuts 440bt photo IMG_9026.jpg
LemonMuffins-630bbt photo Lemon Muffins 630bbt.jpg
PeachCobbler3-635bbte photo Peach-Cobbler-3 635bbte.jpg
Danish/Muffins-632bbt photo Danish-Muffins 632bbt.jpg
Coffee/Tea 266bbt photo image_55.jpeg

02/17/2020 06:44:15

AppleButterPancakes-585bbte photo Apple Butter Pancakes 585bbt.jpg
HeartyBreakfast-350bbt photo hearty breakfast 350bbt.jpg
BreakfastPlate-500bt photo Brealfast Plate 500bt.jpg
HamCheeseOmelet-327bt photo ham-cheese omlette 327bt.jpg
BaconEggsCheese-364bbtx photo Bacon Egg Muffin 364bbtx.jpg
BaconPancakes-321bt photo Bacon Pancakes 321bt.jpg
FruitSalad-341bt photo fruit_salad 341bt.jpg
Breakfast-366bbt photo Breakfast 366bbt.jpg
Breakfast-381bt photo Breakfast.jpg
Bagels/Fruit 500bbt photo image_156.jpeg
Bagels/Fruit 341bt photo image_158.jpeg
Bagel Lox 385bbt photo Bagel Lox 385bbt.jpg
Broccoli/Cheese Omelet photo Broccoli Cheese Omelets 320bte.jpg
Broccoli/Tomato Omelet photo Broccoli Tomato Omelet 385bbt.jpg
VeggieCasserole-637bbt photo Veggie Casserole 637bbt.jpg
BRUNCH 456 photo BRUNCH 456.jpg
Sticky Buns 342bt photo Sticky Buns 341bt.jpg
CBDcoffee-310bbt photo CBD-coffee 310bbt.jpg
CoffeeCroissantsParis-515bbt photo Croissants Coffee Paris 415bbt.jpg

Coffee & Croissants in Paris

02/16/2020 08:24:58

SundayBrunch-265btex photo sundaybrunch 265btx.jpg
CoffeeCroissantsFruit-340bte photo Coffee Crossiants Fruit 340bte.jpg
PuffPancakes-325bte photo Puff Pancakes Berries 325bte.jpg
CranberryScones-535bbt photo Cranberry Scones 535bbt.jpg
Fr.ToastSticks-646bbne photo AppleCinnamon Fr.Toast Sticks 646bbne.jpg
Pancakes 607bbt photo IMG_8837_1.jpg
SundayBrunch-340bt photo Sunday-Brunch 340bt.jpg
FruitSkewers340bt photo fruit-skewers 340bt.jpg
BelgianWaffle-425bbt photo BelgianWaffle 425bbt.jpg
EggsPancakesBacon-338bbt photo Eggs Pancakes Bacon 338bbt.jpg
Fr.ToastSticks-648bbt photo baked french toast sticks 648bbt.jpg
Fr.ToastSticks-570bt photo Fr. Toast Sticks 570bt.jpg
PancakePita-500bbt photo Pancake Pita  500bbt.jpg
WafflesFruit-276bt photo waffles fruit 276bt.jpg
4Breakfasts-287bt photo 4-Breakfasts 287bt.jpg
TichumCreekCoffee-388bt photo Tichum Creek Coffee 388bt.jpg
Broccoli-CheeseOmelet-305bt photo broccoli cheddar omelet 305bt.jpg
Coffee/Crepes-650bbt photo Crepes-Coffee 650bbt.jpg
Danish-341bt photo Lemon Berry Cheese Danish 341bt.jpg

CinnamonRolls-327bbt photo CinnamonRolls 327bbt.jpg
Tartlettes-384bbe photo Tartelettes 384bbe.jpg
PiedmontPastries-349bbt photo Piemont Pastries 349bbt.jpg
Donuts 380bt photo IMG_9160.jpg
Caramel Donuts 627bt photo IMG_9033.jpg

02/15/2020 08:20:01

IceCreamCake-620bt photo Biscoff Ice Cream Cake 620bt.jpg
BiscoffCookies/Coffee-290bt photo biscoff cookies coffee 290bt.jpg
Pastries-323bbt photo Pastries 323bbt.jpg
MiniBundtCakes-385bbt photo Mini-bundt cakes 385bbt.jpg
Coffee/Tea 266bbt photo image_55.jpeg

02/14/2020 08:10:47

RedCupsRose-650bbt photo red cups coffee roses 650bbt.jpg
Red Cup 390bt photo IMG_0545.jpg
RedCups-340bt photo Red Coffee Cups 340bt.jpg
RedBox/Chocolates-613bt photo Red Box of Chocolates 613bt.jpg
2Mugs 380bt photo IMG_0574.jpg
Strawberries 423bt photo IMG_0566.jpg
Baking 500bt photo image_13.jpeg
Cookie Hearts 360bt photo image_9.jpeg
Cookie Collage 500 photo image_6.jpeg
CupcakesHearts-650bbt photo Cupcakes Hearts 650bbt.jpg

CupcakesLips-570bt photo Cupcakes Lips 570.jpg
Cupcake/lips 636bbt photo image_3.jpeg

Coffee/hearts 606bt photo image_8.jpeg

HVD-375 photo HVD-red 500x375.jpg

02/05/2020 08:18:43

02/04/2020 04:53:18

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