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"Revolution is the very breath of life." Lucy Parsons, 1888

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72 years old
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A Beautiful Mind, The Hours, Frozen River,Foxfire, Sense and Sensibility,Fiddler on The Roof,Thelma&Louise,Ballad of Narayama,The Net,Contact,Backbeat,The 60's,Desert Hearts,The Secret Garden,Leningrad Cowboys Go America,Glory,Amistad,Toy Story 1-3,Shrek,And The Band Played On,The Adventures of Natty Gann,Fried Green Tomatoes,Last of The Dogmen,Julia,The Bostonians,Alien,Aliens,Across The Universe,The Temptations,Changeling,If These Walls Could Talk 1&2,Brokeback Mountain,Woodstock,The Other Sister,Star Wars,Julie & Julia,In & Out,Million Dollar Baby,2001:A Space Odessy,Osama,Cross Creek,Carol'sJourney,Crash,Sicko,Milk,Capitalism:A Love Story,Seabiscuit and many foreign and independent films whose names I can't remember right now. Movies are my one of my passions.

Rock and Roll from the 60's and early 70's, Cream,Janis, Jimmy,The Beatles,The Kinks,Crosby Stills Nash and Young, Fleetwood Mac, Stevie Nicks on her own,Poe, Dylan,Journey,Tracy Bonham,P J Harvey,Bon Jovi,Nickelback,Blind Faith,Chili Peppers,Queen,Nina Simone,U2,The Wild Strawberries,Jefferson Airplane,CCR,Neil Young,Garbage,Hole,Coldplay,Moody Blues,The Kinks,Johnny Mathis,Led Zeppelin,Joni Mitchell,Judy Collins, Beach Boys and many more. I don't care for most of today's music, however, there are a few things that I like.I like a lot of alternative rock, too.

Love to read biographies of women from other centuries. I want to know how they did things, managed certain issues in their times.Autobiographies and biographies about feminists, women in general.Anything about The Beatles, especially Cynthia Lennon's book about John. Books about rock bands, books by Raya Dunayevskaya,and on and on. (I'm getting tired)

Reading, writing,gardening, camping,walks, time with my kids,and bowling!

To write a book on raising a special needs child, a screenplay,to put out a book of poetry, to be a better activist and Marxist-Humanist,get a tatoo,(maybe) find a man who can live with all this and be healthier.

I am a feminist,a Marxist-Humanist, political activist,writer, gardener,mother and dreamer.I am a single mom both to an awesome 37 year old son, and a 20 year old special needs adult whom I had the privilege of adopting and who requires 24 hour care.

Revolution, social change,Marxist-Humanism,a new world,love,my children,men and women, especially from other countries,who fight for freedom and justice and a new society, often at great personal risk for themselves and their families.The ocean,mountains,nature in general, flowers, my garden,chocolate,a good book,good music and I'm sure there is more that I can't think of right now.

Many things about this world turn me off. War, for one. Poverty,injustice,prejudice,indifference,racism
sexism,people who are homophobic,Republicans,Tea partiers,capitalism,you get the picture.

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