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Hold on to life while you still have it, your life could be over at any moment, love ones lost and everything that you know gone, so hold onto life clutch it and never let go as long as you live and enjoy life.

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62 years old
London, England, Massachusetts
United States
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I am usually busy with work so I never usually have time. I liked The Godfather, sort of feel asleep through the halfway point though.
I like comedies, I like TV better and things off of youtube.

I like Josh Groban, very much, I love all of his songs, I like Queen. I can probably say I like opera, some classic rock, I also like to listen to some church/gospel singers.

Cooking, dancing, singing, going to church, gardening, exercising, getting to know people, I may be missing some but I will tell you more just ask me.

I would have to say my favourite video is by Josh Groban, it is called You Are Loved (Don't Give Up). It is a great song, I really think he is a great singer, you may not like it, he is into pop opera, it is a jazzier version of opera.

03/29/08 Which would you rather do?
01/08/08 Which is your favourite type of music?
01/05/08 Who would you rather spend a weekend with out of these annoying people?

I am not going to say a whole lot about myself, I will just say I am a nice person, I try to be pleasant, I do not like arrogant people.
I like to dance, sing, exercise, garden, and cook.
I cook constantly, really love to make sweets and make food unfortunately it isn't my job. I may not be on a whole lot due to long hours at work, so if you email me it may not get a reply until the next day and also I am in London, England, sometimes, like now as I am writing this I may be up on IM because I have a hard time sleeping.

I don't know why but I am attracted to a quiet person, I like it if they are kind of closed up so I can get through that hard shell, I like a challenge.

You know I do not really have many turn offs, I sometimes may get a little irritated under stress, the only thing that I do not like is when someone is persistent in wanting something and when I tell them no a first time they keep asking, that is probably one of my only turn offs.

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