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Easy (Gene Plankey) was one of our first bloggers on My Boomer Place. Our Boomer Members were always excited to read each and every new blog about his life at his penthouse cabin in the woods which he posted almost daily. Easy took his blogs and incorporated them into his book, "The Trout Falls Chronicles/Easy Does it" which sold on Amazon. Easy passed away on January 22, 2011. To read some of Easy's blogs click the link below.


Photo courtesy of Boomer's own Yanaba

In memory of Boomer's own gifted story teller, Bob "oldsky" Purdue.

If you would like to read some of OldSky's Blogs click the link below and go to his profile page and see his list of blogs.


"... and that it [the contest] was intended to inspire and encourage friends to share pieces of themselves in blogs, that we might all reap benefits from one another. Every single person has hidden pearls of value within them, for the benefit of strengthening our community..."
~The Prophet's Daughter


All blogs must be original. Blogs that have snippets from other sources must be credited with a link.

Comments, advertisements, cut and paste articles, and videos with no blog content are not considering a Blog. A video blog is one where a member uses the video to help explain their blog. The video is part of the blog or a tool to explain their blog.

Nominated blogs must have original content, a blog written by an active boomer member, and a blog that was not a previous contest winner. Those Boomers with multiple accounts must pick one of their accounts and use that one account to participate in the contest.

Each Boomer may nominate his/her own blogs. A nominated blog does not have to have been written in 2016.

All blogs nominated will be posted on this page as a link. You must have your blogs set to public so all members can read your blogs in order to nominate and vote. You can have your blogs open but keep your page private. We will post one section for poetry, one for general interest and one for humor.

Submit votes for each category.

Boomer blogs that won in the previous Wild Turkey Boomer Blog Contest will not be eligible, however, if a blog has been previously nominated but did not win they can be nominated again.

All blogs must be submitted by January 23rd, 2017.

On January 25th, voting will begin. Come to this page and under the Contact Panel click on "Send Message" and send your nominations. When voting begins you may also vote in the same place. This allows us to correctly post and count the nominations and votes. The entire Boomer community may vote for 2 blogs per category, 1st runner up and 2nd runner up and then 1 for the most outstanding blog of all under each catgory. Vote for those nominated blogs that you believe are the best of Boomers.

Voting will end on February 24, 2017. We will post the top 2 favorite winning Boomer blogs per category and the one grand prize winning blog by Monday, February 27th . All blogs must have been previously submitted on Boomers. That's what makes them Boomer blogs.

The winning blogs will receive:

1 - Grand prize: 10,000 points
2 - 1st place runner ups: 5,000 points
2 - 2nd place runner ups: 2,500 points

We will have 3 categories this year, General Interest, Poetry, and Humor.

Again, to place your nominations go under the contact panel on this page(Wild Turkey Blog Contest Page) click on SEND MESSAGE under the contact panel and send your nominations. To VOTE do the same.

If you have any questions send an email Here on the Contest Page. Thank You

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