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Yes, I'm a Nitro Junkie & a Cruehead!

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58 years old
Spotsylvania, Virginia
United States
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A wide range of different styles and genres including:

Both Wallace & Gromit movies, all three W & G shorts, and all ten Cracking Contraption shorts. Both X-Files movies, the Matrix Trilogy, the Lord of the Rings Trilogy, the Blade Trilogy, the Harry Potter series, the Terminator series, the Star Wars series, the Star Trek series, the Mummy/Scorpion King series, both Bill & Ted movies, the Alien and Predator movies, Godzilla movies, the Mad Max/Road Warrior series, IMAX, Disney/Pixar, action/adventure, sci-fi, westerns, war, docudramas, and deepsea/undersea/ocean movies.

As a former DJ, I have a wide variety of music that I like and will listen to just about anything. (no opera, please!) LoL!

Some of my favs include: Motley Crue, Rammstein, Static-X, Eisbrecher, Endo, The Cruxshadows, Velvet Revolver, Clawfinger, Oomph!, KISS, Garbage, Moby, The Doors, Led Zeppelin, Staind, Depeche Mode, Staub, Prince, Asia, Def Leppard, Jimmy Buffett, Bertie Higgins, The Time, Bob Marley, Saliva, Chevelle, Rob Zombie, Cold, P.O.D., Vangelis, The Moody Blues, Dokken, Poison, Fuel, The Scorpions, Soundgarden, Coldplay, Disturbed, Winger, Blue Oyster Cult, Aerosmith, 3 Doors Down, Ozzy, ZZ Top, Devo, Van Halen, U2, and some/certain country music like Johnny Cash, Marty Stuart, Steve Earle and Suzy Bogguss.
Power guitarists like Joe Satriani, Aldo Nova, Steve Vai, Yngwie Malmsteen, George Lynch, and Eric Johnson.
A lot of techno/electronic like Blue Man Group, the Chemical Brothers, Way Out West, Digital Assasins, Apollo 440, Kraftwelt, Curve, Komputer, Grand Theft Audio, BT, Audio Science, Tangerine Dream, Orbital, and Kraftwerk.

Plus too many others to list here. How's that for musical diversity? LoL!

Favorite authors;
Richard Ellis, Steve Niles, Clive Cussler, Anne Rice, Douglas Adams, Peter Benchley, June Keith, Stephen King, J. K. Rowling, Jimmy Buffett, and Angus Konstam.

Like most people, I like all kinds of different things. Some of my interests, in no particular order are:

Going to the drag races, concerts, & sometimes 2 the movies. WWI submarines and U-boats. WWII submarines, U-boats, and tanks, particularly the German Tiger I tank. The Civil War, particularly the ironclads and the Confederate submarine CSS Hunley. Ancient Egypt. Pirates. Greek and Roman mythology. Tigers. Colby Jack cheese. Music and reading. Music & book collecting. Most anything to do with the oceans and seas, sharks and marine mammals. Wreck diving, SCUBA diving and undersea exploration. Key West and the Florida Keys. Pomeranians & ferrets. Surfing the net. Playing PlayStation and PlayStation 2 games. Alaska. Etc. Check back from time 2 time.

I guess I can use this spot for my favorite TV shows, so here goes!

How It's Made, MythBusters, MegaMovers, How Do They Do It, Science of the Deep, Histories Mysteries, Cash & Treasures, Deep Sea Detectives, Engineering an Empire, DogFights, CSI, The SeaHunters, Battle 360, Mysteries of the Deep, MXC, Whacked Out Sports, Modern Marvels, Overhaulin', The Speed Report, That 70's Show & NHRA Raceday.

Need to think about this one. I'll get back to you if I don't kick the bucket first!

I'm a divorced father of two teenage girls. A US Navy veteran. A former DJ. A member of the National Hot Rod Association. A pirate. An avid reader. A music lover & collector. An animal lover, especially cetaceans, sharks & tigers. A tried and true St. Louis Rams, Florida Gators, Virginia Cavaliers, Philadelphia Flyers, San Jose Sharks, Los Angeles Lakers & NHRA drag racing fan! What about you?

Good friends, good music & good books. Watching a good drag race, ice hockey game, football game, TV show or movie. Coffee & conversation.

Fake, arrogant, obnoxious, two-faced and/or hurtful people. Going 2 work. Paying bills.

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