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09/25/2022 10:09:10

May be an image of flower and text that says 'Have a beautiful, blessed day! good morning'

09/20/2022 11:34:27

my dear friends i havent been on here to often, but i thank you for the kind comments and   pictures, i had everything going on, my friendship club closed on sep, 15. yesterday i started a new day care program. call better days care center club. i well miss all my friends from friendship i  joined 9 almost 10 years, but the people and staff welcome me and a few friends from friendship, iam starting to relax i already discovered excercise bike and small gym, i surprise to see my friend dolan who give us dancing he well be also be in the new club, iam happy now. yes iam still little sad to see some people go. God is control with our lifes. he is good. god bless you all. love hopeful {mary}

09/20/2022 11:16:51

See the source image

09/04/2022 16:13:05

See the source image

09/04/2022 16:12:49

See the source image

08/16/2022 12:34:24

corey and charlie is now together inthe rainbow pet heaven coey is the white and tan color, c harlie is the small  cat.

08/16/2022 12:22:29

corey my baby i miss you. mommy love you forever love, rip my baby, when i drink my coffee i think of you drinking out your coffee cup with me,  when i go to sleep i feel your fur near my pillow.

08/16/2022 12:13:42

good day my friends  sadly i have some sad news my baby corey aug, 9 we had to put him down  now he cross over the rainbow.  he was my baby boy for about 12  years in the house but i dont know his age, when  we found him hidding underneath our moble home  corey wasnt a kitten, he was a young cat,   i have the picture of him on my page.  i be getting corey,s ashes soon. love  hopeful. {mary}

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