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a simple man

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74 years old
San Antonio, Texas
United States
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I like horror movies, Sci-fi, some adventure movies, anime, and some westerns (any westerns with John Wayne or Clint Eastwood).

And I'm honest enough to admit that I do like my porn.

I listen to music over my computer, too. Who I listened to last week was:

Yes, I love to read. I've always got several books going at once.

(You can click the following link for more info, if you want to. my books)

webcamming, photography, playing Correspondence Chess, blogging, reading, collecting comic books, surfing the Internet...

I'm a single, retired, 60 year old man living simply with a private pension in San Antonio TX USA. Though I'm a registered Republican and a Traditional Roman Catholic, many of my views are considered disturbingly "liberal" and progressive. In the conduct of my life I tend to be quiet and easy-going. My neighbors like me.

My online presence is honest. If you take the time to read me, you'll learn about my hobbies and passions, my views and attitudes, and how I spend my time.

If you'd like more info about me, there's a short, autobiographical piece online at: http://aroscoe.net/

I'd like to find an easy-going, low-maintenance woman with interests and a lifestyle similar to mine; one who values her independence and privacy as much as I do mine. Maybe someday I'll find her, or she'll find me. Maybe we'll be able to share some time, or some space, or both.

If not, that's okay. I've been by myself for a long time now, and I'm quite comfortable with my solitude.

I don't like dishonest, manipulative, controlling people.

And I don't like animals -- at all.

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