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66 years old
Austin, Texas
United States
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I love all movies that make you think! I mostly love thrillers, and sci-fi. Every now and then a good western and period piece! I do not like slasher films at all!!!

I love music!!!!! I love just about all types and am proud to admit it. I do like classical and then also love rock and roll. Then when we get to today's music and I love it to! So what can I say, I'm a music lover...

I read....I read a lot. Until my husband found this neat and cool little device called a kindle I had all these little things called books all over the place. Now I have to kindles instead (lol). I have the first kindle they put out and the kindle fire (both Christmas presents - different years). I read everything and anything...

Crochetting, gardening, long walks, spending time with my grandchildren, scrapbooking, writing, reading!

All of the comic book heroes that making into movies (I'm collecting them), I love the old Abbott and Costello movies, The Blade Videos, I have all the Alien/Aliens videos.

I would to buy a motor home vehicle and travel around the US with my husband when he retires. I would like to finish scrapbooks for all the grandchildren and my children before I lose my memory or expire (whichever comes first). I would love to be around to see my first great grandchild! I would like to go to Hawaii and Alaska the only to states I haven't seen! I would love to go to London!! I would love to reaffirm my wedding vows!

I'm a 56 year old ex-flight attendant, wife, mother and grandmother. I'm retired and christian. I'm basically a happy and content women who just likes to write stories for my grand-daughters and make friends. I was on myspace (and still am) and have lots of tags and on just on of my pages still have 433 friends. I just don't like what they did to myspace and don't get on much anymore. So here I am thanks to an invite from Saloongirl64.

I'm a woman so just like all of us, long walks on beaches, picnics,candles, I love watching the raining and reading while sitting in my favorite spot while it's raining, sitting in front of the fireplace drinking hot cocoa while it's snowing.

Liars, cheaters, thieves, pretty much get the idea?!!!

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