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mem_normal2 OFFLINE
73 years old
Byfield, Massachusetts
United States
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Il Postino Cinema Paradiso Dead Poets Society

Actors: Jack Nicholson, Robin Williams

All types. Music is very important to me.

Favorites are: The Beatles,Bob Dylan, Van Morrison, Paul Simon, Stevie Wonder, Laura Nyro,
Joni Mitchell,Miles Davis,John Coltrane. Stan Getz, Keith Jarrett, Thelonious Monk, J. Bach, Beethoven,Mozart,Chopin, Vivaldi and many many others.

Poetry! English Romantic poets, Tagore, Neruda,
Robert Frost, William Butler Yeats, Walt Whitman,
Emily Dickinson, Rilke, Li Po and Tu Fu, Basho,Mary Oliver,Donald Hall,Gary Snyder,WS Merwin,Galway Kinnell,Maxine Kumin...
Also love to read classic and contemporary novels and short stories.

Hiking Reading Listening to music poetry Movies
Gardening Bird Watching Boston Red Sox fan!

I live in a small town in northeastern Massachusetts in a one bedroom apartment at a housing complex for the elderly and disabled.

I am disabled because of a chronic kidney condition that was diagnosed in 2001. Right now the only symptom seems to be frequent fatigue that requires a short nap every day. Other than that I'm as active as most normal people. I do my own house cleaning, shopping, drive my car, and often go for walks at the state park nearby or go for a stroll on the beach on Plum Island. I try to follow a healthy diet because of my condition and so far my doctors are very pleased with the results. My condition has been stable since I was diagnosed and I plan on keeping it that way!

I consider myself a poet and short story writer and have been published in a small literary magazine. Hoping to publish much more of my writing in the future.

Walks in the mountains or anywhere in nature. Good music be it jazz,rock,blues or classical.
Great art in any medium, painting,sculpture,literature,music,dance,etc.

Romantic evening with a special woman by a cabin fire.

Selfish,cruel,inconsiderate people. Cruelty or hatred in any form whether to people,animals, or the environmental destruction of our planet.
War,television,mass commercialism, narrow-minded people mindless violence

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